Hey @Nokia @WindowsPhone, get his @ATT dude his job back please. One of a few that actually can sell your products!

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The Nokia Lumia 1020, launched in July 11th 2013 was already sent to AT&T stores as the demo device by July 17th.

When sample pics appeared on Reddit, we followed that story and shared those pics here.

Nokia clearly liked them because they retweeted it. See the screenshot above. Note the date, July 21st.

By the time Nokia had retweeted it, picture links to the original files were already removed. The only things that remained were screenshots. A few days ago we were contacted by the original poster and his AT&T superior to remove those picture links (redirecting to flickr/imgur) so we did. It seems they uploaded anonymously to imgur so the photos are kinda stuck online if you still have the links. :/

We mentioned that briefly in this post, another set of images taken by a regular average person.

What’s happening now?

Looking at Reddit, it seems that it hasn’t ended well as the original poster of the first batch of pictures, ‘goldegl’ seems to have lost his job from AT&T. It is sad and unfortunate but we are told in this link below he is handling that relatively well and has more work lined up.

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I’m sure I read from the original first post on reddit (the username is deleted now so I can’t see the comment) that he would ask his superiors if it was OK to check the device out first?

It seems it’s AT&T’s policy on NDAs – non disclosure agreements. Folks are allowed to know and see things in advance but can’t disclose anything or face the consequences they agreed to.

We know of Nokia folks who have ‘leaked’ things prior to launch and have since been ‘let go’ for breaching NDA.

But given that the 1020 is already launched and the devices are already shipping and the demo unit likely already has the latest firmware which the shipped devices have, does the NDA still stand?

I mean, just today our own  got an early hands on of the Nokia Lumia 1020 at a AT&T store. That’s a cool thing to do, AT&T folks. Don’t penalise peeps for that. The darn device is already launched!

We were already sharing sample pics from the Nokia Lumia 1020 on the day of launch! This one was from Nokia’s own Chris Weber’s 1020. Admittedly, I didn’t say it was a sample.

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As the comment here below from Reddit mentions, goldegi was really keen on the Nokia Lumia 1020. He was one of the few that would actually push a Windows Phone device and in particular this Nokia Lumia 1020! The last thing AT&T needs with their record of ‘success’ with WP is to lose folks that actually know something and would be willing to sell Nokia WPs.

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Remember on launch day for the Nokia Lumia 1020 how Forbes’ Joan Lappin demolished AT&T as a Nokia/WP partner? AT&T was said to be a dreadful partner. Sales people apparently knew nothing about it and if you asked about it, they didn’t really promote it. How is Nokia/AT&T/MS gonna make sure that they aren’t gonna let this fantastic device avoid the same crummy treatment? Make sure you have guys like goldegi on board who love your device and will push it. Don’t get rid of them.


What’s the right thing to do here, eh, AT&T, Nokia, Microsoft?

I’m not saying not to respect NDAs. Perhaps if the Nokia Lumia 1020 wasn’t announced officially announced yet and someone leaked info on it. Then perhaps that would be a call to have some talks.

Eh, Mr Belfiore?:)

But it’s not like Redditor, goldegi leaked anything. The handset was already announced. The handset was already in the store for demoing. The device had already gone to pre-order (16th, the post was on the 17th)…

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I don’t really know the intricacies of NDAs. Perhaps someone can help out goldegi if he’s still interested in returning to AT&T?


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