400,000 Preorders in 2 days for Nokia 6?

| January 13, 2017 | 12 Replies

Call me jaded but I’m a bit cautious with these kind of reports given the amazing claims of sales we had regarding those Lumias of yesteryears.

If true, there’s a lot of power in the brand and some might say, imagine what things from February 2011 might have been like if a slightly stronger Nokia went full force on Android. But it is what it is and Nokia/HMD has acquired different strengths. Some might argue that they might be a little more agile now.


400K in 2 days is good, especially given it’s limited in China only. True success is whether this can be sustained and whether this can be repeated in the global market.

Sources are in Chinese and I’m going from the jist that @belon1986 tweeted.

Update: stipe1906 suggests the real figure seems closer to 10K. Seems more realistic.

Source: jd

Via: (@belon1986)


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  • Arthur

    My take on it all is that the problem with the Lumias was never Nokia as a brand or if you took the hardware away from the OS which was great for the time especially the flagships. It was always the Windows OS that kept sales and customers away. For years now apps have been one of the biggest differentiators for the average buyer and so many have come to rely on a certain set of apps to always be there and that sort of confidence and reliance has never been there with Windows Mobile/Windows Phone so regardless how much they love Nokia as a brand or how great the hardware is, it’s irrelevant if you can’t go about your day to day business.

    400,000 in 2 days is very good especially in a market like China where the low to mid range phone market is extremely competitive, tenfold over the US and Europe combined so that’s great news for the Nokia brand as a whole. Just hope the Nokia 8 rumors are true with it being basically one of Qualcomm’s reference devices, if so it is set to be one of the powerhouse devices of 2017 with a few trademark Nokia tweaks like that OIS in the camera system.

    • Jay Montano

      True, the OS on Lumia did make it difficult to sell because it just never had the apps as people needed it. Even to this day it’s painful to come across posts on forums about a regular app available everywhere that ‘might’ come to windows phone. Might?! Such a shame.

      Really good hardware otherwise.

      • Jiipee

        Also, they had two majo rewrites of the system, it took ages before WP was globally localized (China crashed), wearables strategy didnt seem to exist and Nokia didnt have tools to develop own features to the paltform.

    • Matthew Paul

      You’re absolutely right.

      If it wasn’t for Nokia Windows Phone would have died back in 2011.

      Nokia pushed Windows Phone to over 10% market share in a number of countries and ended up commanding 98% of the Windows Phone market.

      I think part of the reason Windows Phone’s and Lumia’s have waned so dramatically is because Microsoft removed the Nokia branding and marketing as well as not launching the Mclaren.

  • Jay, 450k are not real preorders, but bookings (only via mail, and for a chance to win prices). allowed only about 10K real preorders for 66CNY for Nokia 6.

    • Jay Montano

      Cheers, updated!

    • asd

      Any idea if this is supposed to be more of a flash sale type of a thing with only a limited amount available at a time, or one where once it goes on sale there is no limit on how many are avaiable for order?

      That 10K would suggest a flash sale, which would be what some new Chinese companies have done and what the Chinese high-ish end tech customers are used to. It also seemed to work reasonably well for N1. Compared to N1’s 20K batches, which they I guess sold couple of, 10K seems to be a bit small but maybe when it goes on sale there will be more. On the other hand, if they are looking for an actual launch, it might make sense to just have unlimited orders, or just limited by the production capacity. Considering N1’s sales, or that what we know of them, that this is a phone instead of a tablet, and that it’s Chinese New Year, I would not be at all surprised if the actual sales, once available, would soon go over this “registration of interest” amount.

      • I’m not sure… Not familiar with those sales tactics… Could be a flash sale on the 19th with 10K prioritized buyers (who paid 66CNY), and the rest who registered (on the principle who clicks first buys the phone) for a limited number of Devices, but really don’t know. I agree with the unlimited or production limited part, but we’ll have to wait for the 19th to be certain.

  • misterstu

    Hi jayded.

  • A Cave

    Hi Jaded (you asked us to call you so), secondly, I love the “it’s not possible because it’s not iPhone or Galaxy SX” reaction on the tech blogs. They cannot believe that someone else can rake up numbers of interest or purchases. I personally for one wish they sell out by the millions and millions , then the Nokia 8 comes out and basically swamp the market, serves the duopoly minded brand loyalist right. Nokia might not be back with their old OS (long dead), or mr preference (Qt software), but the king of quality low, middle and high end device seems to be making a come back. I wish them at least 100 million devices sales between 2017 and 2018, let’s take some of the pressure off of Apple and Samsung. Share the love LOL LOL, this is going to be awesome !