Video Collection: Nokia and Deadmau5 4D projection (and huuge Nokia Lumia 800)

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This is one way to get noticed. Look at the sheer scale of that thing.


Last night, London’s Millbank tower was the stage for Deadmau5’s performance for the Nokia Lumia.

Some of you were there in person, others watched the live stream. I had some expectations, wanting it to be like that 3D projection in Prague. 


Better to just watch the video.

This looks amazing! I like the bit where they integrate the image of the building and make it look like its falling apart or tiles are flying through the building. It was just a little bit too short though, no? The actual event was half an hour, but the main 4D stuff was 4 minutes. Perhaps would have been cool to stretch it out to at least 10m? These 4D things take so much time to do, but apparently it was more so that Deadmau5 has a tour to finish. (Just think about those times when celebs just pop in and out of a talk show because they’re just that darn busy, I mean actually pop in half way and leave before the end to finish openings and whatever other stuff celebs do)




Video by 

(Cheers Mussab for the tip!)

Other videos:

Different Angle:

Video by 

Video by 

There’s quite a crowd.

Video  by 

More crowd – and Police

Video by 

Blurry iThang video

Video  by 

I want some Deadmau5 ears.
















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  • namegoeshere

    Very nice.

    I thought it was the giant Windows phone that they will put up in Paris in the coming days at first.

  • namegoeshere

    Can’t believe some boo’ed at the end because it said Nokia. Sigh, don’t they realise that Nokia paid for the whole event.

    • Punching Bag

      No, they don’t. That’s why you have to be careful.

    • dans

      Aww, bless.

    • Punching Bag


      The people were laughing as they booed! They were enjoying themselves watching the light show and having fun…and then, “aww crap, an advertisement, geez!”…it could have been for cheesy poofs or a chevy camaro and they would have equally boo’d.

      I missed the “exceptional irony” the videographer was referring to?? I didn’t know techno disc jockeys playing their music over advertisements in exchange for money was anything new.

      It was clear that Nokia wasn’t aiming for subtlety with this.

      But I don’t think doing this in Times Square would have received any of these laugh-boos, it would be more expected.

      • Shaun

        Mmmm, cheesy poofs.

        4 minutes is a bit short. Even Deadmau5 thought so. I’m not surprised people boo’d. Short movie laced with advertising, now go home.

        • Punching Bag

          I thought it was 30 min and those were just clips??

    • Sun Down

      What a let down.

      • Punching Bag

        Why do you say that? I thought the video was cool from my couch…

      • Pökö

        How come let down? This looked quite good to my eyes and everybody seemed to have a good time.

        Good marketing, I would say.

  • the amazing everyday.

  • LaW

    Dam, deadmou5 is smart to have such a big marketing icon “aka the mouse face and ears, lol all the fans have glowing mouse ears, how cool”. he should thank mickey mouse creators for that

    • gajomau

      and you should thank to nature for creating the mouse in the first place and then the creator of mickey mouse, Sr Walt Disney 😀

    • akse

      I’m sure he has to pay the licensing fees..

  • Blackidea

    I wonder if Lumia 800 get such marketing like this,
    what Lumia 900 which suppose to be the Flagship, the Real WP, the Real Nokia, the Real Innovation, the Real Future will get on its release?

    • Viipottaja

      The 800 has been the advertisement for the 900 (plus of course the dedicated 900 promos and ads at the time). This is about reinvogorating the brand, not only the 800 itself.

  • Rataut

    Please remove the “Blurry iThang video” doesn’t deserve promotion for being a douchebag.

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  • Anjanu Sonkar

    fail!!! so much for so little…

  • incognito

    Can’t WP advertise in any other way, perhaps a meaningful one, without resorting to projections on buildings? Sure, the concept is ‘show big blocks on another big blocks’ so there is a connection, but still…

    As for the show itself, apart from being quite short and having a background music a type I’m not overly fond of, it was a nice little show. The breaking blocks/glass part could’ve been much more awesome if they’ve had an array of cameras on the back of the building to project the background thus creating an effect of the building actually collapsing. With the amount of money put into this, it’s a shame they didn’t go an extra mile to awe the crowd…

    • Viipottaja

      Well, there are other WP ads I would imagine. You know, just as a wild guess.. 😉

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  • kan

    How long was it?

    5 minutes?

  • Hariainm

    Good show, too bad it was ruined by the Dead-thingy noise. We are tired of them! For god’s sake, there are plenty of good real musicians out there!

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  • Viipottaja

    Hopefully Nokia will pull off some similar scale/visibility things when they launch in the US, say e.g. in NY, Vegas and LA simultaneously… Minus the collapsing building bits of course.

  • Rock

    Let down, wasn’t that exciting. And only 5mins long? C’mon.

    Was expecting something on the scale of the Prague Clock tower. :/

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  • Ivegtononick

    Weee, my video got featured 😀

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