PureView PureWin; Ultrapixel UltraFail (Nokia EYE vs HTC Eye)

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Remember when HTC dissed Nokia 808 PureView as a gimmick, touting that HTC imaging would actually deliver on imaging? (Especially when all HTC’s previous cameras were potato based and Nokia actually had a history of producing great imaging).

Now, fast forward to the point where PureView phones constantly being heralded as the best in quality imaging (808/1020, even 1520 depending on competing devices) and then HTC One being a great phone (which kudos where it’s due, it is) EXCEPT the camera. It’s always “except the camera” because ultra pixel is ultrafail.

To address the whole 4MP is all you need failure, HTC are apparently going to jump up again in MP, by bringing a 13MP “EYE” version. Would there be a bump? Eye sounds Nokia like in the way the hump resembles a singular cyclops eye.

Yes it’s not about the pixels. There’s other things involved too. But HTC pretty much just tried to go too far in the other direction without actually providing sufficient positives.

Nokia, whilst bringing 41MP also brought an insane sensor so we have large pixels too, but on top of this, they used all the data from as much as 7 surrounding pixels to create a ‘perfect/super pixel’ with over sampling (not to mention, the option for ‘lossless zooming’ and getting pictures from inside a picture). Nokia actually was targeting quality and all the independent tests prove they went the right path as it was showered with praises? HTC, for all the prodding got no where with this ‘ultrapixel’, rather making imaging specific brand names something to be treated with suspicion.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 23.00.26


This rant isn’t about the phone, it isn’t about the HTC Camera (it’s decent enough I guess). It was about the promise both by HTC and Nokia with their respective UltraPixel and PureView. One failed, and that was HTC, the one that dissed Nokia’s PureView.

Whilst PureView and its various iterations (Oversampling, OIS, combined) we’re looking forward for a successor to the 1020 so we can extend that lead in imaging further (some say others have caught up. Well it depends in what parameters you look).

Nokia EYE

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