More Nokia Lumia 610 pics?

| February 26, 2012 | 42 Replies

Above is a picture possibly of the Nokia Lumia 610. Pocketnow says that these ‘screenshots’ are just for illustration purposes. The 610 is supposedly coming in four colours, whilst the Global 900 would appear in three – Black, Cyan and White (no Magenta?)

Another interesting recent pic was seen here.


Rumoured specs:

The white Nokia Lumia 900 was accidentally outed by Nokia when they announced the white 800.

Source: pocketnow

Cheers stylinred for the tip!


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  • Rebbe

    I think it looks good! Great that Nokia is using these bright colors they make the handsets fresh and modern. I wonder what the rumoured feature is that is usually only seen on “high end” phones?

    • lordstar

      4g i guess?

      • moe almouti

        A software feature that is usually only seen on “high end” phones hmmm daaaahhhh

        It’s windows phone,
        wp7 tango will be shown at MWC,
        a version of wp7 that runs on low end devices 😉
        1 + 1

  • krustylicious

    Looks as if the c7 design cues have descended onto the wp line-age.

    I’m more interested with smarterphone purchase and the black ops with Meltemi.

    Why have 3 os’s targeting low end…

    • Actually, Symbian is going to be supported at least until 2016. Its future is still unknown and will depend on the demand of the upcoming handsets bearing the legacy OS. Meanwhile, S40 will be further developed until “Meltemi” is ready and there’s a huge possibility that the elements of the OS will be implemented on this newcomer. It is highly likely that they will be merged.

      Series 30 will remain for basic phones, that’s for sure.

      And the Tango update will target the mid-range market, not necessarily the low-end.

      • Fz

        I’m not so sure about S30 remaining in the portfolio.
        If Nokia is willing to fight in the 20$ while having best, or one of the best, user experiences in both categories, they can keep good marketshare and not be seen as the “poor’s phone”. Problem is that if their >20$ offering isn’t a good one, they will be known for their 5$ phones.

        That actually was about the emerging markets and nothing to do with the phone in this article. Should I say something about 601 too… I probably should..

        Like krusty said, it does look like it has some C7 blood in it. Great, I love the design of C7, but at least in this picture it seems to have a double chin. Maybe it’s just this angle.

        • Fz

          Comment system edited a dozen lines away from my comment from between “in the 20$” and ” while having best”

          Actually it’s much more relevant comment that way. Lady luck, you’re so random. Thank you,

      • manu

        if symbian future is based on demand then it will end this year itself,symbian phones are dusting in shops.none want to buy a declared dead device.also the competition has better specced and cheaper android to offer future of symbian looks really super promising.

        • Viipottaja

          I think the crux of the matter is in the latter part of your comment – Symbian with the current line up and its perceived or real gaps in specs and UX simply is not very competitive anymore (although one must keep in mind that it sold 80+ million in 2011 and allowed Nokia to still keep its #1 spot in the world’s largest (by volume) smartphone market China), and the extra features it has compared to other OSs just don’t compensate for that adequately. Hopefully the 808 (or whatever its called) will revivew a bit of the enthusiasm.

        • Anjanu

          how many people really know that symbian has been declared dead…not many (argue that)…people dont really care what OS they are using…the heart of the problem for Symbian is Nokia…an nHD resolution which make the screen quite Narrow and Long on <3.5"(except E7) is a huge deal breaker at first sight…Pricing, well Nokia can handle that but they don't want to…

          • Viipottaja

            I too would dispute the notion that absolutely everyone knows about the Symbian wind down, in particular in some of Nokia’s key markets for it. So +1 on that part.

            On pricing, I am sure Nokia is pricing Symbian pretty much as low as they can already without losing (even more) money on them.

            • Gst

              Nokia’s pricing of their symbian is at higher level when compared to their competitor at similar specs,even their lumia 710 with better cpu and better screen with resolution got massive price cut within a month,and is priced almost same as 603 with old specs.Nokia never did this kind of price cut for their symbian. phone.

    • lordstar

      I’m actually wishing that they have plans to make meltemi for low and midrange devices.

  • Jill

    No leak of 808 so far ?

    • What if the 808 is a MeeGo device? :DDDDD Would anyone get it???? 🙂

      • manu

        why not?but since elop already told there wont be anymore meego device chance of 808 being meego is as high as india winning fifa worldcup.

        • Jiipee

          It could be Maemo/Meltemi though. I highly doubt it’s anything else than Symbian. Already due to insight by dsmobile.

  • Akash

    It look like nokia donna concept mobile

  • KF

    Since the disastrous Q2 last year, symbian sales were growing QoQ. And about those budget droids, i think the 603 can beat all of them

    • Viipottaja

      Why are the budget droids selling so many more then? “Consumers are stupid” is probably not a sufficient explanation, nor is IMHO “Elop effect”. 🙂 Perhaps 603 is better for you (and it would be better for me than an Android phone too) but unfortunately there are not enough of yous and mes out there in many markets (with the same as above 80+ million still sold, #1 in China etc. caveats of course)

      • Heron

        Nokia 603 might appeal for those $0 hunters who maybe just need a very limited selection of apps.

