Reddit says new Apple iPod Nano looks like Nokia Lumia. Twitter too.

| September 12, 2012 | 68 Replies

As much as some people feel annoyed at the mention of Apple on a Nokia blog, it’s part and parcel of being a Nokia blogger to talk about the competition. The one always mentioned is of course, Apple. Today however, lots of people, who aren’t Nokia bloggers – just general members of the public, are talking about Nokia whilst mentioning Apple.

Not so much iPhone but the new iPod, which Ali mentioned looks like the Nokia Lumia. Well, to be fair, some say that the N9/800 may have gotten cues from the older nano. ElMu certainly thinks so – it was one of his first comments about the N9. But now the world thinks that Apple has gotten a lot of cues from Lumia.

Image edited by Reddit, from TheVerge

Reddit seems to think so and it’s their top 3 news item on the front page. Reddit recognition is huge. It’s the front page of the internet (:p) lol.

I think Apple knew it looks like the Lumia by making the glass border bezel white on all of the colours except the black one. Otherwise, yeah, it would just look like a Lumia.

General members of the twitter public (possibly less techy aware than Reddit) are also making this point too.

Do I care that Apple is supposedly copying Nokia Lumia? No not really. Some say it looks like a Zune.

What I think is great is how people are recognising the Nokia Lumia design.

Samsung isn’t too far away though. For some reason they’ve purchased results for this search term :/

Either way, it’s nice of Apple to reinforce how cool the Nokia Lumia designs are. (Also, how are folks spinning the 16:9 screen now…I thought 4:3 was meant to be perfect).

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  1. TheN9Beast says:

    This must be a nightmare for Apple! if their fanboys are agreeing…

    • migo says:

      Not really, their share price and profits are still so high that they’ll assume that they’re doing things exactly right. It’ll be a nightmare 5-6 years from now when their marketshare and profits are taking a serious beating and their reputation is far too damaged for them to recover from it (think Nokia for the past 5 years).

  2. TheN9Beast says:

    Honestly they look alike, but to say they look the same is a straight dis towards the gorgeously crafted Lumia and N9, that THING you call an iPod is HIDEOUS! and if i was part of Nokia i would be offended! look at those ROUND BALLS they have as icons and that dumb color matching skills. oof!

    • Jay Montano says:

      I’m just happy people (the non geeks, and the popular geeks) are mentioning NOKIA. It’s an Apple day but they mention Nokia too :). I’m not too sure the white is working for the new nano. Black face would be nicer. Circle icons are a bit strange but if they were the iOS icons, it would look even more like the tiley lumia.

      If nano is popular, they’ll make people appreciate lumia design more. It’s good that Nokia continue on the design of the N9/800/900/920 at least for a little bit longer in order to increase recognition that this is a NOKIA design. Like how iPhone pushed their rectangle rounded corners with black bezel. Nokia could have done the same with N8 tapering edges but they left that (and Acer/Moto have that now).

      • TheN9Beast says:

        +1 this just shows us that people actually know about the Lumia, which is good, and now that people see the reactions i get the feeling that they are going to atleast try them at the Microsoft store when they are released, and thats one step closer to them owning it

        • Jay Montano says:

          The more positive reaction I see for Lumia, the angrier I get at Ballmer and Belfiore because they know WP8 should be out already but are probably instead lounging about eating pie.

          • TheN9Beast says:

            +1 :D Jay you crack me up. I think they going to do advertising 101, they are going to bombard the people with its new features that we don’t know about yet with the release of the phones, that way it will add to the already long list of things to be excited about

          • jiipee says:

            that coupled with the fact that Nokia needs to keep on introducing mostly techical innovations less core functionalities (eg mobile wallet), which MS will launch.

            Btw, after reading ex-Nokian jphelminen’s tweets, I think that the reason why Nokia got to show the core WP camera features (on top of resizing tiles) was that they have contributed a lot to that part of WP.

            • viktor von d. says:

              it was confirmed at the developer summit that they contributed to the camera underbase.the mapping and they worked to bring wp8 down on hardware requirements so they can bring it to lower price points.probably worked with them at nfc integration too.who knows how many things they worked on with ms

  3. Irishmarius says:

    oh schadenfreude how i have missed you. welcome back old friend

  4. Jacob PoopyPants says:

    The new Nano looks like two of the previous Nanos combined. Which the Lumia also happens to look like the previous Nano. I’m not one to get in the way of a WP7 / Android fanboy hate circlejerk but you’re going to have to try harder given it wasn’t that long ago people said the Lumia looks like a Nano.

    • Jay Montano says:

      but you’re going to have to try harder given it wasn’t that long ago people said the Lumia looks like a Nano.

      Speaking of trying harder, perhaps you can also try harder and actually read the post. The fact that the N9/Lumia looked like the old nano was already mentioned. The point of the article is not so much what looks like what, but the fact that people are mentioning the Nokia name. It’s a big deal that Reddit is saying this and that even the general public are saying this. It just means they recognise what the Nokia Lumia is and what it looks like. You might not think it, but that type of mindshare is a small breakthrough and as a Nokia fan, I welcome it.

      Well, to be fair, some say that the N9/800 may have gotten cues from the older nano. ElMu certainly thinks so – it was one of his first comments about the N9.

    • Irishmarius says:

      thats the thing , the older nano was small and square.
      nokia have been using unibody rectangular phone shape
      with a full screen going back to the N8.

      they now have it on the n9/900 and the n920.
      so for the last 3 years people have been getting
      used to that look as a nokia design.

      also loving the psp vita icons, way to
      look like a Chinese knockoff apple :).

