Video: 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 VS 16MP Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – 1020 WINS! detail of 1020 sensor, unbelievable!

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Ginormously ugly vs 1020

Ginormously ugly vs 1020. 


Here’s Danny Winget comparing the Nokia Lumia 1020 with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. He says that since CAMERA is one of the most important things when it comes to smartphone buying decision these are the ‘two biggest sensors on the market right now’ well, the 1020/808 if you consider the 808 on market. Anyway, here’s the video.

Danny finds that the S4 Zoom looks more like a camera, it doesn’t really look like a phone. That’s probably why Gizmodo found the 1020 to be that Eureka moment where there’s a fantastic camera on a great smartphone which wasn’t a ‘monstrosity’ or as per Engadget’s opinion, the S4 zoom being a ‘messy marriage’ of smartphone and camera. Wasn’t it TechCrunch that dissed PureView and thought the S4 Zoom would be the victor based on that look alone?

The 1020 apparently feels premium in the hand whilst the S4 Zoom is more like a P&S (or PoS? :P) and doesn’t feel as premium.

Unlike the S4, technically as a Droid, the S4 Zoom is a ‘mid range’ device, 4.3″ 540 x 960 dual core vs the 4.5″ 1280×768, also Dual Core (but WP flies on lower specs where as you can still find lag in quadcore droids).

Onto camera

  • 1020 better colour replication than S4 Zoom
  • 1020 better bokeh
  • 1020 can get oversaturated in colours (when it comes to green things though it seems to vary)
  • Photos look better on 1020, much better contrast

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 19.18.50

  • The detail of this 41mp pureview sensor – unbelievable
  • 1020 shots apparently just look better, having a more cinematic look to them

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 19.21.10

  • Low light performance of the 1020 is apparently much better, 1020 picking up vibrant colours where as S4 zoom is overexposed and doesn’t look as good (somewhat dull)

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 19.23.06

  • props to the S4 Zoom for the zoom bit. The only thing really that warrants such a fat device. The zoom is different for both devices, Nokia’s Zoom is zoom reinvented, being able to zoom AFTER you’ve taken the picture (reframe and rezoom as much as you want). You cannot do this on any other device atm.
  • As a whole, Danny feels the 1080p video is better on the 1020.
  • 1020’s OIS is apparently better too.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 19.25.24

  • Finally the pocket test. 1020 fits without a problem. S4 zoom, you apparently definitely will notice the difference because it’s really thick and chunky.
  • Verdict? Depends on what you want but 1020 has more consistent shots, Danny prefers the shots from the 1020 than the S4 Zoom. The 1020 is just that good and makes Danny want to take pictures of thigns he doesn’t usually take pictures of. It’s a great mobile camera.
  • S4 zoom gets a plus for having android and them apps.
  • On checks: Hardware better on 1020, camera better on 1020, screen is better on the 1020 but feels that it is lacking Android.
  • “If I had to pick a winner, I’m gonna pick the Nokia Lumia 1020”


The Nokia Lumia 1020 represents Nokia engineering, to make the best camera experience fit in a phone. The s4 ZOOM just kinda feels lazy. Here’s a camera, let’s put android and call capabilities: bam smartphone. Kudos at least for Sammy to understand the importance of the camera segment and push a competing device out there (that’s what Sammy does best atm, adapting super quickly and flooding the market with what they think will be the next trend).


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  • Mariano

    There is no competitor for 1020. This is just a comparision to let the Android fans know how cheap are the phones they are using

    • iqbal

      my dear friend,have u used samsung zoom.if not please dont dont know the meaning of 1020 gives all fake colors where as samsung zoom gives all natural colors.first study photography then comment.

  • chris wayne

    In the stomach Fagsung!

  • Random Random


    This is like the usual comparisons. Leaving out the real zooming because 1020 can’t beat S4 Zoom on that but actually loses.

    • chris wayne

      Ok, the Zoom beats the lumia in the zoom aspect but what about all the other things?, the 1020 killed it…

      • Random Random

        Sure, but it’s funny to see how the zooming is usually not included because 1020 is just destroyed on that if compared to S4 Zoom.

          • Random Random

            I was referring to the comparisons on the images on this page.

            It was just funny to notice that.

            • Neither was there an image comparing the detail possible in the 41mp image vs the 16mp image. Eh?

              Funny you didn’t notice that.

              • Random Random


                I can start commenting about that if you really want that to happen.

                • ps, already there before you said anything “props to the S4 Zoom for the zoom bit. ”

                  And no thanks on the circular discussion bit 😛 I don’t have the stamina for that like other folks here 🙂

                  • Random Random


                    Comparing the images on pixel level is definitely important for some people.

