Lumia 1030? Nokia Lumia 1020 successor? Similar to McLaren…? #LumiaFlagship

| July 2, 2015 | 26 Replies

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A self proclaimed Lumia 1030 bezel was recently leaked. Should we be excited?

Rubino at WC as per usual has his suspicions, postulating that this might be an old picture of McLaren since that device will be no more. As far as he’s aware, there is no 1030.

The leaker however seems adamant that this is for the 1020 successor, whether it would be called 1030 or otherwise, this is supposedly next in line after 1020. Now for 1030 you could argue that it doesn’t necessarily have to be camera focused in lineage but to call something a 1020 ‘successor’ implies a camera flagship.

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OnLeaks says he used the McLaren hashtag NOT because it’s McLaren but because it was very similar.

The new flagship Lumia has to show off continuum feature in Windows 10 (Requiring new hardware) and there may be too many doubts in the implementation and usefulness of 3D touch for McLaren to exist.

There’s an exchange between Rubino and OnLeaks…

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The GodFather of leaks @evleaks steps in, replies to original first tweet…

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Though hopefully this was merely in regards to name rather than it being a piece from the next Lumia flagship

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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