Video: Nokia Lumia 1020 Unboxing, video zoom test (and night stabilisation)

| July 26, 2013 | 66 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 08.53.54

The whole group of us are envious of Mark Guim from TheNokiaBlog because he already has his own Nokia Lumia 1020 to take photos/videos with and he can actually share them online! (We only touched them briefly yesterday and the photos had to stay on the device)

Anyway, check this out. The OIS seems to help quite a bit when zooming in to reduce shakes at the telephoto end.



Here’s another video when Mark was in NYC. What’s pretty cool is Mark can now post the raw videos straight from the 1020 to YouTube via that uploader.

Oh heck there’s more. Check out Mark’s unboxing video.

Anyway, we have to go now 🙂 I’m not able to update my twitter as Orange have decided not to make my data bundle work anymore.



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  • Werner Ruotsalainen

    “Anyway, we have to go now 🙂 I’m not able to update my twitter as Orange have decided not to make my data bundle work anymore.”

    Too bad you’re THAT far away in the South – I could have lent you my unlimited Saunalahti SIM card…

    BTW, are you data roaming? Why don’t you purchase a prepaid SIM card from R-Kioski? While they charge some 1-2 euros for a Megabyte, it’s still way cheaper than data roaming. In addition, you don’t need to fill in any papers – you just walk in, purchase a card and walk out. No paperwork needed.

    • Random Random

      Don’t they sell prepaid SIM cards for a few euros, with unlimited data transfer?

      I think the catch is that those are valid only for few days but then again if it’s all you need, you should be fine with it.

      Yes, with no paperwork.

  • Muerte

    The night video looked OK to me. I wonder how these guys again are saying that it is worth picking up some other device than Nokia if shooting videos in dark surroundings:

    Video performance under good indoor and outdoor lighting conditions was also very good, though slightly marred by the same bluish tinge as still images. Under low-light conditions, video quality was only fair, appearing relatively dark with an inordinate amount of grain.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      “The night video looked OK to me.”

      Agreed. No excessive noise compared to its peers. Actually, just the opposite – I don’t think the, say, iPhone 5 is capable of such low-light videos. (It has always suffered from the inability to shoot proper 1080p video footage in low light. This is why I’ve developed a full-sensor oversampler (see ) for it, making the low-light performance significantly better. Unfortunately, given that the sensor readout is pretty slow on all iPhones, it can only reach around 20 fps at most and all that with awful skweing because of the rolling shutter effect).

      It’s most probably YouTube’s compression artifacts that was called “inordinate amount of grain”

      • Random Random


        You just answered to yourself about why Apple is not using the full sensor readout on iPhone. 20 fps is just too slow when they want to offer a solid video experience.

        • Werner Ruotsalainen

          They could have done it when designing the hardware. After all, 8 Mpixels are waaay less than 41 Mpixels. Still, they didn’t bother.

          • Random Random

            Just as I said, you already explained why Apple is not supporting the full sensor readout in the software for the current hardware. If I understood correctly, you complained about Apple not supporting it for the current hardware in the software.

            You already explained why supporting that for the current hardware is a bad idea.

            The discussion about the hardware design is a completely different matter.

    • Janne

      There had to come a clueless review at some point – again ignoring the zooming potential and optical image stabilization for video completely. iPhone 5 and SGS4 have a strong halo around them. It will do some more work to bust those myths and make gains amongst the ignorati.

      • JGrove303

        Perhaps, but that is consumer reports, probably the best trusted non niche product reviewing outlet in the USA. Their write us are taken as the word of God. Though they show the ignorance of a Creationists, so too is the ignorance of our general public.

        This looks exceptionally bad. Consumer Reports can not be bought (so they say). To have them be the only one to call the 1020 a hype machine is going to ruin all of this momentum.

        I know from personal experience that iPhone 4S can not handle night video for beans, so I wonder different the 5 is? Can’t be that much different.

        • Janne

          I am not qualified to judge the power of Consumer Reports in the U.S., other than it wasn’t enough to make a dent in iPhone 4 in the antenna case – Nokia of course is no Apple. So I’m just gonna have to take your word for it. However, luckily, outside the U.S. that source is probably quite irrelevant. It is not one of the U.S. medias with a broad international reach.

          Lumia 1020 is a niche product and U.S. is fast looking like a niche market for Nokia (other than its signalling value of course). I am already flabbergasted by the great tech-media reception of the Lumia 1020, so on the balance, I think Nokia has made progress with their media perception. There are bound to be some setbacks amongst the ignorati especially.

          • bogdo

            CR is more known for their reviews of appliances than for their electronics reviews. In fact, the only people who generally read CR are typically older people, or middle age people. I wouldn’t be concerned about their review of the camera capabilities of the 1020.

