Nokia Lumia 1520 video stuttering/skipping/audio issues? Nokia Camera issues or MicroSD problems? (update, microSD)

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Update: so it is a bit easier to switch from saving to phone memory or card. Doesn’t cause any issues that I feared. It turns out that the class 10 Sandisk ultra card may be the issue.

On the weekend I had a chance to play about with the 1520’s camera a bit more. Perhaps I shouldn’t have given that the 1520’s screen was just recently damaged  in a way that any slight movement caused it to press buttons, scroll erratically or exit apps randomly. At the time, I assumed that when videos I played slightly stuttered or skipped I thought it was due to that.

Oddly this week, the screen started behaving again and despite the cosmetic screen damage, I’ve been really enjoying using the 1520.

  • Huge screen for viewing/reading/taking pictures/watching videos
  • Oddly I find the bigger keyboard even comfier to type on
  • Epic battery life. Everything on, even hotspot. Whole day and more on heavy use.
  • Great camera.
  • Bigge screen, bigger wallet accessory, more cards to fit :p
  • A few other things…

Anyway, in the video unboxing yesterday, I noticed the stuttering again. It skipped some frames and then eventually the audio became garbage as it was lost and out of sync.

The same happened again. Was it either:

  • Damage to the device?
  • Something wrong with the MicroSD?
  • Nokia Camera App?

I tried to record on the default WP camera app and that seemed a lot better (in that the video and audio are ok. There’s no zooming, or stereo audio) Though WP camera is recording at lower bitrates than the Nokia Camera app, right? I’m hoping it’s more due to the app than the MicroSD card I recently got (I have misplaced the packaging as it was just one of those frustration free ones from Amazon).

I’ve seen a few threads online where folks are mentioning issues like this with their MicroSD (as they’ve been sent some faulty/fake Sandisk cards). I also read some comments that mention the issue was also on their 1020, suggesting something to do with Nokia Camera.

I’m not 100% sure what the issue is. I could take out the MicroSD card and film again with the 1520 but I’m not sure how stable it is in handling MicroSD cards. I’ll try later after Uni. The 1520 is going to be sent in for repair btw so I might not have it with me to test for a few days.



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