Video: A phone that takes professional shots, HTC? I think that’s the Nokia N8. #16MPmeh

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“Have you ever noticed that camera phones are great at capturing spontaneous moments? But not great at capturing them perfectly? They do now. With a 16 Megapixel camera and TWO LED flashes, even a phone can give you professional shots”.


This is the audio for this supposed HTC video.

I don’t know if this video is real, but if it is WTF HTC?

  • 16MP Camera
  • Professional shots my ass

1) Camera phones capturing spontaneous moments but not capturing them perfectly? Well, maybe your products, HTC.

I won’t even begin bashing HTC cameras. They make great Android handsets. (And maybe great Windows Phone handsets to, to which this may be an addition) They’re known for this now. Cameras and camera phones? It’s an after thought.

I’d like to remind you of this: Nokia N8. Check out the gallery from halloween. Lots of spontanous moments. Captured perfectly. We’ll talk about the flash in a bit. That’s not the best example, it’s just the first one that loaded on my screen.

We don’t even have to go to the more recent Nokia N8. Check out what the N82 was doing years before the first Android came and just the odd banker was using a HTC.

Xenon and large sensors for low light isn’t just about illuminating the subject. It’s also freezing the moment.

What’s more action packed than a pillow fight? (well lots really :p. This was part of the halloween pack hence the make up, random pillows and odd costumes).

2) TWO LED flash.

Is this a joke? LED? LED Flash? First, even having xenon isn’t immediately a great thing. Just to tick a box of having xenon flash doesn’t mean you’ll produce similar results as the N8 or N82.

Secondly, dual LED flash? As oppose to xenon? Unless HTC have reinvented the DUAL LED flasH, it’s still going to be utter crap at extreme low light. Great for video, but not for photos which the HTC video suggests.

3) 16MP.

I can imagine Damien Dinning vomiting his morning porridge upon reading this (if he were a porridge man).

You know it, HTC knows it, MP means NOTHING. But precisely so, HTC knows the public don’t know that. They’re still pretty unaware of this megapixel race is not what they should be seeking/promoting. So many times people AWE at megapixel counts which mean NOTHING. Stefan from intomobile also wrote about this story and agrees:

The sad part of all this is that the majority of people still think that a higher megapixel count equates to better quality photos. That’s rarely been the case, and if you took a half decade old Nokia N73 down to a photo shoot, the 3.2 megapixel sensor in that little guy would spit out better photos than the 5, 8, and 10 megapixel competitors of today.

and on the N8

Nokia’s flagship imaging device wipes the floor of any competing smartphone. That includes the iPhone 4.

Although Nokia has a 12MP camera, they’ve been reluctant too to join the race. Remember the N86 and now the N8. The core was to give users the best imaging, not to fool them with marketing. The N8 as you know, has the biggest sensor on any camera phones and many point and shoots/megazoon digital cameras out there. We’ve shown in tests against other rival camera phones and other digital cameras, and even a DSLR. Bar the latter, the N8 won, and it produced quite good results in comparison to the DSLR. These tests weren’t produced by us but by other tech blogs.

4) even a phone can give you professional shots

We know HTC. It’s called the Nokia N8.

Many of the ads (from operators) for the N8 harp on about its professional quality camera. There’s talking and then there’s doing. Here’s an actual use of the N8 in professional settings.


Capturing great quality photos in any occasion, morning, noon, night is something I have become accustomed to since the N82. No more separate digital camera to bulk your pocket or to lose on a night out. Always having the camera phone there to shoot spontaneous moments, but to be extremely confident that it will always take fantastic looking shots. I couldn’t say this about the N97, even the N900 that I loved so much, and least of all my Omnia 7.

Possibly even with HTC’s 16mp camera this post will still be true:

If the video is real, I think it’s awesome that HTC would like to push the focus onto cameraphones again. This makes it easier for Nokia to trample it with it’s N8 successor. In today’s tech world, part of it is delivering what people want, and the other part is telling people what they should want. If people are after great camera phones (Nokia should have been pushing desirability of camera phones further. What you would do with them, what you can only do with Nokia camera phones that you cannot with others, even if it’s verging on a lie like this HTC ad)

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