Hipstamatic Oggl Now Available to Download, With Instagram Sharing!

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859c2fb0-ed86-44f3-915c-3238df615b98The App Nokia announced alongside the Lumia 925 has finally hit stores, Hipstamtic Oggl the creative app for photography minded people can be had at the store for free. The app has multiple “filter” effects and frames to make your photos prettier as well as loads of sharing options, most importantly to Instagram!

A Community For Creative People To Capture & Curate Their Lives Through Photography.

• Oggl isn’t a fuzzy snap of cooking solo on Tuesday—it’s dinner at French Laundry

• Oggl isn’t screenshots of your favorite album cover—it’s when you hung backstage with the band

• Oggl isn’t ducklips or bathroom selfies—it’s living like you mean it, your best creative work, and amazing life moments CAPTURE


. Oggl is a “capture-first” shooting experience using Hipstamatic’s beautiful lenses and films, and comes with 5 “Favorites” pre-loaded for situational shooting: Landscape, Food, Portrait, Nightlife and Sunset. For the first time ever, edit a photo after it’s taken to experiment with different looks, and tap to preview effects before shooting. CURATE. Share your best photos to your Oggl profile to curate your personal story. With “My Collection,” see your photos showcased next to photos you’ve curated from around the community. Enjoy All Gear for a 60 day limited time with this first releases of Oggl. Oggl is an experience designed for capturing and curating beautiful photos, not for showcasing advertising. To support this vision for the community, Oggl will going forward offer two subscription options: Quarterly for $2.99 & Yearly for $9.99. While Oggl itself will always remain free, each subscription comes with access to Hipstamatic’s entire catalog of current lens and film gear, and guarantees new gear each month. COMING SOON. This is the very first version on WP8 and not only are we going to improve the experience of using the app shortly we also have a lot more feature coming. First up are more social media integration, improved image quality, post processing etc etc. Hope you love Oggl’ing as much as we have! Lucas, Ryan & The Hipstamatic Family

Hipstamatic Oggl PRO includes a variety of exclusive features, including manual exposure control, white balance, ISO, and shutter speed, as well as an auto-level indicator and high-quality zoom. And of course, the app packs all of the original Oggl features, including five pre-set lenses and films, and the ability to easily snap, edit, and share via social channels.

Grab the app from the link below and enjoy! (for some reason it’s listed as free only for the 920, 925, 928 and 820 = 1Gb ram devices)


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  • Muerte

    I can feel the frustration of 720, 620, 520 etc. owners. This is like a WP7-trap all over again – all the best apps are missing if you have 512MB RAM.

    • Otto

      Hello. It’s me and my Lumia 800 speaking. What was that about pain of WP8 Lumias from 5, 6 and 7 series again? 😉

    • Sefriol

      Well, you shouldn’t feel cheated if you are buying low end device with questionable camera.

      WP7 is a different story since most of them had a high end price.

      • Muerte

        Well, I consider 720 as “no low end”. It should have had 1GB of RAM. It has been advertised with camera properties first, so it would be nice to have the apps as well.

  • Aabir Jawaid

    This app is not yet available for Pakistan.. I own a Lumia 920…

  • Create account fail. What?

  • Nankom

    I hope they support it for 512MB ram devices in the near future. As Halo is supposed to do.

  • fragmentation

    fragmentation getting more ridiculous on wp

  • D Harries

    I don’t know what the memory problem is. Lomogram works on 720. Sophie Lens works, but says you can’t upgrade because of memory

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