Microsoft-Nokia brand bests Google-Motorola says branding consultancy Kontera.

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According to branding consultancy Kontera, the MS purchase of Nokia’s handset division is a much better deal than the google one (duh) with the Nokia brand being significantly stronger that Motorola.

I don’t know about you, but for some they’re not a fan of MS using the Nokia brand, and it appears you’re going to get your wish on the smartphone side. I for one recognize the global Nokia brand as having power.

In a nutshell, Nokia is a significantly stronger global brand. It has tremendous recognition value, and that brand strength is a spark that can translate into sales and market share, given strong products and distribution channel

Yes in certain places it isn’t as good as it used to be (thought of as old/throw away candybars) but it most places, the name itself means something trustyworthy, something awesome, a whole reason to consider it above the competition. You’d think that MS would want to keep such a selling point (especially since the Nokia hardware speaks for itself, and more so when MS get their asses in gear and improve WP where it needs to be to tick those hardware box check lists) but this is MS and they don’t really choose things based on common sense.

Could Lumia really do well enough on its own? The Microsoft brand really isn’t something that ‘sells’ a product. Perhaps what it does, when it does it well can, but not ‘Microsoft’. e.g. “Xbox”. I remember a BBC documentary looking at the power of brands (Nokia was mentioned too) and they surprised the British public when they realised who actually made the Xbox. The ‘uncool’ Microsoft.

A funny bit at the end where they suggest Google to buy Samsung. Even the chunk of the mobile division of Samsung is possibly not attainable to even the likes of Google.

Source: USAtoday

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