Rumours: Nokia Apollo/WP8 Lumia PureView coming + 4″ Lumia Slider for Sprint.

| April 9, 2012 | 79 Replies

The MS Nerd has been tweeting some Nokia related tweets regarding some future devices. These are just rumours (the most recent thing we have posted about was that FreeTimeMachine thing


A PureView Lumia Clear Black HD display with Qualcomm’s super fast S4 chip. Now you might think this was merely based on the render seen last week, but apparently not.

Very interesting #rumor: Nokia prepping flagship WP8 device for Verizon this fall with PureView camera & ClearBlack HD display on MSM8960.!/MS_nerd

PureView but NOT based on the 808′s super huge sensor, but on the N8′s sensor. We’ve been expecting a N8 Nokia WP for a while but did not expect one AFTER PureView device. That’s not to scoff about. The N8 is still regarded as the best camera phone (only to be beaten by Nokia themselves). Whilst the likes of the HTC One X and iPhone might outdo current Lumia, testing from AAS and Engadget show the N8 is still the one to beat.


It should mean that the lump is less substantial and more manageable and that it could possibly appear much sooner.

Could this be the Nokia Prodigy?

Last we heard, these Apollo phones are rumoured to be ‘incredible’ but that’s based on the info by a N9/MeeGo fan at Nokia.

Anyway, next rumour:

A landscape QWERTY slider. Hurrah. Something you guys have been asking for too. Would you like this in flat slide or a return to E7/N9/N97?

And another neat #rumor: Nokia is apparently making landscape-QWERTY slider with 4 inch WVGA screen for Sprint as well, also on the MSM8960.!/MS_nerd

This will also be 4 inches, based on S4 so very fast, but coming to Sprint.

Will it come to AT&T? Apparently this will be a carrier exclusive.

I’m hearing Nokia will continue ‘rolling thunder’ with per-carrier exclusive designs in the United States, i.e. unique phones.!/MS_nerd

Nokia World is coming this September, most likely coinciding with the Fall release of Windows 8 devices. Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Nokia’s Tablet and ‘Super Phone’? The premise of something amazing happening sounds likely but I’m too jaded not to be slightly doubtful either.

MS Nerd is not only an MS fan. He likes ICS and thinks it’s beautiful.

Source: MS_nerd



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  1. “PureView but NOT based on the 808′s super huge sensor, but on the N8′s sensor. We’ve been expecting a N8 Nokia WP for a while but did not expect one AFTER PureView device. That’s not to scoff about. The N8 is still regarded as the best camera phone (only to be beaten by Nokia themselves). Whilst the likes of the HTC One X and iPhone might outdo current Lumia, testing from AAS and Engadget show the N8 is still the one to beat.

    It should mean that the lump is less substantial and more manageable and that it could possibly appear much sooner.”

    What’s the point in the camera, then?! No watered-down cams, please – give us TRUE PV quality!

  2. Ebon & Unicorn N9 says:

    Just as expected.. Nokia is first trying to get the N8 module on WP before the 808 one.. And the E7′s successor to be based on WP.

    WP8 will be support Multi resolutions.. Wonder if MS will ask developers to update their apps or follow Apple way…

    • Pr@$h@nt says:

      Or maybe a 25 mp pureview lumia, using oversampling to create 3 mp & 5 mp pureview images & 3X loseless zoom.

      • Pr@$h@nt says:

        And yes, a xenon flash is must along with an powerful LED flash. It wud be great.

        BTW Jay , wat abt ur visit 2 nokia house? When u r goin there? I wud suggest u 2 go there in september at the nokia world as next nokia world event will b happening in Finland

      • dss says:

        The N8 sensor is not big enough for 20+ mp.. no point, the pixels will be too small. If anything, it should be 8Mpix which will bring the pixel size from 1,75 (in the N8) to ~ 2,0 which would be much more beneficial than a bigger pixel count.

        The N8 already has a bit of PureView in it, during video recording it uses its whole sensor, and it has 3x loseless zoom. It won’t be possible with a 8Mpix sensor tho, it has to be 12.. and it will work only in 720p mode

  3. Paul Grenfell says:

    All the more reason to get the 808..Which i will do asap.

