Rumor: Next Lumia 6XX to Carry a 720p Screen; Announced Later This year

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We’ve recently heard some news about a 4.7″/Phablet-like Lumia 625 on the way, on the other hand we have received some information that makes mention of a 6 series Lumia (no word on the model name) with a 720p screen and a screen “4 inches or larger”. Adding an HD screen to a budget device would be a killer move by Nokia as it would destroy the Galaxy Grand (which is essentially a note sized device with a crappy screen). It’s not yet clear whether this is the same device as the 625 or something completely different (for all we know the device’s name could change last minute like the 1020). But we think it’s safe to bet on a HD screened budget device coming your way this september  (Nokia World?).

What do you guys think? Does the market have a gap waiting to be filled by a proper specced budget phablet?


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  • 720p for 6xx range. Very interesting. 1GB Ram hopefully.

    The next 7xx or 8xx should have 720p as standard then with 9xx and 1xxx moving up to 1080p?

    • Janne

      Remember last year when the 768 resolution was said to be temporary. It makes sense when you consider it a stepping stone from 800×480, same aspect ratio. When full HD becomes the high-end, I expect lower end to gradually move toward 720p at Nokia too, because full HD and 720p share same aspect ratio.

      Also, app developers have had a year to update their apps to support the new aspect ratio, so there should be no issues with both co-existing now for a while. It would make sense for Nokia to release a couple of 16:9 devices later this year and then continue building from that. Of course I expect WVGA to continue in the very low-end for a quite a while still.

    • n8thebest

      Yes very interesting indeed. The high end Lumias would have to move to 1080p then in order to remain high end, while the mid-range would all get 720p screens. A very good move I think.

      This would be very bad news for Blackberry, as it would make their “high end” models with 720P screens look quickly dated.

      This would also make sense as well if the rumor of the “EOS 2” coming soon is true as well. An EOS 2 with 1080p screen/quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset would be very high end.

    • johnjaller

      As far as I know,720p or high resolution device require 1gb ram to run wp8

  • Siliconsub

    This could be interesting: at 4.7″, that would give a PPI of 312, at 5″ 293 and even at 5.5″ (which I highly doubt it would get to, but of all the Lumias I think this would be the one to reach this size) it is 267, which is higher than the 620 (and due to the larger screens but identical resolutions, obviously the 520 and 720).

    • Janne

      The 625 4.7″ was still rumoured to be 800×480. It may be that the move towards 16:9 for Lumia begins only in Q4. 625 might still in the meanwhile come with WVGA. Or it might not. 🙂

  • LaBodilsen

    Not for me… some day i might dream up my own “DreamNokia”tm device. which would be in the region of:

    Size and design like Lumia 800
    Screen 3.7″ to 4”. which ever fits the small package.
    CPU specs like Lumia 820
    Camera like Nokia N8. (hump allowed)
    OS = aott3 (any of the top 3)
    Done. 🙂

    i really wish that some manufacturer would produce a Small device with a great camera, and modern midrange specs.

    • sf

      Elop made it clear on Lumia 1020’s launch that they will bring some of its technologies to mid end devices. Now we already have Lumia 720 as the trimmed down version of 920 as it does pretty decent low light photography. I really wonder if Nokia will launch a trimmed down version of 1020, with a smaller sensor and less oversampling tech (21mp perhaps). That would be a great device with very nice camera, if Nokia launches it.

  • sri_tech

    It could be the rumored (By Financial Times) cheaper version of 920.

    Till now everything they said in April became true.
    They said 4 Lumia’s(high end) are in pipeline for the year.
    1. Thinner and lighter version of 920 (Its Lumia 925 released in May).
    2. 41MP Lumia, launch in July (Also turned out to be true).
    3. Phablet.
    4. Cheaper version of 920 (this could be the above phone).

    They may price it around Rs 20K ($340) to compete against iphone lite and others.

  • t t

    I think Nokia and MSFT is too much behind in specs compared to Android manufacturers. They are developing too slowly things that consumers are interested in.

    • keizka

      Nothing new at Nokialand then.

