CNet dumps iPhone for Nokia Lumia 800 (and other Lumia news)

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It was only just September that CNet UK published a video detailing the history of the ailing Nokia, from strength to gradual decline – marked out by the astonishing entry of Job’s iPhone. In the end of that video, they talked about the change going for Nokia going Windows Phone, warning that if those phones fail as well (talking about the N8 hmm) then it could be curtains for Nokia.

So it’s most interesting then that iPhone fan and CNet News Editor, Rich Trenholm, writes that he no longer wants his iPhone. Instead he wants the Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone. Add him to the list of people liking the gorgeous hardware from Nokia and the software from Microsoft. It seems to be a growing trend with reviewers and consumers. In the end, it is a GOOD product.

  • Interface is King
  • Processor speeds, screen sizes, app stores; all those things are important, but they mean nothing if the software fails to harness those smarts to an interface that’s enjoyable to use.
  •  You could have the world’s cleverest octo-core, eleventy-megapixel, high-definizzle phone in your pocket, but if the interface is a chore to grapple with then you’re going to leave it there. (N8?)
  • mobile phones are no longer the domain of nerds like us  (Yes! Nokia was king with smartphones when it was for ‘smart’ more techy people. Now it’s for the masses who want simplicity and the overall user experience to be fantastic)
  • now it’s Microsoft showing off the thing of beauty, and Apple that’s behind the times - Microsoft is the underdog and Apple is the monolithic, restrictive monopoly. (Well, WP is still restrictive in many senses, just not as much as iOS)
  • Windows Phone strikes the perfect middle ground between the two (other being Android)
  • The slick, instantly recognisable and totally intuitive live tile interface is playful without being toylike, knocking Apple’s once-revolutionary front end into a cocked hat.
It’s utterly compelling, and that’s why I won’t be swapping my Nokia Lumia 800 for an iPhone any time soon
  • I’m not saying Windows Phone is perfect (far from it)
  • The pool of apps is more like a muddy puddle (though a muddy puddle you’d have fun in as there are still tons of apps. If we did Lumiappaday, it would take over 109 years to cover 1 app a day from the number of apps that were there last month.
  • love it how the directions tell you if you reach a certain road, you’ve gone too far (and hence why it’s nice to have out of the box sat nav and not one you have to buy, no?)
  • bloomin’ love those big colourful tiles
  • when you look at a gadget a hundred times a day it should make you smile every time, not want to kick it against a wall (the fate of my last iPhone).
  • I’m a Windows fan now.

The Nokia N8 looks fantastic on paper, but Symbian 3 is frustrating to use compared to competing smart-phone operating systems. A slick case and great camera help to make this the best Nokia touchscreen phone ever, but it’s just not fun to use

It’s going to be a different story with Belle, but obviously at the time that wasn’t what was available. I found it frustrating as I was coming from Maemo 5, S^3 was way, way too clunky and it never (not even with Belle) would get the browser that Nokia said would be as good (let alone better) as MicroB from 2009. How sad.

It doesn’t have many of the bells and whistles as the Nokia N8, but first and foremost, it’s easy and fun for most people to use. The core functionalities that most people care about are done wonderfully so they’re easily done, pain free and at certain times, fun.

On solid foundations such as that, we can build on more features and better hardware.

Whilst on this front of good positive Nokia news, PocketGamer has been checking out the reception of the Lumia 800 at Manchester. They mention one store piggybacking on the Nokia Lumia name and calling the Titan it’s bigger brother. Pssh, it’s more like a distant 6th cousin. The Lumia 900 would be disgusted.

They note the branding being promoted and is being recognised is Nokia and Lumia, not Windows Phone. The more Nokia push Nokia and Lumia, the better. Associate yourselves away from WP which other manufacturers can offer, and give Lumia branding which they cannot use. I’m actively not trying to use WP so much. Every day we’re showing you apps for your Lumia in Lumiappaday (hopefully Nokia doesn’t go along and destroy the Lumia branding by creating a myriad of stupid dictionary raffle names like the HTC Shitty and the Samsung Craptastic. Hasn’t HTC got one that’s called HTC Vile? (well ville, but it’s more truthfully vile). Speaking of Lumiappaday, if any of you are paying attention, the next one is appearing later in the morning. Haven’t got around to filming it yet.

Finally WMPoweruser notes a sharp increase in facebook users – 600,000 from which they are expecting the lionshare to have come from the Nokia Lumia 800 as it corresponds most to the launch of the Lumia more than anything else.

Thanks all for the tips!


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