Nokia X7 official photos – coming to AT&T as soon as the end of January?

| January 14, 2011 | 44 Replies

The folks at PocketNow say that the Leaked Nokia X7 rumoured to be coming to AT&T may come the the network as soon as the end of this month. That’s before another rumoured announcement at MWC in February.

The post comes with some official looking photos of the device in all around view that I haven’t seen before. It looks to sport a very classy brushed aluminium look surprisingly seen in the likes of the Nokia X3-02.

Last week,Bharadwaj reported that the X7 may come with some sound advantage, 135% louder than the already very loud X6

Rumoured, most likely made out of thin air specs of the X7 are as follows:

  • A whooping 512 mb graphics card just like ur pc have
  • has 4 speakers(first mobile to have 4 speaker with woofer sound)
  • gorilla glass scratch resistant capactive multitouch amoled cbd screen 680*340
  • water resistant metal casing stainless steel with thermoplastic body
  • 350mb ram
  • flash 10.1
  • gyro sensor
  • magnetic compass
  • 700mhz arm 11 processor
  • hdmi port << lol, where?
  • usb otg
  • 8mp camera with 720@30fps hd video recording
  • play all types of audio files(like mp3,aac,aac+,wma 9 and 10,ogg,exe,wav,amr,cbd,avc,msf etc)
  • and video files((like avi,mp4,mpeg4,asf,3gp,3gpp2,3gpp +,h.263,h.264,flv,mkv(dvd format),mov(handycam,digital camera video use this),m1v,m4v,mkv etc))two microphone, active noise cancellation
  • 2mp secondary camera
  • dolby digital 5.1 channel
  • 1 gb rom for massive s^4 update
  • massive 32gb internal memory
  • 6 homescreens
  • usb charging
  • wi-fi with b/g/n and upnp technology
  • remote locking
  • fm transmitter
  • bluetooth v 3.0
  • hspda 14 mbps and hspa 5.76 mbps
  • 1500mah battery
  • nfc chip
  • act as broadband modem, wi fi hotspot
  • universal remote controller
  • and finally with 50+updated s^3 os.

Good luck to the X7 in trying to get a foot in on US soil. Shame the Nokia N8 couldn’t be enjoyed on subsidized contracts over there.

Cheers for the eads up Keith!



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  • chfyfx

    no HDMI… what a bummer… is this modification required by AT&T

    • Doug

      Unbranded X7 didn’t have HDMI either. It’s probably a feature reserved for Eseries and Nseries.

  • Eero

    Could be a real nice phone. Is that black plastic thing at the top a power button or a hidden port for something, perhaps that hdmi??

    • Doug

      Looks to be the power button.

  • murble

    Its not bad looking. This would be nokia’s first change at getting the newest Symbian into the hands of North American buyers who are used to picking the phones up cheap on contract. Because of that, I would expect it to be released after PR1.1 or PR2.0.

    First impressions are everything, and I am sure they want people to be blown away.

  • xyz

    Does that screenshot imply it has 4 homescreens? Is it a offical feature of PR1.1 / PR2.0?

    • Jumojn

      Thats should be PR2.0

      • alex68

        No, don’t think so. It is just an AT&T variant…

        • J.Gray

          It may really be the PR 2.0. It’s been rumoured.

        • alex68

          I meant 4 homescreens won’t become a standard feature for symbian 3.

          • Cod3rror

            That’s too bad, hoped for 4 or maybe even 6 homescreens.

            What other features will PR2.0 have other than Swype, portrait QWERTY, split screen keyboard input and a new browser?

          • alex68

            It should have updates for email box, camera, homescreen, animation effects…

            After 1.1 release, I may be able to tell. I have not seen or tested it for about 2 months and a lot of new things added already for sure…

          • Cod3rror

            Cool, thanks Alex!

          • sandandan

            I have disabled even the 3rd homescreen from my C7. Much nicer to use that way.

