Weekend Watch: Chris Pirillo with Nokia Lumia 1020 influencer pack unboxing

| August 17, 2013 | 10 Replies

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Another one of those Influencer packs from Nokia US made its way to LockerGnome, Chris Pirillo. He’s very open minded about all mobile OSes and already has a few Lumias at hand.


Interestingly he tries to set up the 1020 on camera. Not ideal as he already mentions one of his grips is requiring to log in to a Microsoft account without the phone letting you connect to WiFi first (it works ok if you have a SIM but annoying oversight by MS). You could alternatively SKIP all this after you’ve connected.

Another set back, the camera doesn’t seem to work properly for Chris with regards to flare he’s getting whilst taking pictures with flash. Hopefully he gets some actual use time with the 1020 in various conditions to see what everyone sees about the camera in the 1020.


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  • Arthur Wellesley

    Please, Please tell me he’s really not that stupid!

    Of course you can set up your Windows Phone without even putting in a sim card! I’ve always done it that way AND I just did a 928 and my own 1020.

    2nd his problem with the flash flare. Hmmm I don’t even know where to begin…maybe he should take some basic photography and learn how to do basic flash photography.

    If these bloggers can’t figure out such basic stuff then WTF are they even blogging!?!? They might consider getting into something they might actually be good at.

    I’m sorry for my rant, I’m just tired of blogging idiots.

    • DesR85

      I remember Chris Pirillo during the days when he was the host of TechTV’s (now G4TV) Call for Help shows and the tips on his blog did help a lot when dealing with computer issues I faced a few years ago.

      For a tech geek like him, I am frankly surprised at the way how he is using the L1020 going by your description.

  • Chris Pirillo is a huge Apple fan, and this was evident when he first talked about the 1020 when it get announced.
    He said something about the 41MP camera not being necessary. Which is his opinion and fair enough, but he then said something along the lines of “if Apple and Samsung were doing then ok, but not for the sake of it”.
    He is so used to his beloved Apple never innovating that he doesn’t see why Nokia should actually bring something different (besides 808) to a smartphone.

    • Smileyguy

      Can I like your comment X 1000? 🙂 That is what I have always observed of him. In all fairness, at times he seems like he is going to ‘try’ to be neutral, but then he flops.

      • 1000 likes was much appreciated!
        He is pretty far from naturel. He is also a bit of a sell out, i understand he has to earn money but he used to go on and on at how pointless unboxing videos were, until he realized how many “Likes” they earn and does them all the time now. That’s another thing about him, always begging for Likes.

  • How does changing touch from normal to high help stuttering in scrolling as he mentions?

  • dss

    Its going to be $200 on contract soon ..

    The bottom line seems to be Nokia looses money which leads to Windows Phone market share gains

  • Luiz Claudio

    It’s true, Chris W. this idiot who said that 41 mp were unnecessary. An unnecessary revolution? Who pays attention to what this guy says?

    • I think he is pretty big with a certain heard of sheep! Also 12 year olds.

  • alone89

    he behaves like a dou__e lol
    why didn’t nokia give this phone to LinusTechTip instead