Highly flexible hinge for dual screened future Nokias?

| July 17, 2012 | 17 Replies

SlashGear reports that Nokia has applied for a patent involving a hinge folding tablet which could possibly then fit in your pocket. I’m sure there are already Android devices like this, right?

Abstract description:

 …an apparatus comprises a flexible hinge comprising first and second layers; the first layer comprising an elastomer and the second layer comprising a composite fabric.

This was filed back in January 6th, 2011. It is not indicative of any future products Nokia may be coming out with. Even live prototype devices from Nokia mean nothing in the over all grand scheme of the Nokia roadmap.

Possible relations to this?

We haven’t heard anything regarding Nokia tablets. All we know so far are hints of a hybrid smartphone tablet.

Something like this could be seen as a hybrid smartphone/tablet.

BTW, something like this does not necessarily need to have two screens, though it would make sense to expand the screen space.

Source: SlashGear 



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