Pics: Detailed Lumia 925 Lens Assembly (High Resolution Images)

| July 4, 2013 | 23 Replies

Here are some pretty awesome and super detailed/high res images of the Lumia 925′s lens/camera assembly for all you imaging geeks out there. When I think of a camera assembly in a phone I don’t think I ever realized exactly how many components are in there, that makes the feat of slimming down the Lumia 920 to the 925′s (8.5mm) all the more impressive. Now if only we had a couple of the EOS’s camera assembly; but then again I don’t think our little hearts could handle it.

*Warning the images below are VERY large (some are 6 mbs) so be patient.

Lumia 925 camera module with labels Lumia 925 lens with labels Lumia 925

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  1. husfus says:

    meanwhile in Samsung’s office….

  2. D Harries says:

    Note the steel frame which forms part of the inner sheet

  3. Ammad says:

    This is a work of art.

    Going to print it out and frame it lol

  4. BrentR says:

    If Samsung really wanted to know what the lense assembly looked like, they’d just go an buy one and not rely on some pictures.

  5. GordonH says:


  6. JGrove says:


    All THAT… in…..THERE??!??!??

    Canon and Nikon better hope Nokia doesn’t go all out on a DSLR.

    Nokia, make an all out DSLR with the same level of precision and innovation you stuffed into here.

  7. Grazy says:

    How does this compare to earliar modules? I think I read the 920 had 5 lens but it wasnt heavily advertised! or was that the 928?

    and what are the benefits?

    going back two years to the Lumia 800/ N9 – what did these have by comaprison? 2 lens? 3?

    • JGrove says:

      920 and 028 have the same 5 lens OIS unit.

      That 6th lense was added to sharpen the images further, as was necessary in the 920′s daylight photos being pretty muddy. Ot makes an astounding difference.

      I would actually think that the newer cycles of 920s and 028s would be fitted with these new modules, if they’ll fit.

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