Nokia Impresses With the Latest Lumia 925 & Zeiss Lens Adverts

| July 4, 2013 | 34 Replies

920 Camera closeupNokia have just released two pretty awesome adverts on their youtube channel ; one showing off the lens technology of the Lumia 925 and all the amazing innovations that are part of it, and the second about Nokia’s deep relationship with Carl Zeiss. They’re both pretty amazing adverts (possibly due to the new marketing team?), check them out below and let us know what you think.

I love this type of advert which appeals to the consumer by actually explaining what makes these phones so awesome, plus it has the always appealing “truth factor” (it really reminded me of the Nokia promo with the “we’ve lost some battles” line). I’d love to see more of these types of adverts from Nokia, and not just on Youtube; but on TV and anywhere else they can get their hands on as well.


It seems at least someone on the internet agrees with me:


There’s no reason simple billboards giving a deeper picture about the amount of technology in these phones shouldn’t be put up either. Hopefully Nokia will get it together before the EOS launch and get their marketing team in gear for a  proper launch. 4fd082e71359ac3f21613cab91867b7b


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  • Ooh, I noticed that on youtube but didn’t click to watch it. Yeah, that was actually quite informative. Also I’m digging the song. The style is very in right now in the UK at least.

    • Sefriol

      The song is really awesome. Fits really well for the add itself.

    • Actually have the song in my playist for quite a while now. Ever since the 925 launch I guess, song was played in some ads AFAIK. Liked it right there right then.

      A good song also makes the add imho, and Nokia did a great job there as with the above vids. Great!

  • Sefriol

    Woah, first Nokia add I have personally liked for a decade. Well, almost.

    • Pdexter

      Imo most of the Nokia introduction videos and their YouTube stuff is great. Especially the devices introduction videos are amazing.

      Their TV ads have never been that great and most of all there aren’t almost any.
      In Nokia’s best days of making record profits I remember only seeing their own ad once in 4 years in TV. It was this pretty amazing huge silver hall that had hundreds of Nokia’s playing the tune ever so louder. Was pretty amazing and in general seeing Nokia ad on TV was a bit special.

  • I’m just watching the Zeiss one. This is precisely what I mean about giving some substance of trust into Nokia products!

    Let people be aware of how good the things inside Nokia products are with facts that they can connect to.

    And then BOOM, Nokia, the only smartphone brand trusted by Carl Zeiss. Yes.

    You’re getting there Nokia. You’re getting there.

    • Great ad! On my side, im using the lumia 920. When taking pictures especially in low light,i still get blurry images. Why is that?

      • Really blurry or ‘pixelated’? If its the latter it has more to do with higher ISO values AFAIK. Not really something that can be fixed unless exposure times are set way higher, but that isn’t really possible.

        Also, the software (or algorithms) that create the image are to blame. Newer algorithms like the 925 uses are reportedly better.

    • Merja P.

      Jay, when I first watched the Zeiss video (with people in it) my instant tough was: “someone at Nokia read Jay’s rant that he published yesterday!”

      Boy that was a fast response from Nokia 😉

  • Ed

    The Lumia 820 is my first Nokia device, and now I know why I fell in love with The brand.

  • Great ad! On my side, im using the lumia 920. When taking pictures especially in low light,i still get blurry images. Why is that?

    • muhs

      u need to use the camera key (half press (to activate OIS) then all the way down to take the picture) not tap the touchscreen to take the picture
      I don’t remember when but I remember that nokia mentioned once that the OIS gets activated by half press of the camera key (it works with my 920)

  • Arthur

    Great video showcasing the beauty of Nokia hardware. Man what I would give though to have a 925 running stock Android Jellybean.

  • nabkawe

    Finally some Nokia ads that has a Nokia phone in them …

  • Xan


  • sbw44

    does anyone know the name of that nokia comeback ad? It was on this site a couple of months ago. Think jay or ali said its oneof nokia’s best ads

  • jan

    Good advert from Nokia, although it seems that they’ll only preach to the converted if they show it just on YouTube. One minor quibble…that rocket was not going taking astronauts to the moon as it was not a Saturn V! I think it was a Gemini capsule atop a Titan II, but hopefully someone more knowledgeable can confirm…

  • tim

    ad the moment in germany nokia have 2ads in the tv. both are amazing! the 920 ads in germany was like a 10 year old ad sooooooo lame but the new ones are really getting to the customers!

  • n8thebest

    Yes, amazing ads! THIS is what ALL Nokia marketing needs to be from now on! BOLD, aggressive, and direct! Connecting with the customer emotionally, and confidently showing off the strengths of Nokia’s phones.

    Nokia NEEDS to air ads like this on TV!

    The “smartphone wedding” ad from Microsoft was a great one to get the ball rolling, and these ads are also great. I can only hope that Microsoft and Nokia continue this BOLD marketing.

    I still wish that Nokia “comeback” ad was actually official, and that they aired it on TV. That is a great ad, and shame that Nokia has buried it.

  • MKnowles

    These ads need to go on TV… STAT!

    Brilliant ads!

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  • JGrove

    There we go. Now THAT is what the general populous needs to see.

    Now sell those HAAC mics!

    • they did haac mics with 808 pureview

  • shallow ocean shoal

    If I had hair like that I would rule the world

  • Random Random


    I watched the ad.

    It’s crap.

    Nothing more than tech porn and that’s not how to get lots of unit sales.

    What’s wrong with Nokia? Are they really that stupid?

    • Random Random

      The girl on the bike was a better one. Well. It had few major flaws but it was a better one.

      It was a slight problem that it was fake. But then, that’s not the real issue.

      The real issue is that it was boring to anyone not into tech porn. OIS ON OIS OFF OIS ON. Who is going to care about something like that?

      What are they thinking about?

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