Accessory Review: Lumia 1520 Wallet Flip Case

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Our friends over at Mobilefun sent us a neat little case to keep our Lumia 1520 safe sound (to avoid any nasty cracked screens); they hooked us up with the “Capdase Sider Baco Folder Case for Nokia Lumia 1520“. The case is essentially a flip case for the 1520 that also triples out as a stand for the phone, as well as a wallet (with 3 card slots).

The case has a nice premium feel for it, and provides a decent amount of protection to the 1520, to keep your mind at ease. The back of the case also props out, acting as a stand for the phone in case you want to watch something, quite useful when using a 6 inch phone I might add. And in the interest of being multi-purpose, the case also has 3 slots for cards in it; which might save you the hassle of carrying a wallet if you’re into that sort of thing (I myself am a wallet man).

The case has a nice plastic housing on the inside to hold the 1520 in place, and act as a second layer of protection, which surprisingly doesn’t add much thickness to the phone; a good thing of course. The front of the case is held shut by two tiny suction cups which close down on the screen, personally this was the only thing I didn’t like with the case as I felt there wasn’t much need for those cups sticking onto my screen (I was afraid they’d eventually leave a little ring marking where they snap shut); I personally would’ve preferred a case without those, or perhaps a sort of magnet action.

All in all it’s a pretty sweet case, and if you’re looking for a wallet case that also flips out as a stand be sure to check this one out; you can grab it at the Mobilefun store for $32 at the link below:

Also be sure to check out the rest of their available cases for the Lumia 1520 below:


DSC05026 DSC05027 DSC05023 DSC05016 DSC05014 DSC05013 DSC05010
DSC05006 DSC05005 DSC05004 DSC04999






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