What if: Windows 8 Pro – on phones?

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I was thinking about the above device last night, the Dell Venue 8 Pro. It’s an 8″ quadcore tablet with Windows 8.1 – and not the RT version it seems since this is a Quadcore Intel Atom tablet.

With smartphones encroaching on the tablet space, some people may not mind going for that large tablet replacement sized phone for their all in one.

I was just thinking what it would be like if my main phone had this kind of experience. It has the familiar tiles and layout of WP due to W8’s consistent theme, but the option and power of the full windows too (even hooking up over HDMI or wireless HDMI perhaps?) when needed. The screen is 8″ and already that might be too small  for some to press the regular old windows control, but within the Metro environment this size and smaller works. This device also features a stylus when you are using the desktop mode. Real PC, real Windows, real desktop apps (limited now by the processing power).

The only thing that disappoints with this device specifically is the 1280×800 screen. Reviews have been kinder but you’d be expecting 1080p now that much smaller phones have that. I still remember being told 1080p wouldn’t be good on my 17″ laptop as that was way too much. Haha. But still, that’s an option for future devices to have sharper displays. iPad mini has a 7.9″ display at 2048×1536. But perhaps that will aid in balancing performance and battery life? (10 hours supposedly for this small windows tablet – I’m not mentioning the name all that much because this post isn’t about this specific device but the prospect of this form factor and this power.

I’m oddly interested in this type of tablet more so than any other. I’m bored of my iPad. Android tablets interest me less. The only other one I might have looked at was the Lumia 2520 but that mainly being Nokia’s first large tablet. The RT bit still bugs me though I have no experience of RT or what I could do or what my limitations would be. I think it would be nice just having full windows from the get go.

PC, tablet, phone, all in one device which could happily go and connect to other devices (like the TV) to adapt to different experiences. Properly blogging/uni work on the go.

The joy of the possibility of having the PC in your pocket I last felt when I had my N900.


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