Quest for the N: The search for the N begins here…

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I just got back from London, after an interesting trip to the cinema with courtesy of the WOMWorld crew (Donna, Robbie and Kate). It was all very secretive, no details were given as to what it was for even on the day and during the dinner when everyone met. The whole cinema thing got some speculation by James Burland and Christian Haslam that it could be Nokia’s Movie Store/Theatre – it did seem the most apt purpose for bringing bloggers all the way out to London and booking a private theatre.

But no. It was actually something better.

It was the search for the N…

What we (Christian Haslam, Ben Smith and Richard Siddle) actually watched at the cinema was this clip below; much overlooked as it got leaked last week as just a passing advert for the Nokia N97.


Afterwards, we were given a goody bag (last bit of the video), containing:

  • “The Search for the N begins here…” shirt and stickers
  • Pop corn bag containing an insanely tasty selection of pick and mix sweets 😀
  • A big N chocolate bar.
  • Most importantly though, take note of the black sheet of paper.

Seems we may need the expertise of Robert Langdon to decipher any clues hidden in this text.

Here’s the exciting bit.

  • Seven “Ns” have been hidden across the UK.
  • Over the two weeks of this campaign, clues will unfold which will give YOU a chance to find them.
  • Next week, three other bloggers and I will receive the first clue by signed delivery. Imagine ” The Da Vinci Code” but instead, the mission is to find the N.
  • You find the N, and you keep it. 🙂

It’s gonna be quite exciting. Apart from the team that set up this quest, no one knows where the N are hidden or how to find them. For all you know, it’s hidden in your back garden right now. Or at your work place. Or in your Cinema. Or in your favourite restaurant.  It could be anywhere.

To narrow down your search, you have to keep an eye on the clues that will spring up over the next couple of weeks.

The first clue will arrive as a parcel, which the WOM team were pretty adamant on being received within a very precise time frame, like literally within a 2 hour window.

Some speculations – none of this is definite:

– The campaign to find the N may coincide with the actual release of the N97 to the public. So when the 7 Ns are found, as will the  N97s for the general public. First week of June for the UK? Around 5th? 🙂

– N may mark the spot. i.e. the location of the N may be hidden in Ovi maps.

– N may not be physically there right now, but may appear as soon as the clues do.


Happy Hunting! 😀


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