  4. weirdfisher says:

    that should be an N950 like slider

  5. Grendell says:

    That sounds very promising. A capable yet simple OS, N9 like form factor, a 12MP module with a 2-3MP Pureview output and NO hardware bump would be awesome! Now if only HDMI out, USB on the go, FM Transmitter and NFC/bluetooth connectivity and file transfer protocols, quasi-gyroscopic image stabilization (with Nokia’s own Digital Image Stabilization) and I’d happily stand in line for a few days to give Elop my bucket of drool. Happily texting on my N9 while doing so, of course!

    • NikolayMWD says:

      Yeah.. I’m not leaving my n8 until wp has fm-transmit and USB on the go.

      • Valmon says:

        I concur.

        It’s the 808 for me all the way – why buy a new phone and have less stuff on it?

      • viipottaja says:

        Hi, just curious: what do you use your USB OTG for mostly?

        I tried using my N900´s FM transmitter in my car but it never really worked that well.. Plus I had XM radio at the time anyway.. :P

        • AlsoCan says:

          I don’t use this THEREFORE it is not useful :D

          • arts says:

            trolling? =D

          • viipottaja says:

            Lol. If you think so.

            I am interested in use cases and their frequency. My phone (N900) does not have USB OTG so curious to hear what people use it for and how often etc.

            I would like to have a panini press in my phone – it would be useful for me.

            • Banderpop says:

              I’ve used USB-OTG for file transfers to and from portable storage devices carried around by friends. Although this is less frequent now that more of them have smart phones in just the last year, so Bluetooth can be used instead.

              However, I do use the DAB headset a lot. I go for long walks a couple of times per week, and unless I have a new music album, I’ll often choose to listen to the radio. Internet radio eats through my data allowance too quickly, doesn’t sound as good and doesn’t work without a good 3G signal. FM radio doesn’t sound as good and severely limits the number of stations. A separate portable DAB unit would make me miss calls and notifications because I can’t hear both at once. So until there’s a Bluetooth variant of the DAB headset, I want USB-OTG.

              The most important thing to me that’s keeping me away from Windows Phone though, is the lack of a file manager and the freedom to put any files I like on the phone. Including ones that the phone can’t open, should I wish to do so. I’ll leave cloud storage solutions to those who don’t mind their lives being filled with advertisements based on their activities. And are also okay about the limitations, costs, battery life etc…

              • Carbontubby says:

                I very much concur.

                Cloud storage and forced Zune sync are two things that should be optional on Windows Phone. My data is mine, I should be able to do with it as I wish. It’s plain stupid to be forced to transcode music and videos through Zune even though the phone’s hardware is capable of handling a bunch of codecs. Even dead old Symbian plays most MKVs and AVIs fine…

        • abcs says:

          To transfer large files (above 200MB) from phone to phone. Bluetooth will take ages, wifi too(at my location). Also to transfer files from PC or laptop to phone or vice versa but that doesnt need USB OTG, just USB mass storage.

    • Oslik says:

      Yes, and in the L800 form factor, 3.7″ – 4″, not more, with FFC. Some Lumia 830 please!

  6. arts says:

    While hoping this is true, I must say that wpcen5ral often think lowly of him. Alot of misses and not too many hits.

  7. reonhato says:

    Landscape qwerty design. I have yet to see any manufacturer besr Nokia on this. Even though the N97 was hated, its slide out design was always liked.

  8. LaW says:

    i badly weant a design exactly like the n950 but with windows 8 and the n8 camera at the back. somthing like that ill buy with the S4 chip too ofcourse. i always whiched they brang out the nokia n950 but i hope the rumoured qwerty landscape slider is like it. Im happy with n8 cam and pureview features. 808 is overkill and will make for too much of a buldge and ruining design. With abit more research which has probably happened nokia can push an n8 sensor in a lumia 900 size phone by now.

    • Deep Space Bar says:

      never gonna happen cause of the OS it’s just like iOS ,portrait view only

      • Jay Montano says:

        HTC Arrive. That’s in landscape.