            • Just Visiting


        • twig

          Consumer Reports used to be the source until they had some reporting issues a few years past. Now, I don’t know of too many people who use Consumer Reports anymore. Their popularity has slipped with high cost magazine print. Now most tech buyers do a large data research via manufacturers sites, buyer reviews and tech site reviews. People don’t mention the name Consumer Reports anymore.

          • shallow ocean shoal

            Didn’t they have some massive security breach that exposed all their customer data and knocked their stuff offline for quite some time?

          • setty

            CR can be helpful to get a general idea before doing your own research, but I don’t have to look beyond their ratings of interior/exterior paints to know that they’re sometimes completely clueless…

        • shallow ocean shoal

          I actually think it’s a pretty bad knock on Consumer Reports, because their review is SO FAR out of whack with everyone else. I think even the trolls here would agree that they’re crazy!

    • shallow ocean shoal

      This is a blessing! They voted the iPhone a “Do not buy” and look what it did for them!!

      Seems like some people need to educate Consumer Reports how this technology works… get to it

  • stylinred

    I like the night/ois video but that day one certainly leaves a lot to be desired and im not even talking about comparing with the 808 because i almost never use that so i dont know how it compares i imagine it would be better or i hope

  • I think Microsoft has failed Nokia on that one with its not up to the task hardware , zooming is just unnatural, I think Nokia should drop the gradual zooming and go straight to 2x, 4x zoom , 6x zoom and max zoom instead (with the option to use gradual zooming of course.)
    Even if software updates remedied this , the hardware will have to max out , which will certainly hinder the batteries.

    I think GDR3 couldn’t come fast enough and an immediate upgrade with 1080p and snapdragon 800 should be in order.

    • Having watched the second low light video in full HD
      …. MY GODDDD! …

      • JGrove303

        Ya, not a thing wrong with the low light video. Does a killer job. Killing the continuous autofocus would help, however.

    • Oops I’m running Windows 8.1 , seems there was some due updates and my PC needed a restart the Zoom isn’t as bad as my pc have me beleived.
      I would Like a better powered Lumia 1020 though. 🙂

      • twig

        You have yours already? I may have to cancel my Microsoft Store order if ATT gets theirs in first today. I may be able to buy one today. I’ll drive hours for one, about 1 1/2 hours each way to be exact.

        • JGrove303

          What about your grip accessory?

  • laggy zoom while recording

    • JGrove303

      I’d bet it would be smoother with continuous auto focus off. I know the Nokias are aggressive hunters.

    • Matt

      It might be because they’re using the touch-screen zoom controls which show framing while finger selects zoom level and then zoom after finger is removed. The zooming might be smoother if they use the volume keys instead. That’s how it works on the 808.

  • Weirdfisher

    "Anyway, check this out. The OIS seems to help quite a bit when zooming in to reduce shakes at the telephoto end."

    You mean quite a LOT right:D
    But i dont like the laagy zoom 🙁

    • dss

      Its strange because the first samples we saw it wasn’t skippy like that.. it was kind smooth like on the Symbian device

      • Janne

        But is 808 PureView zooming the same way as Lumia 1020? Isn’t 808 PureView zoom a sort of automatic, where you set the level and then it zooms for you but you can’t control its pace (hence it is easier to make smooth too). Lumia 1020 seems to zoom at the pace you move your finger?

        Obviously barring a side-by-side test I’m putting a question mark on this, but I for one haven’t been able to zoom in with my 808 without it resorting to auto-zooming for me after I release my finger.

        • Matt

          Do people not tinker any more? Do we need to be instructed how to do everything?

          Use the volume keys.

      • Random Random

        It’s actually quite laggy on 808.

        People quite often use 720p to enable better zooming and lessen the lag. That’s one reason why you might think there is less lag on 808.

  • Matt

    What’s up with that zooming? The 808’s zoom is beautifully smooth, these 1020 samples show an awful stagger from wide to close-up 🙁

    • Janne

      Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t recall 808 PureView supporting real-time zooming at all – you set the zoom level first and then the phone zooms in.

      I believe on Lumia 1020 the occasional zooming choppiness is just a choppy finger on the users part. Upside is, there is much finer control over how fast or slow to zoom in video.

      • Matt

        The 808 has zoom during video recording, and not only is it smooth but the start/end has dampening.

        • Janne

          Sure, but is it real-time zooming?

          I tried on mine before posting that reply and it definitely didn’t zoom real-time, only after the used had selected the zoom level and then it auto-zoomed there.

          Lumia 1020 seems to let the user zoom at their pace and if the pace if choppy, then the result is too, like on a real camera?

          • Random Random

            My 808 definitely does zoom in real time. It’s easy to test out.

            Just zoom to the max and you can reduce the zoom in real time.

            • Janne

              How do you zoom in real-time on the 808?

              Stuttering zooming in was the question here on the Lumia 1020 video.

              • Random Random

                Zoom to the max. Put your finger to the top of the screen. Slowly slide it and now you are controlling the zoom level in real time.

