MNB RG: WP8.1 dev preview shortcomings and (some) solutions!

| April 17, 2014 | 49 Replies


Whilst there are some awesome new changes in the dev-preview for WP8.1, there are also some niggles.

For example, my email stopped working (but that was due to the date suddenly changing. This time reset did not happen when my friends updated their 620/1320 or when I updated the 1020/920).

G_Gus shared a few more tips, most of which have some solutions (

Complaint: Keyboard lacks comma.
Solution: go to settings > Keyboard > Advanced > Tick the “Show a comma key when available”. (or hold dot to show more punctation, or hold &123 and swipe to the comma)

Complaint: Glance screen doesn’t show any icons. It only shows the time.
Solution: Go to Settings and disable / re-enable glance.

Complaint: Photos Live Tile shows any photo, not just favorites.
Solution: open Photos, tap the dots on the bottom, and configure live tile via settings.

Complaint: Games are listed together in the App list.
Solution: no solution as of now, sorry!

Complaint: I can’t use the Me tile to update my twitter and facebook status at the same time.
Solution: no solution as of now, sorry!

Complaint: FB removed from People Hub
Solution: no solution as of now, sorry!

Complaint: No more easy way to switch between silent and ring mode in the volume menu
Solution: use volume rocker, then hit the small arrow that appear. everything is in there.

Complaint: Battery drain!
Solution: just wait, many many apps are being upgraded in the background because of 8.1. in a day or two, it’ll be back to normal

Complaint: No more FB Messaging integrated in the default messages app.
Solution: no solution. We have to hope and wait for Unified FB App, that will be possible because of 8.1 updates to the underlying system.

Complaint: Xbox Music so slow. It’s also ugly.
Solution: Wait until all of your music gets imported. It may take a long while. For the ugliness, sorry but no solution!


Some of my own “complains”

Complaint: Background tasks no longer in settings

Solution: It’s in the Battery Saver settings. A lot of apps have permission to run in the background that aren’t really that useful, so I’ve turned them off

Complaint: The settings menu is still in an awful order

Solution: None really. Just whine to Joe Belfiore on twitter perhaps.

Complaint: Cortana needs a few more actions. Yes, still in beta, but still…


Cheers G_Gus for the tip!


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