New Nokia 311 Pics and look at the new multitouch, swipe S40 touch N9-ish UI in funky cartoon style manual

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Lookie. More pics of the Nokia 311. But not just that. It comes with a cute manual unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s depicted like a little comic of sorts. It seems very personable, what with your guy (a cartoon character) using the phone through different tasks. BTW Nokia, please make all your future manuals like this. It’s a lot less clinical, and looks more approachable that this is a device for people.

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What we can see again is more SWIPE.

Swipe them screens. Central MeeGo Harmattan like icon grid in middle, then homescreen on left and dialler on right. But based on what we last saw, these can be configured.

Swipe to answer

A look into the new UI. It’s very N9 like with those >

We can see pinch and zoom. That’s multitouch on S40 (if this is S40).

There are also pull down notifications. We’ve seen it before in the old manual but nice to see again.

Reorganising lists?




Maps navigation

Check list

MeeGo Lite anyone? Meltemi? S40 Touch? Whatever it is, it’s looking mighty fresh.

More 311

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Cheers for the tip, Loci!


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  1. pikapowerize says:

    im inlove with it! i think its not a S40, more like a Meego Lite which means a meltemi! since its the (probably) the next version of MeeGo Harmattan!

    • Janne says:

      No, all indications are this is still S40, the new full touch “Sonic” version of it. Meltemi is an end of year affair by current estimations.

      This Sonic/S40 311 will apparently, like all of Nokia’s low-end it seems, be getting the same general UI look and feel than the N9. Of course with certain differences.

      So like Marko Ahtisaari said in a recent interview, Nokia has two UI paradigms: swipe and Windows Phone. Swipe will be, I assume, on all the low-end devices eventually in some form. Of course not touch for non-touch phones, but generally a similar look and feel.

      Higher end devices will be Windows Phone at least for now, but of course Nokia will keep developing swipe and has the option to take it elsewhere in future (disruptions).

      This is how it has been mapped out since the N9 launch or Feb11 it seems. We are just now getting the pieces in public. All things Elop said about things from N9 “living on” and all that. Just like I’ve been saying all these months…

  2. 101 says:

    wow that phone looks good in red the UI is coming out nicely cant wait for this phone to be announced, just hope nokia doesnt screw this up.

  3. lordstar says:

    Glad that Nokia retained the squircle look in the ui. Prefer that design over the look of tiles.

    The N9′s ui got the squircle feel right, very consistent all throughout the ui.

  4. lordstar says:

    Well I hope Nokia is pushing through with the Carla and Donna updates. There seems to be some rumors that the 808 is the last Symbian device.

    I’m actually waiting for news regarding Carla devices before I get an upgrade for my Nokia 500. Wanted to buy the 701 but i’ll wait for further news regarding new symbian devices. We might see another try something new thing with Carla devices just like what Nokia did with launching belle.

  5. Janne says:

    I think we are starting to see how the N9 UI will “live on” in the Next Billion. The screenshot released by Baidu clearly shows the UI will move on from the old S40 look and instead inherit the N9 look.

    This, yet, won’t be Meltemi though – new version of S40 instead. But if and when Meltemi comes, I think it is safe to assume we’ll get the same N9-like UI there with even more features (and Qt)…

    So when looking at the N9 UI, we see the future of Nokias low-end devices.

  6. Janne says:

    BTW: What a difference color makes. I’m really liking this design now of the 311, in that color. In the other leaked photo I didn’t like the design.

    But this has happened before. Leaks may come out in bad photos, bad angles and weird or even prototype colors. E6 was one that looked very nice in person but very bad in the first leaks.

  7. Bharat Justa says:

    Um… Is that a 12 MP cam? Or 1.2 MP? In the second pic of 311? :|

    • Janne says:

      Would have been wild. :)

      But no, earlier rumors said 3.2 MP on the 311 and if you look closely you can see that then “1″ is actually a 3 which is blurred a bit on the left on the photo. And clearly there is a “.” between the numbers. Plus 3.2 just makes sense for this (guesstimated) price point, neither 1.2 or 12 would really make sense…

      Apparently 2 MP for 305, 306.

  8. Deaconclgi says:

    The micro USB port is rectangular like the N8….USB-OTG maybe?

  9. lalaland says:

    if its S40, the codes will be rearrange right? and it will be messy. i think its a Meltemi/MeeGo Lite!

  10. et3rnal says:

    If u have the manual file could u please share it with us? If not, just scroll to the end and tell us if u can see the Java cap (java support) if though then this is just S40 which i think its


  11. sdfanq says:

    Elop said that swipe will live on at Nokia and this is just a step forward towards a real low-end smartphone in the name of Meltemi. And please stop referring to Meltemi as MeeGo Lite because Meego was never much more than a marketing gimmick at Nokia.

  12. zymesh says:

    ill take that if it doesnt have a camera. i cant bring my n8 to my office desk. but i bring my x1-01 in. this new swipe thing might be a good replacement.

  13. Diego says:

    One thing I’ve noticed. The manual is in Portuguese. Probably we’ll see it soon in Brasil?

    • Max says:

      I would guess this is an european leak – meaning we’ll probably see it first in Portugal. But again, I’m only guessing.

      • Djan says:

        This Manual is in brazilian portuguese with govern agency Anatel’s seal on legal stamp. I would bet in a brazilian device… There are a few diferences between Brazil and Portugal portuguese, and this one is for sure, Brazil’s one.

        See ya

  14. lordstar says:

    It looks like it’s as thick as the N8. Is it?

  15. tobi says:

    Let’s pray elop doesn’t screw this one too.

  16. Raymund says:

    I’m so excited to see what will it be., :D

  17. rustyknight17 says:

    Hmmm , interesting , s40 Sonic , if that`s what this is , is looking good , may have to wait for this lol ! If Nokia makes a QWERTY version of this , will definitely have to get it , love the swuipe UI ! Choices , choices , wait for the 311 or get the 303 ? :))

    • Saul says:

      Mate don’t necro-post… it’s not cool, very poor netiquette.
      Esp. when you’re not posting anything newsworthy or technically enlightening.

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