PureView Competition: 41MP + Zeiss…in a Watch, and Sony’s Add on Lens thingy

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Interesting to see Lumia in their product page

Interesting to see Lumia in their product page

As much as people try to downplay Nokia Lumia 1020’s achievements by belittling the importance of cameras, everyone else is still trying to beat Nokia at mobile imaging.

Here are a couple of interesting stories.

First up, what’s got 41mp and Zeiss. Nokia 808 PureView? Nokia Lumia 1020? Correct. But you’d apparently be missing one another: Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch. Is it real? It’s apparently WP8 compatible (the site says WM 8) should you ever need another 41MP shooter to pair with your 1020 or perhaps some other Lumia.


Next up, what happens when phones keep getting slimmer to the point where a decent camera just won’t fit? Stick a camera on it. Hmm. Intriguing, though I feel it defeats the purpose of camera phone being that one device that’s always with you that FITS in your pocket. Perhaps it’ll be a new category where we just bring accessories?

This features a 1/2.3″ sensor, smaller than that found in the 1020 and 808. Though it does have 10x optical zoom.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 18.51.58

Cheers Alvester and arts for the tip


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  • That lens module was something a guy on pocketnow said he wishes to have, lets see if’ll make him happy. 🙂

    • Mariano

      they don’t understand the pureview concept yet

      • The idea was to get zoom without the hideous huge lens zoom. 🙂

          • Random Random

            Yes, that’s an interesting design and it even ended up in a Finnish publication as an example for the future plans Nokia has.

            However while 1020 is a nice camera centric phone, Nokia should release a true flagship phone. It’s almost a year since they released the last one and they really should have one before the Christmas season.

  • MKnowles

    That “thing” from sony is even more of an abomination than what samsung did… wtf is really going on in this world?

  • Vitaliano G.

    Nokia should make a point and shoot camera lineup. Would you imagine the pictures taken with those pureview sensor and some 40X zoom lenses from Zeiss? Or even 10x?…

  • dario

    You can use lens to capture photo without attach to the Phone… It s a wireless viewfinder

  • tester

    This is awesome! Moto X + Sony Lens = Perfect phone.

    • BIG

      Crap phone. Not even a perfect phone
      Nokia 1020 perfect.

      • zymo

        There is no “perfect” phone in general. Personal preferences determine “perfection”.

      • robin

        good camera + horrible “smart”phone= 1020

        • Deaconclgi

          What’s horrible about the smartphone portion of the 1020?

          • Random Random


            WP must be flawed because it doesn’t lag like Symbian.

            That’s why some old Symbian users may find the product extremely uncomfortable.

            Another flaw is the stability of the 1020. The old Symbian users hate it when the phone doesn’t crash or freeze at least twice a week.

        • nice try troll.

        • BIG

          horrible smartphone is your sh***y ass android/Symbian phone. you don’t know s**t about windows phone. since you have not tried one

    • v.s.i

      *weird-looking, fragile, impractical and bank-breaking dream phone.
      How about an actual camera + generic smartphone if photos are such a deal for you and you don’t mind being ripped off? Or the 1020? 🙂

  • zymo

    Actually there are two lenses. One has a 1/2.3″ sensor with 10x optical zoom and the other one is simply a RX100 Mark II without a display. So were talking about a whopping 1 inch sensor! The idea isn’t bad at all and could set a new trend IF the price is right.

    • Interesting. It’s pretty much like carrying a separate smaller camera but the images are saved onto the smartphone. Still carrying two things. Also, how’s the flash work or do we have to have a separate flash too (I’d be interested in a flash accessory for bounce flash).

      • zymo

        As far as I know those lenses also have a microSD slot, so the images can be saved on the lens too.

  • arts

    Looks pretty interesting. The price could be an important factor thou.

  • Banderpop

    The shape of the camera on the watch is interesting. It suggests to me that the form factor of the N93 could still work well for a phone with a great camera. It could boast buttons and/or extra screen real estate from the flip open design, be great as an ergonomic phone and a camera suitable for one-handed use, and protect the screen/s when closed, just like the N93. And this time around, perhaps be closer to 1.5 to 2cm thick instead of nearly 3cm. Maybe even go another step beyond current phones and have a transparent screen.

    It’ll need a different OS to work though, given that WP doesn’t appear able to support more than one display and would get confused by screen rotation and flipping.

    A question about the watch though. Where is the 41MP sensor coming from? It’s an unusual number if Hyetis are not collaborating with Nokia for components.

  • xb

    Well you got to give kudos for Sony in trying to thing out of the box and do something different unlike Samsung. With Samsung I guess they would see which idea works best with the consumer , copy it and then with their massive marketing, wipe out the competition.
    However the fact that you have to carry an extra accessory is a deal breaker, I would rather just bring the camera along. That is the one problem that the Lumia 1020 does solve. The only problem I have with 1020 though is that it has be thrown away after the battery is dead. What a waste of a perfectly good camera!!

    • Good old Sammy Borg.

      • xb

        Actually, wouldn’t it be gross(and cool) if the Sony lens camera can be attached to the eye like Borg eyepiece instead on the phone.

        • JGrove303

          We all must be….assimilated.

    • anon2

      Both Samsung and google’s (nexus)strategies are based on undercutting the competition. There is nothing clever about it.

    • ben

      You never owned 1020, its not even out in Europe. Retard. You speak crap and you think that piece of Sony trash is better or your galaxy flop zoom. Nothing compare to 1020. Mate


    Its kinda like putting racing tyres on a horse-drawn carriage.

  • MF

    We all had a good laugh about how Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is just a Point & Shoot taped to an S4 Mini, figuratively speaking. Well, Sony took that idea too seriously and actually went ahead and taped a camera to a phone, literally speaking!

  • Random Random


    “one device that’s always with you that FITS in your pocket. Perhaps it’ll be a new category where we just bring accessories?”

    That category was already introduced with the Nokia 808.

    How come?

    Simple. It seems that most Nokia fans seem to carry around a tripod just that they will be able to take those nice 2,7 second exposures with the Nokia 808. It almost always comes to that. Nokia fans claiming how having a setting for exposure time is irrelevant because you can use a tripod.

    If you are having a boat trip? Use a tripod! If you are having a night at the bar? Use a tripod! If you are in a taxi and you want to take a picture of the landscape? Yes! Use a tripod!


    Nokia 808 and a tripod. That’s truly a great camera if you only bother to carry around the tripod! I’m glad to admit how Nokia introduced this product category for devices with mandatory accessories.