Video: PR1.3 Demoed on Nokia N9

| July 3, 2012 | 63 Replies

As Jay mentioned earlier Pr1.3 is currently rolling out as we speak; earlier today I updated my own N9 (I believe it’s a UK variant; could be Finland though) to 1.3 and had a quick spin on it, as we previously mentioned not much has changed in the UI of the OS; regardless here’s a video showing some changes plus an annoying email problem that is the main reason I don’t use the N9 at all.


The Changelog so far is:

  • file upload now seems to work using the default browser (1)
  • video decoding got improved (1) (2) (3)
  • UI feels alot smoother now (1) (2) (3)
  • Beep profile has an Icon on status bar and standby screen (1) (2)
  • It seems that wireless networks are found much faster than before. In addition the device sees more networks than with PR1.2 (1)
  • Fix for GNOME Bug 662125 - Sharing uses 100% CPU if a client requests a lot of small slices from a media file, most visible symptom is choppy video playback (1)
  • Compatibility fix for XBox360 (GNOME Bug 664184): Previously showed a single song up to 5 times in the “All Songs” list (1)
  • better NFC support with C7 (1)
  • Inception 0.1 security hole got fixed (but there is Inception 0.2 already) (1)
  • Swipe resistance fix for RSS reader app (1)
  • “Fenix not responding” message was renamed to “Mail not responding” (1)
  • certificate-based access in MfE works now (1)
  • Swype keyboard works again properly in terminal (was broken on pr1.2) (1)
  • The browser top sites selection seems to be less laggy coming up (1)
  • Music Player widget on Lockscreen have little shadows at its font. it works nicely with bright wallpaper (1)
  • Camera improvements (out of centre focusing and improved autofocus in low light) (1)
  • New fonts again (1)
  • Nokia Maps positioning is a lot faster when in indoor (1)
  • Twitter app now support timeline & mentions streaming (1)
  • The weather widget background on the notification screen is now transparent (1) (2)
  • Copy/Paste text is more precise now to select (1)
  • Nokia Music store payment bug fixed (1)
  • Various minor performance and layouting fixes were made for the application icons and folders (1)
  • Bookmarks were opened using the previous default browser after changing the default browser (1)
  • Application icons were sometimes incorrectly shown after unsuccessful application installation (1)
  • Some default application names were truncated in some languages (1)
  • Notification timestamps were incorrect in certain scenarios (1)
  • Profile selection did not work after using headset (1)
  • Lock screen did not update when connected to a TV (1)

Changelog VIA

What do you guys think of 1.3? how many of you are still waiting on it? (anyone know what’s up with the email client?)


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  1. Prashant says:

    I wish if i had a n9.

    • @rollindadice says:

      make the wish come through, purchase it

      • Shane says:

        Not easy to come by in India, but there’s plenty of neighbouring countries that officially have it.
        And plenty of decent specialist importer/retailers in India that’d offer 3rd-party warranty, or return to country of origin for repairs etc.

      • Antonio says:

        I wish I had it too.

        I do have the money for it, but I just CAN’T find it anywhere! I’m going nuts!

        Nokia, what have you done? I want an Nokia N9!

    • Travis says:

      Still not available in the Philippines :(

      • Kavz says:

        Its available in PH for a long time now. Sad to say, most stores no longer have a stock now. Its phased out. Smart even offered Php1 deal for N9 because they are clearing the stock and without a promo no one will get it. Try to inquire from a Nokia Store or Smart Wireless Center if they still have one.

  2. Adriano says:

    Best phone i’ve ever had, worth every euro invested on it, a work of art in industrial design from the form to the ui, everything integrated… Ah nokia fool you

    • Jack says:

      Nokia is only a fool in designing the N9, no microSD card and fixed battery, influenced by Apple.

      When Stephen Elop says the focus is now on ecosystems, he meant a recurring revenue model where developers can be fairly paid, rather than give everything away. Because the device is getting much too cheap for profit, mere pay-hooks into services like Kindle or Nexus 7, it is being subsidized by apps (30% goes to Apple/Google/Microsoft in most cases). For example, Nokia Maps will make money for Nokia on every WP8 phone sold. On Maemo, OTOH, you are not expected to pay for anything, except for the initial high cost of the device, which few will still pay today.

      That is something to remember when you lament the loss of Maemo. The past is put to rest. The most commercially viable, least restrictive, and multi-purpose OS lives on in Windows and Windows Phone 8, a good balance of standalone product and prorietary services, and I’m glad Nokia will be there to build great devices to embody it.

