Video: more hints about Qt and swipe in future Nokia phones from Marko Ahtisaari at N9 launch in Dubai

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Here’s an interesting video tipped in by Mendax, showing probably our fav Nokia exec, Marko Ahtisarri at a N9 launch party in Dubai.

Some highlights:
-there WILL be software updates/”support” for the N9
-launches in about 3 weeks; RRP: $600-650
-Marko hints at Qt support living on through many devices and that it’s better to speak in terms of ecosystem (Symbian, Meego, S40) support as opposed to device support

Though we’ve heard it time and time again, not just from Marko but other Nokia folks, such as Jussi Makinen- N9 will live on agnostic of OS. The importance for Nokia is not really MeeGo itself, but the interaction, the pattern – and the Qt layer which will be important for apps. When this was posted about, this was met with anger that MeeGo would be considered in that way (especially as that post had come from Andre and the slight mention of Windows Phone alone makes some instantly angry). But you can clearly see Marko pointing this out too. He says not to think about it in the way of operating systems, but ask how many devices you can write apps for (cross platform Qt) and will they have this N9 swipe experience (which has been hinted before to live on, to appear elsewhere, most recently Marko confirmed trying to deliver this to lower price points, which explains the 1GHz in S40 – should it some how become some type of MeeGo-lite new smartphone that also supports Qt for the next billion)

Some things to consider:

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Part transcript:

The pattern will continue, in terms of a developer, the environment continues so there’ll be support.

How long will meego be supported by Nokia as a continuing platform. Some people are saying we know Symbian already has a life span to 2016, what can we expect with n9, how long will be supported with software updates and apps.

Let me be quite clear because I think despite what I try and answer the question is always the same. and I think there’s a small community of people, that are obsessed with issues about operating systems – and I appreciate that, I come from the internet and I know what that world from startups in the past but that is really the WRONG place to look at the moment. It really is. What I would ask instead is, how many devices will there be that you can write for, will they have this experience, will they have that experience. and i think that’s where innovation will go and many people believe that. Rather than focusing on any bit of the plumbing, or the kind of petrol being used, (instead) how does it work? And does it work the same way? And is it beautiful to use? and will it run apps.



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