Lumiappdates: Amazing Weather (What weather apps do you use?)

| August 12, 2013 | 14 Replies

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Received an update to Amazing Weather last night v4.2.1.5. I haven’t used it in a while since on my primary view homescreen I have a weather view live tile already. It still looks cool, what with those animated weather backgrounds in app. It’s got some nice customisations with the option to set how the front and back live tiles appear. It has some issues finding my home town back in Wales so Weather View it is for me. For a weather app, the update was surprisingly large at 58mb.MNB wp_ss_20130811_0002 lumiappdates MNB wp_ss_20130811_0003 lumiappdates MNB wp_ss_20130812_0001 lumiappdates

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  1. justme says:

    As lumia 900 user i only use browser to see weathers ( we dont have app for
    It’s the most exact weather forecast in northern Europe, probably in all europe.
    Those Norwegians knows their s**, and i am from Finland.

  2. zhoulhas says:

    im using Weather Flow

  3. Keith too says:

    I use Amazing Weather with a wide live tile.

  4. Victor says:

    I’m using Nokia’s Weather app.

  5. jordan82 says:

    Weather Flow for me! ;)

  6. jcar302 says:

    I disabled amazing weather a while back, the forecasts were incredibly inaccurate for my town, Always said the high temp was going to be above 100 degrees, sometimes as high as 108. Rarely if ever does it hit a real 100 degrees in NJ. And yes, i had the settings right. Pretty much every person that i suggested download it originally said it was just too far off, and went back to the weather channel, which also has it’s flaws like it won’t display the weather where you are on the live tile, just the #1 location you set it up for.

    • Douglas says:

      I had the same complaint about Weather Channel and Accuweather. I don’t understand how you make a weather app and leave that out. Doesn’t make sense to me. That was why I found this app so enticing. Never bought it though because I couldn’t justify the purchase based on 1 feature it had over everyone else.

      I’m in NJ too and comparing Amazing Weather (trial) and Weather Channel right now, Amazing is saying 81 vs 76 for Weather Channel, Accuweather is saying 78, Bing Weather 75.

      Somebody is a little off there…

  7. wiishesh says:

    Weather flow

  8. Simo says:

    Accuweather… loaded with features and the most complete live tile.

  9. Andy says:

    Frost, used to have a really cool augmented reality tool.

    Been testing Bing weather too but still prefer Frost

  10. allawi says:

    I am using the weather channel app. It’s really good and has live title.

  11. jimjim says:

    supersää :)

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