Video: more hints about Qt and swipe in future Nokia phones from Marko Ahtisaari at N9 launch in Dubai

| September 21, 2011 | 41 Replies

Here’s an interesting video tipped in by Mendax, showing probably our fav Nokia exec, Marko Ahtisarri at a N9 launch party in Dubai.

Some highlights:
-there WILL be software updates/”support” for the N9
-launches in about 3 weeks; RRP: $600-650
-Marko hints at Qt support living on through many devices and that it’s better to speak in terms of ecosystem (Symbian, Meego, S40) support as opposed to device support

Though we’ve heard it time and time again, not just from Marko but other Nokia folks, such as Jussi Makinen- N9 will live on agnostic of OS. The importance for Nokia is not really MeeGo itself, but the interaction, the pattern – and the Qt layer which will be important for apps. When this was posted about, this was met with anger that MeeGo would be considered in that way (especially as that post had come from Andre and the slight mention of Windows Phone alone makes some instantly angry). But you can clearly see Marko pointing this out too. He says not to think about it in the way of operating systems, but ask how many devices you can write apps for (cross platform Qt) and will they have this N9 swipe experience (which has been hinted before to live on, to appear elsewhere, most recently Marko confirmed trying to deliver this to lower price points, which explains the 1GHz in S40 – should it some how become some type of MeeGo-lite new smartphone that also supports Qt for the next billion)

Some things to consider:


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Part transcript:

The pattern will continue, in terms of a developer, the environment continues so there’ll be support.

How long will meego be supported by Nokia as a continuing platform. Some people are saying we know Symbian already has a life span to 2016, what can we expect with n9, how long will be supported with software updates and apps.

Let me be quite clear because I think despite what I try and answer the question is always the same. and I think there’s a small community of people, that are obsessed with issues about operating systems – and I appreciate that, I come from the internet and I know what that world from startups in the past but that is really the WRONG place to look at the moment. It really is. What I would ask instead is, how many devices will there be that you can write for, will they have this experience, will they have that experience. and i think that’s where innovation will go and many people believe that. Rather than focusing on any bit of the plumbing, or the kind of petrol being used, (instead) how does it work? And does it work the same way? And is it beautiful to use? and will it run apps.



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  • Lawwengb

    O,am I the first to post? Quite excting, both the news and the place~~
    Marko has now definitely turned into the remaining Pro-MeeGo big head inside Nokia……Must have the N9!

  • TolisG

    I hope they convert Symbian into a Meegoish UI or next year Nokia will sell tires as she used to…

    • Heh..

      In Symbian Diana or Elle maybe? XD

  • jill

    good to hear this ..

  • Tiago Silva

    Speak about “apps and experience going forward” all that you want, Marko, what people need to know is why they should buy the *N9*, not wait for the rebuilt S40 with Swipe and Qt. If not enough people buy and rave about the N9, that S40 plan will fail as well.

    • guest

      Marko is so wrong when he thinks that OS doesn’t matter. On S40 you can’t even have proper multitasking. On Symbian it’s much slower to implement.. And Symbian is horrible platform for development, no Linux tools/libraries/package managers etc etc. and there is no gains. MeeGo is perfect OS for Qt. Yes, it does all the plumbing when no one else does. Now, if they changed S40 to Linux-based OS, that would be something.

      Verdict, buy the N9, swipe won’t be that good on any other OS.

      • Luisito

        I can bet you that SWIPE UI on S40 will be succesfull, only and ONLY if they can do a good job implementing it on S40…

        and Symbian FTW 😛

  • GS65

    Imagine if Samsung and HTC actually went with MeeGo as their backup plan to the Android/Motorola/Google evil masterplan. Then Qt would go from dead to a fourth ecosystem. Swipe, Sense and TouchWiz would be UIs compeating instead but sharing apps. Probably just a dream as Samsung will stick to WP, Android and Bada.

  • “Don’t think of N9 as “MeeGo” as such but as the flagship Qt phone.”

    I will think of the N9 as i choose, not as I am directed by Nokia.

    I am buying an N9 because it is a Linux/QT phone that will attract development from the best of the Linux/QT community.

    That it comes with Swipe is all very nice, but marginal as a priority.

    I care that the N9 is a linux phone, and if Nokia doesn’t then it may well find i’m not around when time comes to replace it.

    Think about that.

    • Calvin H

      Yep, also about a million other things involving the business ethics of Microsoft that I won’t even bother going over again. But yeah I’ve been waiting FOREVER for the perfect linux phone, and here it is, the nokia N9.

  • j
  • jiipee

    The February announcement and new Nokia strategy would make sense (not the stupid way it was communicated though), if Qt would be allowed to WP.