  • Guest

    I like it when the background to the clock and other things are clear as shown. It looks much more modern.

  • visitor

    Huuh, what a bad boy ! Be mine !!!

  • Newtype

    Looks decent, but I’m not feeling the large AT&T logo.

    Also, anyone know if this will have an AF camera? I have a feeling it won’t..

  • Cod3rror

    Actually, except for “512 mb graphics card” the other specs look very believable.

  • Donb

    Nokia and AT&T may be ready to relaese the X7. Today on they put the Nokia unlocked X6 on sale for $149 if you trade in a phone, plus you get the trade-in value. The old sales price was $279. Must want to get rid of the old phones.

  • Adriano

    Muito bom mesmo adorei , tomara que venha logo.
    Assim as vezes eles melhoram o nosso nokia N8.

  • Average Joe

    How come it has a CE mark if it is to be sold only in the USA?

  • deep space bar

    hey alex68 any scoop on what’s to come on 1.2 – 2.0 ?

    we would like to get some thing

    • alex68

      Not sure yet. Don’t want to talk about it for now …

  • Is it come to the other operators?

  • deep space bar

    At&t runs on 850/1900
    so yes if your providers/carrier
    supports 850/1900 then your good i guess

    • Guest

      Nokia N8 has GSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 and
      WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100 I would be surprised if it is different for the X7.

    • alex68

      Theoretically and technically yes. But there are customed applications for AT&T might be annoying or not practical for non AT&T and non American users …

  • yiannis smile :)

    So it’s only for america? or is it coming to europe and other parts of the world too?

    • Doug

      It’ll be coming to the rest of the world as well.

      • yiannis smile :)

        thanks 🙂

      • alex68

        Really, are you sure? Where did you get this info?

        • deep space bar

          so to clear things up alex68

          PR1.1 -will have minor changes(transition speeds and smoother animations…etc)

          PR1.2- more noticeable changes more(better sound quality,subtitles support,smoother video capturing,uncompressed picture/video files..ect

          PR2.0 the massive UI overhaul

          PR1.1 performance
          PR1.2 apps
          PR2.0 UI

          is that it?

        • Doug

          Been watching Nokia for years. They’ve never introduced a phone in this market and not released it worldwide. Remember the Surge aka the 6790? That got a worldwide release not too long after as the 6760 Slide.

  • Guest

    I really like the design of X7.

  • Zahid

    hey guys have you noticed there is no lock slider key
    and the microSD slot and sim slot covers looks like the one in iphone 4 i.e. you have to use a pin for opening the covers.

    if it really has four speakers and a four inc display and priced like c7 (unlocked) i will surely buy it but e6 looks great too

    • Jay Montano

      Memory card mechanism may hinge open like N8 or slide out like e7

      Interesting though with the lack of screen lock switch.
      There’s two slots on the left, one is for memory, perhaps other is sim (unless they both go in the same place) which could leave some kind of lock button as seen in the X3-02

      • deep space bar

        take a look a the black button on the top right

        that might be something for sure

        power button/lock switch via timed button press or something like that

        • Zahid

          @jay the slots are narrow and i think they are separate for both sim and micro sd
          btw thanks for the link

          @ deep u may be right
          lets see

          • Johnny Tremaine

            So February won’t bring the promised new browser update?

            All of a sudden, that’s no longer being mentioned.

  • n-user

    It got a kick stand too right? Look a lot like Samsung Wave both spec and design, lets hope it got AF camera this time… 512 MB graphics REALLY?:)

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  • alex68

    This rumor is groundless and total of no clue at all.
    According to my sources, the development of X7 is ahead of its schedule and has just been approved…

    That’s why when people asked me about the software version for X7 release, I replied “I am not sure about it and I don’t want to talk about it for now”. It seemed some rumor lover and maker interpreted my saying according to his dark mind and will…

    I simply can not believe it unless something really strange or sudden happened that I am yet not aware of at all…

    • alex68

      Ooops, a wrong post…

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