      • Shane says:

        “Nokia is only a fool in designing the N9, no microSD card and fixed battery, influenced by Apple.”

        And you’ll see exactly the same in upcoming lumia models (already have).
        It’s solid engineering & works, there’s technical reasons for it, not only aesthetics/design.
        Just because you don’t get that, well….

        “On Maemo, OTOH, you are not expected to pay for anything, except for the initial high cost of the device, which few will still pay today. ”

        Utterly wrong and totally misinformed.
        That was not to be & is not the approach at all.

        “The most commercially viable,”

        Well, you have to work at something before it becomes “viable”.
        That never happened with maemo/meego, barely at all.

        “least restrictive, and multi-purpose OS”

        Hah that’s hilarious….

        Don’t litter this thread with your FUD.
        It’s totally off-topic, take it elsewhere.

      • Buchan Milne says:

        “Nokia Maps will make money for Nokia on every WP8 phone sold.”

        What? In this day and age, when navigation is a core feature for smart phones, are users expected to buy Nokia Maps? Why would I buy a WP8 phone when almost all Andriod phones (including ones that cost half the price of a Lumia) have as good, or better (traffic is available on Google Maps in SA, the only other solution that supports traffic here was TomTom) navigation features?

        “On Maemo, OTOH, you are not expected to pay for anything, except for the initial high cost of the device, which few will still pay today.”

        Please explain paid-for commercial apps for N9 on Nokia store. Please explain free apps on Google Play. Please explain how Nokia is the only music store for mobile available in many countries (including South Africa), with N9 being one of the few Nokia devices that actually support buying tracks from the phone (other examples are 5800XM and N8).

        Please explain why Nokia Maps was given free voice navigation on all Nokia phones, including Series60/Symbian, if this is specific to Maemo? Please explain how Android phones now also have this feature (and finally, 5 years after Nokia, can now finally pre-load for off-line use).

        “The most commercially viable, least restrictive, and multi-purpose OS lives on in Windows and Windows Phone 8, a good balance of standalone product and prorietary services, and I’m glad Nokia will be there to build great devices to embody it.”

        If Windows Phone is least restrictive, why can’t free, open-source and paid-for apps all be available (on WP7 Marketplace), like on Android (or Meego)? You can’t make any claims on WP8′s openness until the Windows Store opens, and licences restrictions have been made public.

        • John says:

          “are users expected to buy Nokia Maps?”

          Actually it’s now being made available free to all WP8x & WP7.8 phones IIRC.
          Apparently MS will pay Nokia for this, though the full detail on how that’ll work has not been shared.
          But I fully expect MS to come up with their own system LT that makes Nokia’s redundant.
          IMO MS has simply used Nokia, once they’re done chewing it up (within the next 18mth) they’ll spit it out.
          Their “special relationship” will become heavily watered down…

  3. Jay Montano says:

    Yay intro sound is now the same :D

    Looking good, can’t wait to get the update.

  4. flava says:

    No improvement in terms of camera? UI or better noise processing maybe?

  5. ilan says:

    if the N9 is so good on poor hardware , whay nokia dosnt make more models with meego with better hardware ? it will be hot saler
    elop CEO dont want nokia secsses?
    if i was CEO i make :
    pureview with meego like 808
    more model with meego with better hardware
    make more lumia model for WP8
    tablet with meego and WP8
    some model with android

    make all model to all type and diffrent pepole. its very simple .

    dont forget to take the 75o,ooo,ooo balance payment from microsoft

    • Jack says:

      “Hot seller” but unsustainable business. You probably like to get everything for free on Meego, but it’s not good for Nokia, and certainly not good for developers around the world.

      Try to see the world outside the view of a spoiled customer. If Nokia followed your advice, they will need to set ridiculous prices to compete against Kindle or Nexus 7, which operates on a different business model (think inkjet printer cartridges or Boeing jet service contracts).

      • Shane says:

        It’s extremely easy to work out how to get aps for free on android/iOS and many users abuse that, so what’s your point?
        Many users want apps for free and if they want them bad enough, they’ll work out a way to do that.
        There are commercial apps available for meego, & a security layer. Most meego users pay for their apps (if they’re commercial) just like andoid/ios users.
        They wouldn’t have a clue how to circumvent the security framework so they can pay zero, nor do they care, just like most ios/android users.
        Your whole point is utterly wrong, it adopts more-or-less the same business model as what’s used by iOS/android.

  6. totte says:

    this makes me want my N9 back even more since i lost it in magaluf! now i got iphone :(

  7. Chris says:

    Its great to get an update for my N9, but so far PR1.3 seems to be mostly under the hood changes.

