Nokia 8 image on listing is concept image

| February 20, 2017 | 15 Replies

There are posts going around suggesting the Nokia 8 as a listed product on where Nokia 6 is genuinely on sale.

Whilst this could be an actual listing, the image used here is from ConceptCreator (see below).


Currently the listing has been removed but the images are still present:

The news going around suggests that whilst it may have originally been destined for the SD835, Sammy snapped up all the initial batches so the Nokia 8 might have the SD 821 instead. Other expected features are those demoed by the ‘Qualcomm’ reference device, e.g. that super electronic image stabilisation feature.


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  • flotron

    I understand that there won’t be any high end Nokia. Only Nokia 3 and others below Nokia 6

    • Systematic Systematic

      High end Nokia should be with Sailfish as just the Sailfish allows for endless possibilities. e.g. look at this (this shows some upgrades from recent Sailfish 2.0, shows how Sailfish i running) (a little older, so now Sailfish 2.0 is much further developed, but this shows IMHO essentials of Sailfish multitasking what is not easy, at second half of video).
      Note that those phones are not from Jolla but from other vendors who decided to use Sailfish and due to better OS to have advantage on competitive market over Android. Sailfish OS makes significant difference! And the most important: Sailfish does not limits Nokia in creation of high end Nokia device. And additionally allows to launch Android apps together with Sailfish apps, just thanks to real time multitasking they can be used together, at the same time.

      aND btw: you can see Sailfish “silicas” from which Windows has taken idea of “live tails” – yes, exactly Sailfish did it, and did it first and better.

      • Joe_HTH

        Give it up. If Windows Phone with a massive corporation like Microsoft can’t gain any traction, Sailfish has no hope in hell. Nobody would buy the thing. You keep touting Sailfish and it is dead. You can’t even call it DOA because it never arrived.

        • Systematic Systematic

          Just contrary. Windows Phone was unwanted FUBAR, an zombie artificially kept alive with M$ money. In fact I think that was/is unfair competition. But Sailfish if you would pay more attention is successful in India, Russia, Europe also. There are also other countries in progress. Whatever to say Sailfish is far from dead and growing. Slowly but continuously. And note it is w/o even a friction of money wasted for Windows promotion. Why? Because this is alive and demanded Linux OS. Even if you would repeat next 1000 times “it is dead” it will not kill it, simply just because common users like it. I have hear “Jolla / Sailfish OS is dead dozen times” and it never happened. Jolla and Sailfish now have 5 years already and is doing well. Think it over.

  • SIMO

    Any chance Nokia releases an updated N1? That thing seems to have been abandoned. I’d love another 8″ tablet from Nokia, this time running Nougat.

    • I don’t think they will put their resources on an Android tablet as of now. The first Nokia tablet that might come could be running on Windows 10.

      • SIMO

        Interesting, never even considered Windows as a possibility. For the awkward factor if nothing else lol. Would make sense as a productivity tablet. Android has improved on the tablet front with Nougat though… especially with multi-window view.

        I’d just buy the N1 if wasn’t abandoned :-/. Don’t think it got a single update past Android 5.1.

      • zlutor

        if they have any common sense left they never ever produce anything being related to any kind of windows, not even wipers… 😉

        Nokia and Windows – hell no!
        [unless M$ pays some amount needed seven digits, in USD…]

        • Windows 10 on tablet is much better than Android. Nokia gave a hint about a possible windows device in january on their weibo account

        • SIMO

          It was an odd choice for processor though. I wanted to buy an N1 but apparently plenty of apps don’t even work on it, including Instagram, Verizon FiOS, even Twitter I hear. That’s a real shame. I was looking forward to getting one.

          • zlutor

            I cannot comment – I used it for testing purposes for our solution. it was smooth, nice and shiny as a device…

            Since it is based on Intel processor, native ARM apps does not run…

    this is the phone they were teasing by using N Series branding and Nokia N95. It doesn’t even come close to N-Series lol

    • zlutor


      releasing a phone with name N5 one week before Nokia launch, with slogan “N-series, once again” – well… 🙁

      not to mention, better spec for less money, if compared with Nokia 6…

      • 360 is the name of that company. Most of the people haven’t heard about them. They are not a threat to our Nokia 🙂