Pic: A new Nokia again? Symbian, MeeGo or Windows Phone?

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Ah, cappuccino art. What better way to start the day than with arty coffee. This photo above comes courtesy of dear Eldar. It was getting some attention on my twitterfeed, RT by Andre/Camb078/MickyFin/_Nexus etc. UPDATE: It’s an acer iconia smart says momchil.

No, its not their passion for cocoa powder horses. It’s this thing that sneaked in the top left.

There’s no branding to say it’s Nokia but the design is very Nokia. UPDATE: It’s an acer iconia smart says momchil.

  • Swooping tapering curves at edges
  • Curved back like the Nokia x7 (not the x7 as it doesn’t have those grills)
  • Is it a Nokia? Symbian, Windows Phone or Harmattan/MeeGo?
  • Rumours suggest that Nokia’s Windows Phones W7, and W8 have designs similar to X7 and N8. Again note, rumour.

Of the two concepts Nokia’s revealed for Windows Phone, this looks the closest. But there’s no metal rim around the edges. Something like photo below was apparently seen in the hands of Elop on Saturday, ““The device looked quite the same as in the photos they used in the launch event”

And something else on the right. Unless this is what the guys were on about.

via Eldar

Whilst we’re on the subject of Eldar and possible Windows Phones from Nokia, Eldar has a lovely article for us titled:

W means Windows – the first Nokia phone to WP7

Here, with the help of g-translator (which I dunno, has become somewhat more difficult over the years) has Eldar talking about Nokia’s strategies with Windows Phone (possible prototyles), and with Symbian.

  • Second Gen Symbian handsets in October. With hardware/performance boosts that are noticable (15-20%) but not ‘critical’. Well, Eldar also mentioned in his “tests” a while ago that the N8 was just an average camera that failed against the Pixon 12 (which GSM arena later showed otherwise)
  • 12mp camera or similar module from N8 going to Nokia’s windows phone. It might not be the 16mp from HTC, but then that’s a good thing (for users actually interested in taking photos).
  • Other solution/strategy may be to make the most powerful Windows Phone (not that difficult) by Q2 2012.
  • Priority to provide camera from N8 – which Eldar agrees will be to Nokia’s advantage. (Heck I agree. Users having great browser/email/messaging/great on screen QWERTY and finally a fantastic camera. Basic requirements, met right. Maybe still not addressing needs of the Symbian power user, though they are not yet the target of Nokia for now.)
  • a screen, not AMOLED, not from Samsung, but Eldar likes it. Maybe from LG?

There’s possibly more to be gained if you understood Russian or had the patients to decipher this word-for-word translation.



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