Video + Gallery: Another Lumia 925 Unboxing ( + Arabic Unboxing)

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DSC03189You guys probably saw Jay’s unboxing of the 925 earlier this week and his unboxing video; well in case you felt the need for more aluminum beauty look no further. After all I can’t let Jay have all the fun now can I?

I also did a second unboxing in Arabic if anyone is interested:

And of course here’s the Flickr gallery with a couple glamour shots and comparisons with the Lumia 920:

My first thoughts on the device would have to be that I actually feel bad for thinking it was sort of “ugly”; I’ll admit at the launch I was not impressed (and mentioned that in a couple comments/posts here). Truth is the phone is incredibly beautiful, the design is pretty awesome (even my iPhone loving brother agrees), and the polycarbonate back isn’t tacky as I first assumed, instead it seems to give it a bit more “character”. I was honestly hoping for a black device, but I must say the matte white finish looks amazing, I’m starting to wish my stormtrooper was matte instead of glossy white.

For some reason I was under the impression that the actual back plate was interchangeable to switch out the colors, but apparently it’s not… The Amoled screen gives the colors a nice vibrant pop, however it does unfortunately “show” that it’s a pentile display, not as bad as the 800/N9 mind you; but it was a bit disturbing at first.

One interesting thing is how the camera hump keeps you aware of where your fingers are at all times, it took me awhile to adjust to keeping my fingers above/below the hump rather than over it (which I guess is how I hold my 920); but the hump certainly does give you the impression (placebo effect?) that the phone you’re carrying is an imaging beast… and I like it.

(I knew I had seen the 925’s color scheme somewhere)


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