    But it is not. Or is it? What for instance Mr Green said in his presentation regarding WP7 was that Qt wont be supported. Could it be so that in next generations it could be supported. After all Qt currently has Windows support. If I remember right, in one interview for Finnish IT magazine Green said that the underlying OS is not what matters, instead the UI/UX is what matters.

    Just speculation.

    • Titanium

      Totally agree. It’s official that WP7 won’t get Qt, but it’s not yet clear if it’s only for WP7 or forever.

      Nokia said that WP apollo phones will be the first to carry the Nokia stamp. But what is the Nokia stamp? Only the Hardware?

      Qt is gaining traction and it’s one of Nokia’s best technology that could make “the Nokia stamp”

      • outdated os

        nokia stamp = pre-agreed rating of 9/10

        • Jayk

          i think the new Windows Phone will be out this Qt. there gonna be amazing.. I cant wait.. soo excited 😀

      • Harangue

        Hang on, Qt runs on Windows right? At least that’s what I heard a few times.

        Windows Phone is rumoured to adopt the Windows 8 kernel with WP8. Thus making it possible to run Qt on Windows Phone. Considering W8 wouldn’t break compatibility with W7.

        Just a thought though. One more thought; Qt was the compile once deploy everywhere philosophy. So code once and distribute on MeeGo and Symbian. Two platforms that do have a pretty wide reach, so worthwile.

        However, MS announced that every WP app could run on Windows 8. If that is the other way around I’m not sure, but it could very well happen for the Metro style apps. From a developers perspective that could potentially mean that when you develop an app for Windows Phone you could have a reach of 500 million ‘devices’ after Windows 8 launches.

        Isn’t that scenario equally great to what a developer could do with Qt?

        • j

          oh i think that would be great apps, that work an on 4″ and a 24″ screen…

          an i doubt that there will be a lot of touch dektop systems.

          (besides pressource managment etc..)

          • Harangue

            Like I said, just a thought, but tablet apps should be possible on phones.

            Yet I doubt that as well actually. Ah well, we’ll see what happens. So far Qt is more a promise to me than something we actually see in use everyday. Symbian Belle is the first iteration of Symbian to fully use it right?

            What about the N9 is that fully Qt compliant? Can’t recall.

        • N00-00

          Qt follws code-once and compile per platform philosophy.

          Qt is being ported to Windows 8 with even the Metro UI taken into consideration. But sadly MS’s mobile plan is different from desktop. So not sure if Qt will be allowed to WP8..

          • Harangue

            That’s what I’m wondering. If Qt is possible on Win8 and WP8 will reportedly use the Win8 kernel there shouldn’t really be a big problem.

            It’s odd actually that where in the past the debate was just about which hardware MFR was best, it is now about what OS is best and even about what developer tools are best. How the times have changed.

            • Alex

              WP8 might use the NT-Kernel but will not come with the win32-API, which is what Qt is coded against. Also, WP will only allow to run managed code. Even if the latter changes and Qt is ported to WinRT (for better win8 support, at least) then MS might still choose to simply not allow it in its Windows Store, which will be the only Channel for win8/wp8 apps in town.

      • ssdh

        Nokia stamp = Nokia tune as default ringtone for WPs.

  • Grazy

    RRP sounds cheap really, converted to GBP its only going to be 400 to 500 isnt it? I bet we still get ripped though as many websites are asking silly money! I have seen one on “king of Gadgets” (never heard of them to be fair, asking for £700!!!

    Expansys still havnt given us a price but i hope they will be reasonable!

  • Ninja

    Some points!

    > “which explains the 1GHz in S40 – should it some how become some type of MeeGo-lite new smartphone that also supports Qt for the next billion”

    This is definite, not a case of “should it some how become some type of … smartphone”. It is, it will. Guaranteed.

    > “New Symbian C____ update after Belle. Would the swipe pattern come to Symbian?”

    I believe so, it makes sense. Either that or Symbian get’s WinPho tiles to transition us all. Ha ha, that would be funny, Symbian update but the price is you have to put up with tiles on Symbian! 😉

    > “S40 to get 1GHz?”
    Not sure why the question mark? Handset(s) have been announced, again this is definite.

    Also, I think there are 3 separate components required for N9 to live on in other devices: Qt, Swipe, and the 3-panel-UI of tasks, notifications and open apps, that N9 has.

    I fully support your view in the last paragraph (and Andre’s earlier post), and think it’s a great idea. But as WinPho fans I’d like you to explain how you feel WinPho fits into this big picture?

    – No Qt for WinPho.
    – No Swipe for WinPho.
    – No N9 style UI for WinPho.

    WinPho shut out, locked up, completely different platform in every way. Not looking good when it is currently a dying platform (this is fact, check the sales and market share decline). Sensible developers would support Qt, Swipe and the rest and forget WinPho.

