LeakyLeak: Nokia EOS/Lumia 1020 Charging Shell?

| July 8, 2013 | 36 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 09.06.33

Check it out, it’s a charging accessory for the Nokia EOS/Lumia 1020. You’ll note we’ve gone back to calling it the 1020 as noted by the Microsoft stock note (unless that was a different device).

This will add some extra power whilst the phone is still in use. It’s interesting to note that usually this is done a third party accessory makers (and thus usually a lot more capacity than 1020mAh, though they are often a lot thicker). Nice to have the option at least as there will be those who don’t mind the added bulk on certain occasions.

We will find out this week what the official name and accessories will be :D

Source: izvestia.ru

Cheers Eugen for the tip!

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  1. Flying bathtub says:

    Lumia 1020 with an external 1020mAh Battery? :)
    Looks like a Camera grip add on to me!

  2. sri_tech says:

    I hope its thin(because very small capacity) like normal case and priced well.

    Nokia makes good accessories but they always price them high which puts off most buyers. I hope thats not the case with this one.

    • DesR85 says:

      “Nokia makes good accessories but they always price them high which puts off most buyers. I hope thats not the case with this one.”

      I recall Samsung does the same as well, especially with their flip cases for their flagship phones. But the one advantage Samsung phones have over their competitors (with the exception of the iPhones) is the myriad of 3rd party accessories, including cases, available for them.

  3. RS2013 says:

    Yeah.. its more like a grip than a charging accessories. or a grip juice case.

    Looks like its a lot thicker on the bottom or right side of the pic. coz its not really touching the table.

  4. jordan82 says:

    A wonderful idea when you need your phone for holidays photos! Great!

  5. arg0 says:

    How is the shell charged? I hope through the main microUSB port on the phone, not through an external unit.

  6. n8thebest says:

    This is a brilliant accessory, looks much thinner than I would have imagined, and also much more practical. So apparently this adds an extra 1020mAh capacity to the battery, it acts as a case/shell for further protection, it has a dedicated shutter key for more comfortable shooting, and supposedly this has a socket for mounting to tripods.

    Very clever accessory by Nokia!

  7. Andrew_b says:

    Could this be a sign that Nokia are not entirely happy with the battery life they can promise with this yet-to-be-released model?

    An embarrassingly poor battery life will leave the flagship shooter prone to attack from the anti-Nokia bloggers, causing it to stumble at the first hurdle.

  8. michael says:

    i don’t understand why there is micro usb, considering there is 2 pin at the back of leaked oes

  9. efekt says:

    Today I visited an official Nokia store in my country, and the representatives told me that the EOS won’t be called Lumia 1020, but Lumia 909, which kinda makes sense…

    • pdexter says:

      They don’t know more than us. He has read the same rmors about 909 as us.

      • efekt says:

        I’m sure you’re right, but again – they still get sneak peaks to some new hardware which is not yet officially announced from time to time, I know that as they showed me “hands on” pictures of the Lumia 925 which predated the official announcement of the device…

  10. Viipottaja says:

    So this accessory seems to wrap around the bottom of the device, and as such may connect to the USB port, keeping my idea of it also having a Micro SD slot alive. :)

    • Janne says:

      I had the same idea.

      Actually surprised to see this much of it come to fruition… SD card there would make sense.

      Maybe they’ll also have a pure wireless charging shell for those two dots.

      • Janne says:

        Clearly Nokia went for maximum smallness with the 1020 and decided to put extras like charging etc as accessories. Seems like a good move, if the accessories are versatile enough. Helps to push down the basic price too and extra revenue from accessories up…

        • Harangue says:

          I’m all for that approach. Having a real small device is more important to me than an endless stream of features. If I want SD card support I’d be more than happy to have it through an add on.

          And hey, if it is possible on an iPad (iPhone) why not on WP?

  11. Mobalian says:

    with this Lumia 1020 will get some extra juice

  12. arts says:

    i hope this does not mean power management is still an issue. D=

  13. AJE says:

    Reports suggest that this will provide a 35% increase in battery power. If that is so then my matchs suggests that the new phone will come with a battery of about 3,000mAh!!!

    Not too bad!!!

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