      • kues

        Difference is: now they depend on Microsoft who don’t support higher specs in time, back then Nokia deliberatly choose to save a few cent on phone components -eg. 2009 when Nokia shipped S60 5th devices with ARM11 cpu =600MHz cpu [OMAP3] and 256MB RAM for their S60 5th devices…

        • kues

          Should have been:
          eg. 2009 when Nokia shipped S60 5th devices with ARM11 cpu =600MHz Cortex-A8 cpu [OMAP3] and 256MB RAM for their S60 5th devices…

        • kues

          Should have been:
          eg. 2009 when Nokia shipped S60 5th devices with ARM11 cpu =600MHz Cortex-A8 cpu (OMAP3) and 256MB RAM for their S60 5th devices…

        • kues

          WordPress seems to have an escape sequence problem 🙁

          Really should have been:
          eg. 2009 when Nokia shipped S60 5th devices with ARM11 cpu below 600 MHz and 128 MB RAM, while Sony and Samsung choose 600MHz and above Cortex-A8 cpu (OMAP3) and 256MB RAM for their S60 5th devices…

    • v.s.i

      I’ll just point out that sales are increasing QoQ, no use bringing up all the old pros and cons. However, please don’t let that fact change your opinion, it’s invaluable for the rest of us.


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  • Andre Targaryen

    This phones are getting too repetitive! Seriously when will Nokia and Microsoft finally LISTEN! Users have been complaining for AGES over and over again. The current thing in demand now are phones/phablets of at least 4.7″ with 1080p screen.

    My God, 2013 is gonna be over soon and 2GB RAM on phones will be obsolete, meanwhile Nokia’s latest just adopted their first 2GB phone. 720p is so 2010. Why is Nokia always two years late and microsoft three? They need to be aggressive and LEAD the pack, not follow. We don’t need excuses GDR3 blah blah blah. These things should have been there right from the start of WP8. Seriously, Nokia had a chance to really blow things out the water with the L1020 and they blew it big time. They would’ve released it in at least two variants: The first one with 5″, 1080p, 2GB RAM, 3000mAh battery with more current gen specs. The second one with the present specs. The Galaxy S4 would’ve been made obsolete immediately and the the Honami would never appear. Yes, the first would’ve been expensive but people would buy it, over here iphone 5 will cost you your two arms, two legs and head but people buy it like it’s the last thing on earth.

    Just like the video game world, the mobile phone world has generations and eras too! Imagine if the PS4 had the PS2 specs in this present day? That’s exactly how things are looking for both Nokia and microsoft. Seriously, anyone who would pick a L1020 over Honami or GS4 is beyond brainwashed. Everyone knows Sony’s camera are beyond average and coupled with killer specs of the GS4/honami and huge apps and FREQUENT UPDATES (LACKING ON WP8) on android i don’t see L1020 making a dent or mark. Don’t give me the “wp8 doesn’t need a quadcore to function” crap. It’s current gen specs and should be there period. Microsoft is not the company you would want to follow. They are lazy, refuse to listen, pretend to listen only to repeat their mistakes over and over again. They are only happy following where they are not leading. Look at their XB1 fiasco, features appearing and disappearing, they don’t even know what they want. Is that the kind of company to trust? At least with those variants people would’ve actually considered getting WP8 flagship over current and upcoming flagships. Besides Samsung is not even done yet, they are watching. By the time the Note III arrives L1020 will fade into obscurity.

    Nokia should have never rolled with microsoft. They are the worst there is. I’m afraid to say it but the truth is if things are at THIS PACE ALL THE TIME WP8 will never see any significant progress because as they are improving so is iOS and android.

  • Ajattara

    It’s not that a big issue to have 720p screen in normal smartphone but as the screen size increases better resolution is needed. I tried 10 inch Anrdoid tablet with 720p resolution and it didn’t look very good; 720p may just be good enough for 7 inch tablets but 1080p should be starting point if device is to be considered high-end.


    Nokia is really mixing it up, many choices, maybe soon it will be the samsung of android.

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  • Watashi

    What Nokia needs to do for L720 successor:
    4.5 inch screen w/ 1280×720 ClearBlack screen
    8MP+ primary camera w/ good low-light perf
    1.5 Ghz dual core Krait + 1 GB RAM (I am not sure if the SoC is good enough)
    2000+ mAh battery
    Price in the L720 range.

    Then, launch a lighter,aluminium version with better premium features like camera,2GB RAM etc. as L820 replacement

    Capture 50%+ of the smartphone segment and let Apple and Galaxy fanbois battle for the top crown