mupen64plus Nintendo 64 emulator demoed on Nokia-950 #MeeGo-Harmattan

| August 6, 2011 | 27 Replies

Remember the post on the SNES emulator? Here’s a Nintendo N64 Emulation for MeeGo Harmattan, demoed on the Nokia N950.

mupen64plus is an open source N64 emulator.

 notes that this works better than the N900 version.

Look what happens when the game is swiped away. The thumbnail in multitask view is live. Mario is still moving. This is pretty much the case for multitasking in MeeGo-Harmattan that things continue running, except that is for video.

mupen64plus with Ari64’s new_dynarec and Adventus’ gles2n64, working on the N950 with minimal changes. Also some SDL application swipe action.

Of interest is that Ari64’s new_dynarec works on a hardfp eabi platform without changes, and that there’s a quite a nice speed bump when compared to the N900. No frameskipping was used, and CPU clock was at 800Mhz (set by ondemand governor, and it even had some 20% idle CPU time to spare — as long as it was not in the background, when compositor kicks in).

Thanks for the tip, Shankey!


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