Just how fast is the camera with denim boosts? Denim vs Cyan, Nokia Lumia 1520, 930, 1020

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Are you on Lumia Denim with the latest Lumia Camera update?

These two videos show just how fast Lumia Camera with denim starts up so you’re less likely to miss a shot.

The first video shows the Nokia Lumia 1520 (denim) against the Nokia Lumia 930 (cyan). Different devices but essentially similar under the hood. The only thing that could potentially differ in camera performance is an under performing memory card in the 1520 but otherwise, if set to saving on phone memory things should be identical.

In the time it takes to lift their finger from starting the camera, the 1520 has already started. The 930 is a few seconds behind. This is repeated to show it’s not a one off.

The second video is a different scenario. Older model, the 1020 which has to deal with 41MP. Picture processing isn’t shown (in terms of shot to shot time) just start up but I do find that the 1020 opens slower than say the 925 or 920.

Note that the 1520 is a quadcore high end 2.3GHz beast. The 1020 is running two cores, at 1.5GHz.

Great results. Hopefully the 1020 could see some improvements in future updates.

I’m really pleased that the Lumia team addressed this issue (either knowing it internally or responding to user requests).

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