How To: Play Nokia Snake Inside a YouTube Video

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Here’s something weird and neat. I’m sure you see all the time on YouTube video comments, silly instructions telling you to press this or comment certain words and something happens, or you’ve got to do something to prevent your imminent death because you read a comment.

Aaanyway, I actually tried one that said you could play the Nokia Snake Game in the YouTube video (btw, this one is where at the end of a BasketBall game some kid turns around, chucks the ball backwards and scores – real/fake – doesn’t matter) and it oddly works. You’ll get this 8 beaded snake (it was the load icon, no?) which you can control with your keyboard. Don’t let it go off the video though cos the snake will die (Snake I rules:p)Like in the Snake rules, you have to find the food. Each piece you eat makes the snake longer. Don’t make the snake make contact with itself either.

Snake was (is it still?) one of the most popular games of all time (due to the sheer number of Nokia devices selling with it built in). It still comes back now and again, updated in 3D or classic homage style. Like this one on the N8.

How do you activate it? Well, at a youtube video

1. Move the time line somewhere with the mouse

2. Hold the left arrow

3. Whilst holding the left arrow key, press the up button

4. Have fun playing SNAKE!!!!!

This isn’t new. I think it was noted back July last year and may have been there for much longer. But we’ve not posted about it and I’m on a study break (originally written at 2am), reading about google yanking h.264 out of Chrome in support of WebM (VP8 codec given a big boost by Adobe Flash ).

Odd that there’s dropping of the “not so open” h.264 for the proprietary Adobe Flash. Just something to have a one up on iOS and their flat out refusal for Flash? It’s possibly more for legacy reasons. Chrome doesn’t just support Flash. It has Flash baked in to the browser (for now), and not supporting it wouldn’t be “the whole internet experience” as Jobs would have us believe. I have my own frustrations with Flash (more that it randomly causes my desktop browser to freeze), for the time being whilst there’s no other real alternative, I’d like to be able to see content made with it.


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