PhoneArena’s Camera Showdown: Nokia Lumia 1020 is indeed THE BEST CAMERAPHONE. PureView Win, Ultrapixels suck.

| July 28, 2013 | 29 Replies

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For those doubting the reviews last week of unending praise for the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera, here is a camera showdown by PhoneArena.

I find the scoring a little weird. Like in ‘night’ the 1020 is given the same marks as the SGSIV despite them saying it takes the cake, with very detailed, in focus images that are a real achievement.

As it turns out, the Nokia Lumia 1020 can indeed call itself the best cameraphone, as it seems to achieve the best results across most categories. With its endless details, powerful Xenon flash and remarkable 1080p video recording, the Lumia 1020 absolutely proves that it’s worth being the fattest boy in town, as long as you can put that extra weight and size to good use. That’s what the 1020 has managed to do.


There’s the point. The 1020 might have that camera bump (which isn’t a monstrosity as Gizmodo said, referring  to the SGS 4 Zoom and possibly 808) but it delivers exceptional images in comparison to the competition (something you might see better in other comparisons).

The Nokia Lumia 925 doesn’t fare as well as the iPhone 5 or SGS4, which is weird especially in night as I know it demolishes the latter.

Also, according to them, HTC’s ultrapixels seem to suck – but they put it more nicely by saying “implementation by HTC hasn’t been the most successful one.” Based on their scoring and the consistently bottom placed HTC One, you’d think they were back to being the master potato camera maker of yesteryears. Too harsh?


Cheers sbw44 for the tip.


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