                    • Mariano

                      Important for some people? Lol

                    • Victor

                      I find strange how all tech reviewers tend to forget that on a GS4Z zoomed photo you get that, a zoomed photo, when on a 1020 photo you get a full res. photo you can zoom unzoom and reframe, this is never mentioned but an incredible advantage of 1020 even without those 10x zooming capabilities.

        • Deaconclgi

          Just how in the 808 versus other phones articles, the Zoom is ALWAYS left out, especially in video. They rarely ever zoom in video yet the say the video capabilities are about the same with the competition.

          Just like when history has repeated itself and in comparisons for the 1020, zoom is left out when comparing it to the competition…..seemingly to keep a “level” comparison.

          Random Random…why so serious??? (in the Joker’s voice)

          You know, we could do what you do, keep up drama, be negative at every turn, never have anything good to say, always having an unpleasing undertone, always trying to steal the joy, ruin the moment, cause contention, stir up strife, go out of your way, to extreme lengths to find fault….BUT

          We choose to be more positive about our technology, our discussions, our life.

          If you don’t agree with my assessment of the content of your character that you display online as Random Random, please examine yourself, your thoughts, feelings and actions because your behavior defines you and if your opinion of yourself differs from what others know of you, you may want to see what disposition it is that you are displaying with your words.

          If so, don’t let your words betray you, do something about it. We may not know your real name or even see your face but your words and the connotations behind them err on the side of negativity more often than not.

          I am in no means telling you to stop commenting as I welcome all respectful conversations but with a pattern of such fault finding, it is sometimes concerning.

          Have a great day and I hope I am mistaken.

          • Random Random


            I make comments about some things I see here and some that I don’t see here. This time it was about something I didn’t see in the pictures.

            About acronyms.

            We have lots of people here in MNB using lots of smileys. Some people even write ROFL and LOL when they feel happy. I bet those people are not really doing that. Especially ROFL seems to be very rare for people to do.

            It’s a choice to claim to do all that. That LOL and ROFL stuff. Just like the opposite is not to crack jokes, use smileys and fill the messages with acronyms.

            Most people probably understand how a ROFL included in a message doesn’t really reflect the exact reality. The opposite to exaggerating happy feelings is apparently much harder to understand. Yes. Doing something differently makes things harder to understand when not everyone is acting the same way.

            I will try to comment next time when someone here in MNB reviews 1020 comparing the video and leaves out the zooming.

            See, that comment was an opposite to using all those smileys and acronyms. Would you like to see the same message covered with those? It would surely look like most people are writing.

            About 1020.

            I have commented about 1020’s zooming abilities. Especially on video. I have very specifically commented how 1020 destroys pretty much every other camera phone what it comes to zooming on video. That happens because of OIS. I have said that several times and even added that 1020 is clearly superior to 808. Destroys. That’s word used quite often here in MNB to show how some product is superior to another.

            I have 808.

            That pretty much tells everyone that I considered it was worth buying. What else should I say about it? Praise it like no one has praised before? When 808 was released some people even commented that 808 might replace star telescopes. Sure, some people would definitely enjoy reading how 808 replaces the Hubble telescope with some PureView magic.

            About the original comment.

            In my comment there was that word. I said it was funny.

            Here in Finland we enjoy something that’s funny. It’s not unpleasant to us. It’s just something that’s funny.

            While presentation is important… Yes. I’m sure you know what’s also important. On the receiving end.

            Then again.

            Just think about it. If I’m considered to be so negative, why I’m announcing to the world that I have bought 808 and I don’t have any intention to sell it?


            Just to keep the character.

          • Random Random

            I was sure I forgot something.

            Quite often what I write somehow reflects the blog post or the message I’m replying to. This time I actually forgot this tiny detail that got my attention in the original post.

            There was this piece of text.

            “Ginormously ugly vs 1020.”

            Yes, my comments quite often reflect the blog post or the message I’m replying to. I’m not always making the most obvious comments.

            Of course I could have commented about the looks of P&S cameras. Asking if they are ugly.

            Someone might have responded that 1020 is considerably slimmer than a typical P&S camera and that’s true. They are used for different tasks by different people.

            Then I could have responded how much slimmer the iPhone is and how people don’t really want to buy 14,5mm thick phones.

            Someone might have commented to that how 1020 is a niche device and someone else would have said how it can read the sensor area so much faster than iPhone.

            We could have had a nice discussion going from looks to the speed of reading the sensor area. Instead I commented the pictures on this page and really did something I have done before several times.

            Only if I had started a discussion about the 14,5mm thickness, how 1020 is a niche device and the speed of the sensor 1020 has. That would have been something different than commenting on the pictures.

            Would you find this comment funny with a dozen of smileys?

    • Sefriol

      You can just forget the zooming capabilities when SG4Z clearly lacks on so many other areas.