        Most likely by the time there’s WP8, they would have made the homescreen landscape too.

        At this moment, apart from homescreen, everything pretty much works in landscape (you might have a few portrait only games/apps).

        • Ebon & Unicorn N9s says:

          Some of the apps on WP are potrait-mode only. Lot of HTC HD7 owners have complained about this.

          Unless MS make the OS and all apps to be landscape compatible, I don’t think the slider would have much benefit…

          • Janne says:

            Why not? Nokia’s Maemo and MeeGo devices also have quite limited portrait/landscape support and still keyboard sliders are widely considered very useful there.

            The most important places for the keyboard would be message typing – and apps that really require that do or will support landscape as that becomes more common.

            If some hub or a token app does not support landscape (or vice-versa), it does not the entire form-factor useless make… Sheesh.

            • Janne says:

              Just to clarify: By the Maemo reference I was referring to their lack of good portrait support, of course they supported/required landscape widely. MeeGo Harmattan on the other hand is portrait only in significant parts.

              • Ebon & Unicorn N9s says:

                All the Maemo devices were landscape devices(Even the N900 has the logos in landscape format).. They were never meant to be used in portrait (except for the N900 while calling)..

                Harmattan, on the other hand, was limited to portrait in many parts because the plan was to launch the N9 only. If there was plan to release N950, I bet they would have enabled portrait\landscape throughout the OS.

                Landscape qwerty devices need full portrait\landscape support to work flawlessly. Ask any HTC HD7 or Desire Z owner..

      • Janne says:

        What on Earth are you talking about. E7-like landscape/keyboard slider Windows Phone are already being sold, have been since the first generation. Spare us of your ignorance, please.

        And speaking of N950 in the message which you reply to, since when did MeeGo Harmattan support landscape main screens either? In this regard, Windows Phone is pretty much as good or as bad as the MeeGo is.

        • Janne says:

          There have also been chassis leaks regarding E72/E6/BlackBerry type of qwerty Windows Phones. Not sure if such have ever been sold yet, but I expect a lot more diversification coming over the months ahead. As it should be.

        • Shilow says:

          It does support landscape main screens actually.
          It’s quite easy to enable it now, no voodoo or hacks required.
          Try not to spread stuff as fact, when it’s clearly not an area that interests you.

  9. Saul says:

    Well yes, all stuff one would rightly expect, & about time too.
    If they don’t deliver stuff on the this scale…
    Then they can kiss goodbye to notable success with WP.

  10. Ruhul says:

    So, no wp8 for at&t? I read somewhere that at&t will get some samsung device. I think nokia should get every major operator to launch WP8

  11. Kan says:

    Exclusive phones to network operators is the wrong way to go. Nokia should sell the same phone across all the networks and differentiate through exclusive apps.

    Apple showed the way.

    • Hypnopottamus says:

      The iphone was exclusive to AT&T for the 1st 3 years. They only branched out in 2011 to other carriers. I’m assuming we’re only discussing the US here. Nokia HAD to go w/ the exclusive carrier route in order to get full attention by the carrier. AT&T would never have paid as much attention to the Lumia 900 if it was going to other carriers as well. Once (or IF, I should say) Nokia re-establishes itself in the US, it can do as you say.

    • Tim.L says:

      You do understand it’s not about Nokia not wanting to sell it on all carriers? Nokia has to do it if it wanna sell on any carrier in USA.

      • Kan says:

        It’s a sign of Nokia weakness. No one can deny that operators never add to a phone they always will bastardize it in some way.

        Apple exclusivity was AT&T kowtowing to Apple as they were losing the battle with Verizon who did not like the terms on offer by Apple.

        Nokia should build the best phone period. Not one for one carrier then a different one for another carrier with a different name and marketing. It just demeans their branding and confuses the customer.

        • Tim.L says:

          We are going circles here.

          Of course it’s about Nokia being weak. Nokia is nothing in USA, it’s in sharp decline, it’s in no way or shape able to make any demands.

          There’s only one brand in the world that is able to sell one same phone on multiple carriers in USA.