                Of course 808 is flawed what it comes to zooming in, but you can zoom out in real time. That’s also zooming.

                • Janne

                  Yes, I know you can zoom out realtime on the 808.

                  But we were discussing the Lumia 1020 zoom video in this post. Did you watch it? It does not zoom *out* at all.

                  So we were discussing zooming in only, because the choppiness or smoothness of that was the question.

                  We weren’t comparing zooming out. We were comparing zooming in.

                  • Random Random

                    Zooming out and zooming in are both zooms.

                    In that video the zoom is quite jerky. The same effect happens with 808.

                    • Janne

                      Sure, but that wasn’t at issue here.

                      People were saying Lumia 1020 is jerky in zooming in that video, while 808 is smooth. That video contains zooming in only! So the comparison can only be zooming in.

                      Problem is, 808 zooms in differently than it does zoom out, for whatever weird reason. It does it automatically after the zoom-level is set, not real-time, so it is not comparable to real-time hand-zoom.

                      Hence comparison to Lumia 1020 isn’t really that useful, if the jerkiness of the latter is result of choppy hand movement over the screen with real-time zooming in.

                      Now, if later it turns out either or both a jerky for some other reason, that remains to be seen. I merely offered this speculation and nobody has been really able to tell me how to zoom in non-automatically on the 808.

                    • Random Random

                      Yes, but zooms on 808 and 1020 are both jerky.

                      I don’t know how much more there is to say before we have more data. Perhaps something, but anyway those both are jerky.

              • Matt

                Use the volume keys

                • spacemodel

                  These guys have a 808 but doesn’t know such a simple trick, that brings up the question if they really have the 808 at all…

                  • Random Random

                    How come I wouldn’t know about that when I already had a long discussion about the volume keys causing the lag in the video footage?

                    In my opinion using the volume keys is not really having a full control over the zoom. When you press it, it will zoom at a constant pace.

                    However that’s not the case if you use the swipe to zoom out.

          • Matt

            Use the volume keys for instant smooth zoom in/out.

            Use the touch-screen zoom controls for pre-framing quick zoom.

  • Ziko

    Guys, is the rich recording quality in 1020 is upgraded from one in 808 or same ?

  • dss

    The actual zoom is not as smooth as the 808, but its so much better in terms of stabilization… even when zoomed in. The 808 gets worse the more you zoom in..

    • Janne

      808 doesn’t do real-time zooming, it zoom only after the zoom level has been set.

      • Random Random


        My 808 does real time zooming while shooting video.

        • Janne

          How do you do it? Zooming in on the 808 just shows the “crop box” and then it zooms once you set the crop and let go.

          • Matt

            ah! You’re using the touch-screen zoom control, use the volume keys instead

            • Random Random

              In a way that works while it’s not really the same as it’s when you use the touch screen.

              However people here in MNB claimed that using those keys for zooming is the reason why 1080p video is jerky while zooming.

              Then again, it’s jerky while zooming even when auto zoomed.

            • Janne

              Matt, good point. However, that is obviously a steady speed – just press the buttoon. There still remains the question: Is Lumia 1020 zoom real-time touch screen zooming vs. non-real-time or digital button zooming in 808? Or are both the same or something else?

              On real-time touch zooming the movement speed of the hand could affect the smoothness of jerkiness of the zoom, just like a mechanical zoom would be dependent on how smoothly it is operated, so choppiness could result from that. On the other hand, it could be something else too, like a performance issue.

              This was my question. I think we’ll have to wait for more hands-ons to get the answer.

      • Matt

        Use the volume keys for instant smooth zoom in/out.

        Use the touch-screen zoom controls for pre-framing quick zoom.

  • JGrove303

    THAT you can zoom on the 1020 on video during recording is a godsend over recording over the 920. Om sure an update won’t be far off to smooth the zoom.

  • Random Random

    That zoom test definitely shows the same flaw on zooming as with 808.

    While zooming, there is lots of lag just like with 808.

    I guess that now someone will explain how it’s not there?

    • Matt

      The 808 has no lag while zooming if you know what you’re doing.

      Use the volume keys for instant zoom in/out.

      Use the thouch-screen zoom controls for pre-framing zoom.

      • Random Random

        808 has a huge lag while zooming.

        I now you can’t give me a link to 808 zoom shot with 1080p and not having any issues while zooming. A zoom shot done from 1x to max with one single swipe.

        Then again.

        Of course some people are unable to see even a major lag.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    I just had a thought

    When the 808 came out, there was universal praise for the camera, while the vast majority of the crapping was crapping all over Symbian.

    With the 1020, it’s amazing that barely a peep is about Windows (ie. “app store”), while the vast majority of naysayers here are nitpicking an overall improved 808 w/OIS camera.


    • Just Visiting


  • Video: Nokia Lumia 1020 Unboxing, video zoom test (and night stabilisation) – My Nokia Blog

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