      • Random Random


        No one needs zooming.

        I guess that’s why 1020 was marketed with “zooming reinvented”?

        • Ali Abdulla

          the reinvent part is, when u zoom “out” after taking the picture :), which is a simple idea, but effective..
          usually simple solutions are the best :)..

        • 1) You’re harping on about the same thing that the test did not account for zooming. Zooming is one part. Yes?

          2) You clearly did not watch the video if you feel they left out the zoom test. They did this more than once, showing how close you can get with that 10x zoom. The reviewer clearly said that if zoom is important, go for the S4 zoom, for everything else, the 1020 wins.

          3) Zoom reinvented refers to the fact that you zoom AFTER the photo is taken.

          • Random Random


            “Sefriol says:
            August 12, 2013 at 7:51 pm

            You can just forget the zooming capabilities when SG4Z clearly lacks on so many other areas.”

            I was referring to this.

            2) I pointed out that this page on MNB didn’t have comparison photos for that. For some reason or another. Then again, I was not commenting about it in the post you replied to.

            3) Sure, a nice feature. Saving two images where one is the scaled down copy. Really, I consider this as a nice feature. However I have a feeling that if this was marketed by Samsung lots of people would be yelling about how cropping and scaling is an old invention and how Samsung really didn’t invent anything.

            I consider it to be a nice feature. A nice feature doesn’t have to be a completely new invention.

            • There’s a video for you to watch if you’re after the zoom comparisons.

              You’re making it as if it’s about this post when you’ve made the same complaints in every other comparison about the S4 Zoom that reviewers aren’t talking about the zoom enough. Quit backtracking here.

              Cropping and scaling…not new, no.
              What is new? The fact that someone can zoom in, take a photo, decide later to zoom out. What other device does this? Please, right now, link me to a product page of another device that does this.

              • Random Random

                I was referring to this and not the blog post on that message you replied to.

                “Sefriol says:
                August 12, 2013 at 7:51 pm

                You can just forget the zooming capabilities when SG4Z clearly lacks on so many other areas.”

                About cropping and scaling. Making the phone to do that with automation is a nice idea. Without the automation people would have to take a full resolution picture and then make the zoomed image afterwards. Also, without Nokia’s tech people would have to make the zooming back by themselves by discarding the zoomed photo and returning to the original one.

                Yes, it’s a nice feature.

              • CyberAngel

                Please, please, give us “a warning example” and block this troll, will you?!!

                • Random Random


                  I have wrong opinions and wrong opinions should not be allowed?

                  I bet there is just one truth for you and you want to prevent anyone from thinking differently.

          • iqbal

            who says nokia 1020 giving all fake extra natural zoom wins ups & downs.all natural photography and then comment.

    • Random Random is pi$$ed at 1020’s Zoom because he couldn’t find his balls (among with another thing) after 1020’s full zoom. All he found was dirt hole that he is putting everywhere.

  • Mendax

    Hurry up with the world variant, Nokia! Can’t wait to once again have a true cameraphone.

    On a partially related note, I was at a music festival recently and took some videos with the N9. The low light (evening) clips weren’t impressive at all, but the sound reproduction was incredible. I know the N9 doesn’t use true rich recording, but Nokia truly nailed it with that feature.

    • Ali Abdulla

      maybe it got the same mic like the N8, the N8 had beautiful stereo audio recording , liked it more than the camera

      audio recording is SO underrated… Nokia mentions it, but i dont think its marketed enough… forget the concerts, just show a recording of people in the living room or whats not, and compare that to s4/i5 🙂

      • linkin

        i quite agree with you that audio recording is really underrated…and nokia doesnt market it much.the audio recording on my nokia c7 is stiil so superb as that of my xperia arc.

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  • Joe

    “but feels that it is lacking Android.”

    Please stop whining about Lumia devices not having Android. Android sucks. Ugly, unintuitive, laggy, fragmented, and malware-ridden. Besides, who would want to ugly up a beautiful Lumia with that OS?

  • CyberAngel

    Is there anyway to filter out Random trolls?
    They take attention away from the other posts.
    I hate this.
    Bad feelings.
    Poisoned blog…

    • Random Random

      I can change my nick first thing tomorrow.

  • sanecektom

    ok and how do i know if the nokia 1020 samples are oversampling 5MP or full 38MP ????
    excuse my english…

  • Joker

    If anybody don’t think the android looks like sh** on that phone (that’s not a phone), must be brain damaged.

    • CyberAngel

      Must…have…braindamage…that Android looks *beautiful*

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  • shahzaib

    oh please nokia please for god sake deliver these devices with android i really love nokia lumia but only annoying thing is windows…

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  • none

    thanks this helped me decide which one to get, great details!!!