          GS that is the second most popular phone and even it needs to have different shell for every carrier it goes.

          It’s part of the pre historic way North America does it’s phone business and part that Nokia is in no way or shape to make Apple like demands.

        • Hypnopottamus says:

          I’m not sure where you are from, but in the US, Carriers are basically the “customer” as far as manufacturers go. The make devices for carriers to pick up and sell to consumers.

          Carriers use the devices to differentiate from each other (otherwise, why would one choose any carrier over the next with their outrageous prices). So in essence, AT&T “kowtowing” to Apple is the norm. Verizon did so w/ the Droid and Sprint did so with the HTC EVOs.

          When Apple’s exclusive contract w/ AT&T ended, AT&T had nothing to show for itself (Verizon had been building an army of Androids and an LTE network to boot…same w/ Sprint to some extent). This is really one of the reasons why AT&T gladly hopped on the Lumia/WP train. Their Android line up is mediocre at best. They have the smallest LTE coverage (Sprint has WiMax). To differentiate from other carriers, WP was really the only way to go. It now has the HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900.

          Again, Nokia has no control to which carrier will pick them up. The carriers set themselves apart from one another by offering different (and supposedly better) devices than the others.

          • Kan says:

            Despise would not be a too strong word for me to describe my disgust of the operators.

            I am sick to my back teeth with their so called exclusives. Nokia kowtowing to them may seem like a good idea to get their phones into the US but at what cost?

            The carriers are calling the shots. What chance Verizon doesnt like Nokia free Navigation app as they want to sell their own?

            Not only must you use their service which you pay for but on a bastardized phone.

            • Hypnopottamus says:

              We don’t disagree here, my friend. Unfortunately, this is how things have become in the US. We have the deregulation of the telecommunications industry in the 90′s to thank for that. It’s just 1 step closer to a monopoly. Our politicians won’t do a damn thing either b/c they are in the industry’s pockets too!

              As far as Verizon goes, they were asked by MS if they want to carry a WP. They said they’ll pass until WP8 (why would they? They have the best selection of Android devices, which is immensely popular here). AT&T also has their own navigation service. Luckily, you aren’t forced to use it (yet…keeping fingers crossed). One can use google’s navigation, and now with Nokia back in the “game,” Nokia Maps!! Both for FREE.

          • Tim.L says:

            Lol, yes i know. We are both talking about the exact same thing here. :D

            • Kan says:

              Verizon did not want to sell a non LTE WP phone. Add to the fact both AT&T and Verizon use different bands for their LT newtorks as a way to stop interoperability.

              Throw in the biggest corporate lobbbyists.


              Someone needs to break their control.

              • Janne says:

                Kan: I think we all can agree that the operator landscape in the U.S. is generally a “bad thing”.

                But it is what it is. Nokia is in no position to try and change it now. They tried for years to change it, their best years, and still couldn’t do it. Nokia had the best devices of the time and they were INVISIBLE in the U.S. because Nokia was trying to have their way against the operators.

                Think about it. Really.

                • migo says:

                  Yeah, and Apple came from nowhere and had their way with the operators.

                  • Janne says:

                    Even the all-mighty Apple used an exclusive carrier (AT&T btw) in the U.S. for three years! Three years! Nokia used to hardly ever play this carrier game like that, Apple played it from the start – and won handsomely because of it.

                    Maybe if in a number of years time Lumia is in a similar power-position things might be different for it as well…

        • Janne says:

          Kan: Nokia is weak in the U.S. exactly because they haven’t been able to penetrate the market by trying to ignore the operator’s significant powers. Not even when Nokia was the biggest, bestest thing around the world. Let alone now that they are struggling.

          Only Apple has been able to play the operator game differently in the U.S., and even they had to do the exclusivity dance for a number of years first.

          Trust me, Nokia tried what you are saying and failed miserably in the U.S. I would have wanted them to succeed with the old style sure, but it wasn’t working. Something had to change. Let’s see if this is the cure.