    • Titanium

      That’s the question.

      If it’s true that Nokia is allowed to customize WP heavily to put the “Nokia stamp” on WP, then it must be allowed to port Qt and the swipe/belle/whatever UI on it, so to have a unifiying factor across all Nokia future phones.

      It’s the only thing that could dissipate the shadow on Elop missbehaviour

  • ddjddj

    consumers have two two great phones to choose from, that are iphone 4s/5 and N9, nokia thinks that fuccking tiles ui can steal away ios and meego fans?

    • Harangue


      Both phones are in the upper price category. Do you really think everyone either has the money or wants to spend so much money on a phone?

      Even subsidized (if the N9 will even be widely available that way) both the iPhone and N9 will cost a pretty penny for most people.

      If Nokia is able to launch WP in a price range of 350 upwards that would make WP a viable option to a lot of people. After all the Nokia brand still has credibility and trust that wins customers over.

      However the brand is also associated with old and outdated because of the succes they had back in the 90’s, early 2000’s and the succes with S40 dumbphones. But this could also affect the N9 so it’s a bit of useless point here.

      Price though is important to a lot of people. The N9 will sell only to people with big contracts that it get it nearly free or to those that specifically want the N9.

      While the N9 could be a succes, don’t overlook the whole pricing of devices. That can make or break a device (iPhone not included, that’s something different)

  • miemie

    Platform plumbing does matter. It also matters who the money goes to. Does the money go to MSoft or to Nokia.

    As for Symbian or S40. They are not ideal from a developer perspective, or even a user perspective. Linux is a far more advanced operating system base than either of those. Symbian and S40 do have their uses in making phones with less features, less graphic features, and cheaper hardware and more battery life in exchange. But I’m not a Nokia fan. I’m not even that interested in phones.

    I’m a fan of Linux, and therefore a fan of MeeGo.

    The advancement of MeeGo means advancements for Linux. The advancement of Android unfortunately means fragmentation for the Linux kernel, as Google has practically decided to work on its own, and not do the social work needed to get their changes upstream. Yes, they’ve done code dumps, but that’s not really helping. Android is still helping Linux, but they’re not doing it as much as MeeGo would.

    If Linux as a larger project succeeds, it means that many areas in open technology benefit. If Windows Phone succeeds, it just means that some people will get more money. The same for iPhone and with criticism above, also mostly with Android.

    I’m not against people making some money in the process, but it would be nicer if the technology would become more open at the same time.

    That’s why the underlying operating systems and plumbing of swipe gestures and user interface designs matter. To me at least.

    • Hamster

      Fantastic post. Took the words right from my fingertips.

    • outdated os

      I heard ms won’t allow linux on windows8

    • Ergonpandilus

      All those sweet things to those who wait.

  • Cod3rror

    Yawn….. are they still talking about strategies?

    • LOL

      your post is a yawn

  • Strongly disagreed with deemphasizing Meego, which seems to be now Nokia’s general policy (cause by MS).

    My detailed answer here:

  • N00-00

    Wow!!! Nokia’s stance is changing with each passing day?? Is Nokia really think that OS is secondary, why not give make Symbian and Meego part of WP ecosystem???

    Nokia looks more and more like MS’s toy now..

    • Svenkka

      Nokia’s position is not changing a bit. Listen more carefully…

  • adalbdl

    seriously people here are blind or just acting? nokia just don’t want to admit that the meego-harmatan is dead . that’s why talk about more of the swipe pattern than the os itself.

  • Gourmet

    Ok, fine, Qt everywhere. Good thing. Maybe.

    But, as an underlayer, I need (it’s me not another one) a Linux in order to install classical applications that one can find on a desktop: python, hostapd, etc.

    That’s what I call freedom: doing what I want with my handset the same way I do with my desktop.
    I won’t be able to do this with a Symbian, an Android and, of course, with a WP.
    So, that’s no way for these OS.

    Handsets MUST become desktops!


    • Svenkka

      That freedom may work for you, and good so, but PLEASE keep in mind that the next billion will not worry about the freedom of their OS, their own freedom is more important, and mobile technology will help them there.With a little help from Qt, says Nokia.

  • Blackidea

    Year ago,
    Marko said they will release MeeGo only if its amazing!
    remember that?
    Now, Meego (N9) is amazing.
    But, after feb 11 things changed.
    And now Marko said, MeeGo (the Amazing) is not inmportant?
    Do u can imagine that?
    Qt wont be running withot an OS.
    And Qt components is already complete on MeeGo.
    All of N9 UI components is using Qt.
    On symbian (belle), is not completed yet.
    Only on tab bar, status bar, toolbar, notification.
    Symbian native apps is the same.
    Using avkon mix with Qt.
    on S40, its not ready yet.
    WP? Suck!

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