Weekend Watch: Thai Tech Show talks about our Quick Test Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Canon 60D (and accidentally photobombing French TV show)

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Back when the Nokia Lumia 1020 was launched, one of the videos we recorded at the demo floor was a quick test to look at the details the 1020 could capture. The booth was meant to just quickly compare your phone with a competing smartphone. I didn’t have one, but I did have my 60D. It wasn’t meant to be a serious test, clearly not since we weren’t allowed to view the photos on the same screen.

I thought it was worth sharing just to show how amazing it is that phones are coming this far that people would even consider comparing it with a DSLR where as there would have been a time that comparing camera phones with a point and shoot would have been a joke. Some took the comparison too seriously saying it’s not fair on the 60D because it’s old, or that I should have used a more expensive lense, or that I should have compared them on the same screen etc, etc. Legitimate concerns, yes but obviously not what we were going for and not what we could test given the constraints of the conditions that day.

The reason I bring this up because I was watching another 1020 video and saw someone commenting in it that they should look at that comparison video between the 1020 and 60D. When I searched, I saw many copies one of which intrigued me because there’s three guys actually taking the time to discuss the video!

I don’t know what they’re saying, if they’re bashing the test conditions because it’s not a fair test or whatever (totally understandable) but I just found it entertaining that someone would do that.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 21.24.55

I don’t even recall if I clicked on the reframe button that let’s you look at the full sized pic properly or if I was just zooming in to the 5mp version.

Does anyone have more details of where this was originally uploaded? What the show was about? What they say?

On the subject of odd appearances, this was also shared with us around the launch of the 1020 but we didnt get to post it. Julie from is on there but look who else accidentally appears in the background. (Cheers fnts101!)


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