          • kan says:

            One point on Nokia failure in the US is not alone due to the operators. Nokia was in a long running patent dispute with Qualcom which was costing tens of millions and running over a couple of years and it affected Nokia ability to enter aggressively into the US as if they lost the case they could have had their phones banned from the US.

            Their are strong operators in all countries – yes the US operators seem to a special breed unto themselves but Nokia worked with operators succesfully.

            There was just too much uncertainty whilst Nokia and Qualcomm were fighting a case in court.


            • Janne says:

              kan: An interesting point to make. I appreciate that and speculate on some effect there.

              However, I still don’t think Nokia today is in any position to make demands in the U.S. It needs allies to crack this puzzle, and the operators are the allies it needs.

              Do you really think that even a true halo-device, the best possible phone ever from a fairly unknown brand in the U.S. (Nokia), might crack the market unsubsidized? Where unlike in other markets, going unsubsidized does not really award such lower monthly rates? Where most of the phones are bought subsidized?

              In the messages above you seemed to suggest it. Or that carriers would support and subsidize the phone even without exclusives. I think you are being too optimistic on this one. In the U.S., carriers matter a lot, and to carriers exclusives matter a lot – even though I agree it sucks balls.

              Is there any example of a phone or phone brand in the U.S. that made it without carrier exclusives? Even Apple needed AT&T exclusivety to get to where they are now.

              The Nokia U.S. operator approach, like the whole Windows Phone strategy change, we do not have to like it – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t necessary.

              • kan says:

                You have the AT&T Iphone agreement backwards. Apple was happy to sell the Iphone on both Verizon and AT@T from day one. However Verizon baulked at Apples demands and declined. Jobs mentions this in an interview.

                At the time of the launch of the Iphone in 2007 Verizon susbsriber and arpu was growing faster than ATT and they had just overtaken ATT in total number of subscribers.


                The deal only seemed exclusive as Apple demanded so much and the fact they were not interested in the smaller two operators.

                Apple greatest achievement was breaking the control of the operators.

                The operators are still stuck in a 70′s mindset where they must control every aspect of the users interaction with their service.

                What MS and Nokia have not provided is a viable third way. Curently its either 1) bastardized subsidised phone from operator 2) subsidised Iphone From operator. A viable third way should have been where Nokia and MS push out the updates and in return develop services and software exclusive to the operator. So in losing control over updates ATT gains ceryain exclusive services software or content.

                • Janne says:

                  Of course Apple was happy to offer it to any operator, just like Nokia would be – the big question is, under what terms would the operator take iPhone back then and would the iPhone have been successful without the operators…

                  It is quite possible AT&T would not have accepted the terms either had they not gotten exclusivety out of it. And not even Apple was dumb enough to try the unlocked route in the U.S. iPhone would probably have remained a rarity.

                  I stand by my opinion: even Apple needed carrier exclusivety in the U.S. to get to where they got. Of course, once they got big enough they carriers waived their exclusivety-demands because the ball is now in iPhone’s court, but Nokia is not anywhere near big enough in the U.S. for such demands. They weren’t even when they were the biggest, baddest thing internationally.

                  Nokia needs the operators. The operators want exlusivety in return. I don’t think Nokia has a choice in this if they want to get back to the U.S. in a significant way.

                  “The operators are still stuck in a 70′s mindset where they must control every aspect of the users interaction with their service.”

                  Sure, I agree and hate it.

                  “A viable third way should have been where Nokia and MS push out the updates and in return develop services and software exclusive to the operator.”

                  An interesting idea, sure, but I’m not sure the operators would have been interested. Who knows what tricks they have tried over the years? But an interesting idea hovering around the same exclusivety requirement idea.

                  • Kan says:

                    The US is a law unto itself. In the UK I can get a huge discount off my service plan if I do not opt for a phone. In the US there is no discount which shows just how perverse the economics are in the US market.

                    AT&T still provide the biggest subsidy on the Iphone to “disguise” its true price to the customer. A susbidy distorts the real market clearing price for a product. Where in any other industry do you expect a subsidy on an in demand device?

