Rumor: Next Lumia 6XX to Carry a 720p Screen; Announced Later This year

| July 22, 2013 | 25 Replies


We’ve recently heard some news about a 4.7″/Phablet-like Lumia 625 on the way, on the other hand we have received some information that makes mention of a 6 series Lumia (no word on the model name) with a 720p screen and a screen “4 inches or larger”. Adding an HD screen to a budget device would be a killer move by Nokia as it would destroy the Galaxy Grand (which is essentially a note sized device with a crappy screen). It’s not yet clear whether this is the same device as the 625 or something completely different (for all we know the device’s name could change last minute like the 1020). But we think it’s safe to bet on a HD screened budget device coming your way this september  (Nokia World?).

What do you guys think? Does the market have a gap waiting to be filled by a proper specced budget phablet?


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