Video: Nokia 808 PureView – See the unseen! (hands on, crazy zooming again!)

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LOL. The Nokia 808 PureView’s camera just won’t cease amusing me. It’s just too good. Look at it in this hands on from Nokia Brazil. They zoom in to portions of a picture like as if it’s CSI hollywood zoom and enhance magic.

It keeps blowing my mind everytime they show me a picture and then zoom out. :O. I want Nokia ads like this.

See the unseen.





Let’s look back at some of that zooming action before;


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  • Viipottaja

    Heh, pretty darn impressive – so you can basically just go to your hotel balcony, snap an overview aerial shot of the city, and then go back to watching porn and emptying the mini bar. After the trip you just zoom into that one pic, crop various parts of it, and voi la, a full “back to office” report of the sights of city to show to the wife/gf/bf. Not bad. :p

    Not sure how much I would use the zooming into pics and cropping in reality – the amazing picture quality otherwise and in particular in low ligh is what appeals to me (even) more in Pureview.

    • Pökö


    • Ritesh

      LOL !!

  • deep space bar

    if this phone doesn’t bring nokia back some MAD CASH…then then there is a HUGE problem

    molome need to udate their UI and features for symbian as well as sophiecam….more social logins

    and for sure instagram CAN’t pass this off they would be stupid to do so

    • Ritesh

      true.. molome needs more filters and a good UI..
      I have started using sophie cam & molome for a exhaustive collection of filters

    • migo

      It won’t get Nokia mad cash up front, but it’ll mean for the next few years minimum every phone that comes out will have people saying “let’s wait and see what Nokia has planned”

  • RVM

    That camera interface is great. Only now i noticed, how icons are hiding while focusing.

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  • Irishtrekkie

    right all other phone makers need to stop putting cameras on their phone, as it just makes them look bad.

    Nokia and Carl Zeiss are really in a league of their own.

  • Srikanth

    What about video camera zoom. 12x for 360p. Without loss.
    Please Post a video Jay.

  • James Scott

    Wish I had that camera UI for my N8.

    • Ritesh

      even N8 isnt that.. its the base for pureview !!
      The casing for N8 is way better than the poly carb on 808..
      That metal feel with the ‘Nokia N Series’ just takes it to another level^

  • Paul Grenfell

    Strewth , that is awesome.. if only the Australian Public could see that promoted.. It would be a hit.
    Thanks for that Jay..

  • shallow ocean shoal


    That is so awesome, that would have been my next phone if I didn’t already have this here N9, but I can’t ditch swipe just yet…can’t wait for the win version – that will be my next phone.

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  • Oswaldo

    I already wrote to one nokian´s fb-status that you should do a next generation N9 (Meltemi) and put this hardware and software in it. Of cource with the videocalling feature and fm transmitter that the N9 lacks…..And of course the individual camera button as well 😉

  • torcida

    wooow wooow woooow

  • leon

    superrr amazing zoom zoom zoom

    indonesia waiting for 808