    Note to fellow tweakers: I dont suggest you apply any of the tweaks you had in your phone if the update erased them. I got a bootloop trying to change Messaging font size, but additional IM clients works fine. I think the secret behind “smoother UI” in PR1.3 is that Nokia played around with the transitions, made them faster like in our tweaks.

    Have fun, everyone! :)

  8. Wazapp don´t Work in PR 1.3

  9. Wazapp no work in pr 1.3 ???

  10. Dan says:

    The N9 is so much better than Windows Phone!

  11. jeroenhuismast says:

    Offcourse ali is again hating on the N9 again
    why dont u just stick with your shitty Wp7 instead of makin lousy comments

    • Aliqudsi says:

      Let me get this straight, when i post about WP you get all @nal about this being a Microsoft blog and when I post about Meego you tell me to stick to WP?

      How am i hating, if I were hating I wouldn’t bother spending the time making this video; hell I wouldn’t have even bothered updating my N9. In the video I clearly showed that the email client has a problem, if that’s called hating now days then grow up. Pointing out a flaw of the OS

        WITH PROOF

      is part of being a tech blog, maybe you should go back to your Meego shrine and stay there till you’re ready to join the rest of the world who know how to deal with criticism and truth.

      • DKM says:

        Hello Ali,

        I just checked the issue you showed with regard to the email. Mine received it instantly i am not sure why your dont.

        Why cant you delete the account and recreate it and see if you still have the issue or could be the sync settings. Thanks for the video.

        • Aliqudsi says:

          Your Welcome man.

          I reset all my accounts after updating but it didn’t help any, it’s really frustrating; in the video they were both on the same wifi so it’s not an internet problem. Sometimes it gets stuck “retrieving message” and will spend several ,minutes downloading a plain text email.

          This was one of the reasons I gave up on the N9 as a primary device…

      • Thomas F says:

        Hi Ali
        I just tested the e-mail and i have no lag. I sent the mail from my n9 company (exchange) to my gmail (standard n9 google setup) no lag. Is your gmail setup on your n9 exchange or google acount? And how is your setup no the L900? I think that the delay can be related to Google’s exchange server vs. Standard setup.

      • Shane says:

        Not getting that issue, never have in 7mth -touch wood
        Pretty sure I’ve seen it described before & solutions found.
        Worth your while doing some research…

  12. oswald says:

    with PR1.3 you also get notifications for Twitter on the lockscreen =D

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      That was in 1.2

      • oswald says:

        ou, really?? I never got any Twitter updates, only by e-mail

        ok then, ok =L
        phone is smoother now btw ¬¬

        • stormtroller says:

          in PR1.2, twitter notification works all the time, on unlucky situation, it wont work at all, or having very huge delay to get the notification.

          Yeah I experienced both situation above

  13. Morpog says:


    ever tried a full reflash via NSU or Nokis Suite Beta 3.5?
    Maybe that solves your problem.

    • Thomas F says:

      is that possible now?

      • Shaun says:

        In Nokia Suite Beta 3.5, if you check updates and it tells you you have no updates, there is an option to re-install the currently installed firmware.

        I’ve not tried it myself but it’s there.

        I nearly did last night as the PR1.3 update got stuck at 90% and I had to reboot. After reboot it was sort of half PR1.2, half PR1.3 and Facebook and Twitter apps were absent.

        In the end I decided a reflash using flasher was best.

  14. mph says:

    WIFI connection still drops constantly using my 3COM router (3CRWER200-75).

    Updating the maps, the connection drops (due to above) and resume button does not work after reconnecting.

    Updating the maps extremely slow, on average 100k/s using 10MB of bandwidth.

    Drive LiveTraffic not yet available.

    Anyway, nothing to enjoy!
    More one useless update for me!

    Nokia sucks!
    Nokia has died for me!

    • JGrove303 says:

      Your 3Com router is an overpriced P.O.S. that is problematic to many for different reasons. Probably why they don’t sell that model any longer. Get a new router and stop blaming Nokia.

      • mph says:

        I have different wifi devices, and they all work perfectly with my 3COM router. Just my N9 has problems.

    • Shaun says:

      Quite possibly the router that is the issue. I used to have similar problems with a Linksys router and my Mac which worked flawlessly with a PC that used a different wifi chipset.

      If you’ve a PC/Mac with wifi, create an adhoc wifi network sharing your internet connection via that and try again using that network instead of direct to the 3COM. You may find it’s quicker.

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