        It’s not easy though, when your budget droids look almost as good as your real droids, and seem to carry the same functionality (when it doesn’t). The Lumia 610 with Tango is meant to fix that perception, I feel, for the WP7 system.

        If it integrates as nicely for Apollo in W8, or even back in W7 land, Nokia might have a winning handset here.

        • Viipottaja

          True. You know, one could even see a positive side to the fragmentation Tango creates – I always felt (and have said as much in the past) that in the past a part of the Symbian problem was that a $200 gave you essentially the same experience and performance as a $450 and I feared the same would happen (and said as much in the past too) with WP when Nokia pushes it down the price point. In a perverse way, the fact that Tango comes with lower specs gives a consumer at the margin an incentive to pick the slightly more expensi Mango model, say the 710 for example. :p

        • manu

          lumia 610 is gonna be a flop device in asia especially india if its all restrictive like its big broi bet .nokia had let loose a huge opportunity device like galaxy ace are top selling smartphone in india.if symbian was not declared dead 603 should have killed ace.

      • Jiipee

        This I disagree heavily as you know V 😉 Eventhough the end users – or majority of them outside of Finland – might not know that Symbian is dead, there is no push by the sales channel for the symbian models.They dont want to invest in devices, whose marketing money will go to WP and they might end up having obsolete stock. If no one else the guys in the shops will tell you Symbian isdead end. In addition the droid competitors started even more aggressive price war against Symbian to maximize the impact of Feb 11 announcement. Nokia themselves underline it on their Q reporting.
        700 and 701 with Belle received good reviews. They easily could have communicated the shift the way that WP is taken alongside Symbian primarily fo NA market and maybe business use. And after 10 months and having actual WP devices to sell, declare the Symbian roadmap unti 2013 and support 2016. Instead of that utterly stupid slide that they showed where Symbian sales were shown as zero without a proper timeline. It can always be that MS would not have agreed to partner without it.

        • Heron

          I agree that the Feb 11th announcement was bad for Symbian. I feel Elop used that announcement to declare, not just to the world, but to Nokia, that he will not stand for business as usual in Nokia

          I do believe that Nokia had to face a brave new world, IMO. The reality of the situation for Nokia is that Symbian^3 is taking too much of Nokia, MeeGo wasn’t ready, and Nokia is taking a hell of a beating everywhere not just in sales, but in perception. Elop saw the writing on the wall, and he can’t continue things as usual or Nokia will bleed itself to a very painful death.

    • KF

      Replying to manu

    • manu

      603 can beat all droid at price,i agree.but nobody care i tell it to my many friends to buy 603 over devicw like galaxy ace they dont listen.i also suggest 603 to prospective buyers of wildfire sor galaxy ace in yahoo answers.even one guy replied to me like even though spec of ace is less buying 603 is like buying a gaming pc with linux os.

  • Viipottaja

    Looks pretty decent. I too don’t like the double chin effect that seems to be there but perhaps its not as pronounced in real life.

  • Marc

    ag can someone please leak something about the 808 plz

    • Prasenjit

      There s no device as 808

      • Marc

        pure view 808?

  • prashant

    non of them is runing tango all are mango based.

  • N 808

    it have touch buttons instead of physical button,correct or not?

  • mahesh

    friends i have started a page for N8 sucessor so if anyone capable intrested to be an admin pls post on the page okay link below
    [link removed]

    (@jay montano man!! this is not a spam its a request)

    • Jay Montano

      It is spam if you post the same comment over and over and over on several threads. This has nothing to do with the Lumia 610. Why would you post it here if it is not spam?

      And after I asked you not to post, you still went ahead and posted it again in an unrelated thread.

      • manu

        huh poor man he wanted a supporting admin for his page.its not fair what you done to him jay.

        • Jay Montano

          I have explicitly said before that I do not want spammed comments. Is that too much to ask? That’s the only type of comments I remove. I don’t want the same message copied and pasted again and again in various threads. This post doesn’t even have anything to do with pureview. Why is that “not fair”? If he posted it perhaps once in the post about pureview then that would be ok. It’s nothing against the phone or the group, I just dislike spam.

    • manu

      not to worry man.there is no point in having a page for a pre dead phone.

  • TrollKnightRises

    original source says Lumia610 will be first launch in India at 11,000 rs and I just checked Lumia710 price in popular online smartphone selling Indian websites and lumia710 is around at 13k to 15k so only fools will buy that Tango running phone when 710 is just above it’s price!

  • nokia will be laughing stock at this event

  • stylinred

    it seems like this is likely to be the design of the 610 we’ve had several similar pictures now and if it is i must say its rather nice especially for a budget device

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