Nokia 500 is Officially launched! Rocking 1GHz! Lightest S^3 handset. (update: Hands on video)

| August 1, 2011 | 98 Replies

We’ve seen many leaks of this but now it’s official!Β Editing this post as we speak.

Quick Specs

  • Symbian Anna with split screen keyboard
  • 1GHz
  • 3G Data up to HUSPA speed
  • 111.3 x 53.8 x 14.1mm and weighs in at 93g – the lightest S^3 phone to date.
  • 450+ standby hours or 5-7 talk time hours.
  • The back has 5MP.
  • 150EUR before taxes
  • Available in Black and white fronts. It seems you have additional coloured back covers, green Blue as well as purple, pink, red, orange and dark silver. There’s also a hot pink. Not sure how that is different over pink.


It was only last week the RM-750/Nokia 500 passed FCC.

Here’s the advert about the Nokia 500 that got leaked.

AdvertisementsΒ (CHEERS crisscross)


Covers πŸ˜€

Advert for Nokia 500.


Thanks meh and Rickey for the tip!



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  • Luisito

    Mmm… How manny droid devices in that price range 150 euros/dollars are using a GPU… No one as much as I know… Lets see whats the offer of the upper numbers devices…

    • nt

      entry level LG optimus and Samsung Galaxy all use GPU and are in that price range. (Atleast now since they are being sold less than a C6-01 price)

      LG optimusME is said to have a Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset. Like the galaxy MINI

    • Dave

      The ZTE Blade I owned was in that price bracket, and had a GPU. Okay, it was a terrible GPU running on an OS that wasn’t coded to leverage the GPU …..

    • guest

      Wait.. It doesn’t have a GPU?? Really? How EFFING stupid they are at Nokia. How are you supposed to play games with this? Woah. I can’t contain in words how stupid they are. I was guessing this could be the case when seeing how slow the device is. Look at the iPhone 1 specs, 600Mhz and low-end GPU and see how smooth it is when the UI is GPU-only. And it would be even cheaper than this. Nokia is AGAIN trying to sell shit in colorful box like the N97, how can’t they never learn.

      • guest

        And yes, low-end Android devices have GPUs, usually Adreno 200 (on ZTE Blade) or similar, which is good enough for smooth UI and most games. High-end 3D games won’t run of course.

    • vinod

      Hey this phone is extreemly bad phone…

      • viipottaja

        care to elaborate?

  • crisscross
  • Hydra

    My N8 seem to run faster or on the same speed with that.. So I don’t think we need a 1Ghz for it? It just doesn’t bring any difference in speed…(as shown in that video) lol

  • Lloydo

    Wow… I think that this 1 GHz device is no faster than my 680 MHz N8. Look how slowly and jerkily she scrolls the multitasking window!

  • qwe

    Hmmm, says nothing(!) about GPU and OpenGL ES 2.0 support….

    • PJ

      All S^3 phones has to have a GPU with OpenGL ES 2.0 support since the OS is graphics accelerated. Though that would explain why it looked somewhat jerky in the video if it doesn’t have a GPU.

  • as

    That girl is stupid hot

    • Shankey

      He he.. +1 πŸ™‚

  • Hypnopottamus

    Seems like the only thing this phone tries to do is try to compete @ the budget phone level. It is lacking in anything that matters. They just put the 1ghz cpu in it to make people who base the “greatness” of a phone on higher spec numbers. To be honest, this phone is garbage. If they wanted to compete in the lower markets, or any market for that matter, they need to improve email, browser, and Social.

  • Eric Johnson

    no matter what…nokia always comes up with epic ads!!!

  • Gunners1210

    1GHz processor inside of the Nokia 500 is by no means something to call “fast”. Some deeper investigation has shown that the chip powering the smartphone is an ARM11, which means that its real-life performance would be comparable to that of a 400MHz contemporary mobile processor.

    • Tiv

      If you are refering to a ARM Cortex A9 it’s more like 500MHz according to ARM(620MHz compared to the Cortex A8).

      Then again how many phones using an Cortex A9 or A8 cost less than 150 euros?

  • Nabkawe

    I must say, I am liking this new adverts of Nokia first with N9 and now with 500 it’s really colorful and full of specs .

  • Luisito

    Not so god… What a shame vid record res 640*480 @ 15 fps!!!… Even my old 5530 can record that but @ 30 fps… I know its low cost device, but low cost doesnt need to mean crappy, especially when you wanna recorver your market share, and become profitable again… Hope that 600, 700 and upper series don lost the gpu

  • eze

    this phone i believe is part of nokia’s plan to reach the next billion, how else can you expain the cheap price tag on a 1ghz, apart from that people will buy it cos its CHEAP!
    and after watching this presentation i am now convince that there is absolutely nothing nokia can do to make symbian run smooth. as such the N8 is my last symbian phone, the N9 will be my last nokia phone

    • guest

      Gigahertz’s don’t cost anything, differences in mobile CPU prices are in single dollars anyway. In the very high-end you see much greater cost increase. I.e. in very high end you pay 50% more for 5% more power. And they didn’t put a GPU in there.

      I don’t think anyone will buy this phone. Nokia already lost reputation with shitty phones and now this, shame on them. They should do the exact opposite.

      I’ll buy the N9 too, I think it’s been made by the last sane people inside Nokia.

      • vinod

        nokia 500 designed by a asshole…………..

        • Viipottaja

          Someone who knows a fair bit about Nokia said to me it actually does have a low end GPU in it (perhaps why Belle will also work on it, although not sure how much the UI needs the GPU).

          Second, in the lower end you have a smaller budget for the bill of materials. Every dollar represent a higher share of the cost, proportionally. EVERY dollar matters, even more so than in a higher end device where the budget to build the phone AND margins are higher.

  • John

    Seems uninspiring even for the mid to low range segment will have a lot of competition from Android handsets in the same price bracket.

    PS Nokia don’t put girls like her with uninspiring phone’s like the 500 viewer’s (men) LOL will completely ignore the product you are demonstrating. Learn from Apple use a hand πŸ˜€

  • guest

    I can’t do anything but laugh. This is so huge failure. Now it’s clear that someone is sabotaging Nokia, no one is that stupid for real to design such a phone. I think about the kids who get this phone from their parents. The kids will cry for days. It’s very sad. I’m expecting >50% return rates. This was the last nail in Nokia’s coffin.

  • delanz

    I concentrating on the girl in the video more than to the fone itself

    • Any idea who the presenter is? Cause I couldn’t see anything better in the phone πŸ˜›

  • SGuest

    New hands-on video, check it out here:

    It’s not in English though.

  • Any idea who the presenter is?

  • Shadow

    no autofocus -_-“

  • very gud

  • pankaj

    look how stupid i am…

    I hv got a 500.

    After having this phn,i use d word “fuck” 500 tyms a day.

    • Secret

      You know what? I’m just like you I just bought Nokia 500 but this is the most stupid Nokia’s phone I ever had. It doesn’t have GPU, I can’t play HD or whether 3D games also… How fucking you Nokia, just wasting my money to buy this shitting phone. Now I know why this phone is CHEAP because it’s a GARBAGE!!!!

    • vinod

      ya u are ture this phone is extreemy stupid phone..who is the asshole designer