                    AT&T are caught in a no win situation. They have to sell the Iphone as if they do not customers will just leave for another operator. Switching costs are low. However they are not making much on the Iphone – look at their profit per subscriber as they are spending so much in subsidising the Iphone.

                    Apple is having the operators lunch and their only response is to go back to what they know ie bastardize phones. All this does is alienate customers even more and drive them into Apples arms.

  12. says:

    its great that nokia can produce several different phones at the same time variety/quality
    i can’t wait to see this years model lineup, i know im getting a pink 800 for my girl, but for the last few weeks ive been thinking of not getting my 900 and waiting to see whats coming latter this year,

  13. Tim.L says:

    The MS Nerd hasn’t been exactly the best source with info, but lets say these are true.

    I hope Nokia makes amazing looking device or the screen is jaw dropping. Because Samsung will of course have the top of the line specs and it will sell it via 2 times larger carrier than Nokia.
    25MP PureView might be too early, but Nokia needs that to make impact, or something else. Those specs are not enough.

    WIth Apollo phons Nokia can’t play around. Samsung will strike hard.

  14. viipottaja says:

    What would be most important is getting Lumia´s to all main carriers. The specific models are less important IMO, as long as they allow the carriers some differentiation from the others.

    • Tim.L says:

      MS Nerd was a bit vague on what he talked.

      He said that rolling thunder would be about delivering same device in a different shells to all carriers. when asked about these new deviecs.

      So could it only be on sprint for Nokia? I hope so because AT&T has double the customers to sprint. It’s major win for Samsung, and Nokia can’t let that happen.

  15. twig says:

    Nokia 900 number 1 and 5 at Amazon

    So a 900 and 808 it is.

  16. rudy says:

    Still only wvga, while most competitors are doing HD screens.

    • Tim.L says:

      HD for the high end device.

      Remember that the qwerty device can be the next E71 with way smaller screen than Lumia 800 and more lower end, more in the 6xx or 7xx range.

  17. Kan says:

    The MSM8960? I hope it’s the 8960 Pro and not the 8960 with the Adreno 225 GPU which is just an overcloked Adreno 220.

    The moment Nokia build a phone around the MSM8960 Pro with the Adreno 320 then that will be awesome but I fear they will put that into a tablet.

    The 225 is slightly better than the current Powervr sgx4543mp2 in the Iphone. However the new Ipad uses the quad core version of the Iphone 4s ie powervr sgx543mp4 which is likely to find its way into the Iphone 5.

    By the end of this year if Nokia can bring their hardware internals upto the level of the Iphone ie dual core cpu and gpu with windows 8 adding missing features in the o/s then it will be a real contender.

  18. eli says:

    They need to put a higher res screen or wp8 will be fail

    • viipottaja says:

      and of course they will. but not on all of the phones – I doubt an HD screen is yet a viable proposition for a $150 phone. :)

  19. Law says:

    I wonder what will be faster, adreno 320 or ipad 3s quad core sgx543.? The adreno 320 was mentioned in the rumoured w8 pureview funny looking device render. Lets hope nokia have a competetive gpu and cpu on their w8 flagship by years end

    • kan says:

      The Adreno 325 should be faster as it runs on 28nm and the ipad 3 gpu silicon is 65nm and at a lower clock rate.

  20. viipottaja says:

    Just realised that hopefully the portrait qwerty format – if true – implies more landscape orientation support in WP8 which would be great. AFAIK its now limited in Mango.

  21. npo4 says:

    I wonder if a Lumia slider will ever come to the UK. Sprint uses CDMA, so it we wouldn’t be able import it sim-free.

    It is good to see Nokia continue to make QWERTY sliders, as they’ve always been pretty good at them :P

  22. Nagol says:

    Wow this is really really good news!!! Hopefully this gives me hope of a touch and type Windows phone. My only complaint of WP7 is the lack of flash support. But I’m optimistic we will get adobe in WP8 or 9.

  23. Doug says:

    I’m more interested in seeing whether or not any of these phones make there way to becoming unlocked phones that will carry world frequencies. Nothing would tick me off more than a WP8 Nokia with an N8 camera and xenon flash exclusively for VZW and nobody else in the world.

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