Nokia Apollo Phones to be ‘incredible’ and ‘unbelievable’? More Harmattan updates

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Yesterday, @zehjotkah says he met a Nokia employee who told him that Nokia Apollo devices will be incredible and unbelievable. Nothing that the current Lumia line could compare to.!/zehjotkah

Apollo is supposedly the time for Nokia to put their Nokia stamp in. A little late imo, but better it come out rather than the perpetual Nokia story of waiting forever.

This might be codename Nokia Prodigy, the Nokia Superphone.

The guy is a Nokia employee and you’d expect them to big up their own products (though not all staff do this, remember that ex Microsoft dude that gave upcoming Lumia 8/10? In hindsight, that’s a very good realistic rating though staff are supposed to say everything is amazing 10/10 about their products). He’s apparently a N9 user but prefers that to WP so I guess it sounds good that he thinks Nokia Apollo phones would be unbelievable and incredible given the high standard we have come to expect from N9.



There’s something about Harmattan. Apparently there will be more updates. We already know to expect PR1.3 and more support for the N9 update wise has been hinted at several times.

There’s something about updates for existing apps. Perhaps Skype?

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  • Mazze

    So does the super phone finally feature a dual core processor or is that a little bit over the top these days?

    • Zarsky

      Yes, it will definitely have one, as Apollo brings support for multi-core hardware.

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  • Sefriol

    I don’t actually care if it has dual core prosessor or not. I just hope that the battery would last more than a day.
    Also, Nokia needs alternative design choices than just N9 and old symbian devices. Design of N9 was made for Meego, they need same kind of “revolutionary” design for WP only. It would tell markets that Nokia can still develop.
    + IMO Meego still seems to be superior OS when compared to other OS. I hope (for Nokias own sake) that Apollo will fix that.

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  • Janne

    I would like to thank incognito once again for his valuable technical insights in this thread. They are appreciated.

  • Mee

    A stupid decision maker
    WP = Yes Yes Yes
    Symbian = Yes
    Meltemi = Yes
    Meego = NO
    – Customer is a Slave !!

    Symbian = No
    Meltemi = No
    Meego = Yes
    – So Apple welcomes, Customer is a King

    • J

      Yah I remember so many customers clamoring for Meego and not WP.

      Really, now, I don’t think you speak for “customers”.

      Customers want Apple by and large not Meego. I love Meego, but you do us all a disservice by being a delusional idiot.

  • J

    N9/MeeGo is better than Windows Phone!

  • In love with belle

    Nokia Belle is better than meego by miles now.

    • Thomas F

      No, Belle is ok, but Harmattan is better.. 🙂

    • et3rnal

      may be belle UI on MeeGo kernel + touch of swipe this will be WOW!

    • chernov

      nah, I love symbian but meego is a breath of fresh air compared to belle!

  • Thomas F

    Just hope that the App update for the N9/Harmattan is the ability to run Android Apps… 🙂 this would catapult the N9 the to be the best smartphone on the market today..

    • Viipottaja

      I would astonished if Nokia delivered such an update. The hacker/developer community perhaps, but can not see Nokia doing it.

      • Annethe

        There are such possibilities: 1st better is Nitroid which is in alpha development Makes Nokia N9 dual boot both MeeGo and Android (Nitroid) 2nd Alien Dalvik (by Myriad ?)which enables to run Android software on MeeGo as native soft. Serch both in google. Windows will never allow it.

        • Annethe

          BTW: would be interesting to have possibility to run Symbian Belle on Nokia N9 – that would be…! And all those Symbian apps….

        • Razus

          If you’d followed the threads at TMO & FMC…
          You’d know that OpenMobile’s & Myriad’s solutions are never coming to end-users.
          They’re not structured/geared that way…
          Best chance is a community port of dalvik or the IcedRobot project.

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  • Saul


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