HTC cancels GDR2 update for HTC 8X? – Nokia continues to support Lumia with updates

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Even though the Devices and Services portion of Nokia will soon belong to MS, Nokia will maintain support for these devices regardless. There should be no visible transition for the end user up until the point that MS is in charge.

We could all hope that updates would come quicker (and less at the mercy of carriers/networks) once Nokia is under the full MS hands but it’s not guaranteed. E.g. Google’s Moto X didn’t come with the latest version of Android like the Nexus counterpart would as a new device (perhaps we shall see some Nexus version with the new Lumias? Surface Phone? :/)

WMPU reckons it might be HTC throwing a hissy fit over the Microsoft-Nokia deal or it could be some other innocent reason (like they’re just dreadful at supporting devices?).

This is just from Voda Australia though. It could have cancelled just to skip to GDR3? Here’s what’s coming on the Lumia side.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 07.13.53

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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