  5. n8user says:

    It’s Apple day and we’re not blown out of the water. Just checked the weather forecast and it says high pressure ‘reality distortion field’ has given way to sunshine and blue sky.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Apple have a huge buffer of having much of the world eating out of their hands, expecting the iThings to be the end all and be all of tech.

      Apple can afford to weather several more dud iPhones. Nokia however, cannot afford NOT to take advantage of opportunities like this.

      • Rinslowe says:


        This is the time to really twist the knife a little.
        It is so, so obvious to most, that the latest Lumia’s straight up out class the iPhone in almost every way…

        Nokia simply cannot afford to slow the onslaught now. It is time for some really calculated offensive measures!
        Action, action, action!! I hope their marketing dudes and dudettes just get that at this point…

      • jiipee says:

        I dont fully agree with that. One device once a year has its risks in comparison with flooding the market with device (ex-Nokia, Samsung).

        In a year there can be two more Nokia flagships (they still have unreleased stuff in their backpockets) and huge amount of Android and other WP flaghips (and Jolla) ;) . If Apple is forced to introduce new Iphone faster it ruins part of the glory and would be a rush job and Apples operating model does not really support such.

        Apple starts to now have the Symbian burden: maintaining compatibility both in code and appearance. If I understood right, all the old apps will have large black area around them, which will look stupid. Well, they have enough developer support to correct that, but there needs to be further changes in the future. The UI legacy is another matter. What I heard from Nokia that they spent countless hours redoing the awfull menu stucture to keep the Nokia touch and feel when they should have created something unique.

        Btw does anyone have knowledge which companies Apple has bought lately? Afterall their R&D is based on acquisitions and those woulf indicate what they are planning. If there are no major news in that front, it would take long to digest the next purchase.

  6. phishbone says:

    Far be it for me to get in the middle of a good ol’ fashioned circlejerk, but really? Reddit? Reddit and /r/technology specifically is probably the furthest you can get from any sort of objectivity whenever Apple is concerned.

    Here, try this:

  7. Mr.MeanG says:

    When I first saw leaked images of the Lumia 920. Ipod Nano (4&5 Generation) popped in my head.

    Joking how Apple is going to sue Nokia…

  8. baem says:

    i hate NOKIA LUMIA MORE than apple product

    -N9 lover

  9. Tech says:

    this time for suing ;)

  10. Rinslowe says:

    I always thought my N9 resembled the Ipod nano, just a little…um.
    But you know it’s almost impossible to think Nokia, who has always shown innovative genius would actually copy another companies design. That Nokia design pride would kick in at that point and go WTF? no thanks.

    And this latest Ipod, is just a blatant rip off of the N9/ Lumia 800 – 900′s…
    Apple I’ve had a bee in my bonnet with, for a long time now, but this is going too far.
    Especially considering their ultra high profile court case (and victory) against Samsung…
    This is just..ah..splendid lol!!!
    Everyone is talking about how this has happened? Can only be good for Nokia as the reference is now automatically connected with Nokia. Wow.
    Think Apple, think Nokia…Hmm hmm hmm. Apple outsmarted themselves lol.

    Good Job Apple,

    Oh and this is a perfect opportunity for Nokia to show their character and just let it slide! No need to lower themselves to Apples obviously low, low standards…

  11. Semi Bonkers says:

    If Apple had a reason to target certain Samsung phones (some which barely looked similar) then Nokia should have a slam dunk case if they decide to go after Apple in court.

    • Rinslowe says:

      “Oh and this is a perfect opportunity for Nokia to show their character and just let it slide! No need to lower themselves to Apples obviously low, low standards…”

  12. FireDragon says:

    Oh! So that is why Apple decided to bring Nokia’s name over and over again to earn a soft corner from Nokia and Nokia Fans so they wont bite their heads off after this presentation. But I think, Nokia fans will still bites their heads off. ;) Lol.

    The selfish and fraud company – Apple.

  13. pshagsa says:

    Oh boy, let’s not start that because Nokia is going to lose that battle.

    This was Apple’s design before some Nokia phone was released, remind you of anything? yeah

    • migo says:

      The specific implementation of that design was done by Nokia, and given how Apple’s design is very spartan, you have to look at the details, otherwise everything is the same.

      • FireDragon says:

        Exactly. Non-designers cannot consider the details. For example the borders. This is what happens when everyone thinks they are expert of everything.

        • jiipee says:

          Non-designers should also understand that industrial design is way much more than form factor. That is alao something that I cannot understand the Apple Samsung trial that Apple won. They have different materials for example, not to mention internals etc.

  14. gaurav says:

    Hell Yeah… :D
    King will be back…..there is much innovation and tech in lumia 920 than iphone 5….
    most of the people are looking at NOKIA…
    L920 for me!!!

  15. Chén Zhé says:

    So this is why Apple appreciated the design of N9/800 in their lawsuit against Samsung?

  16. to be precise the nokia lumia copied from nokia n9, which copied
    the ipod nano 4g/5g. The ipod nano is simply an ipod 2g revamped.

  17. Kaizer Allen says:

    The color selections for the fifth-generation iPod touch looks strikingly similar to the Nokia Lumia as well.

  18. Mapantz says:

    Maybe we should all look at this link first?

  19. Deep Space Bar says:

    -_-wow people,the ipods looks like N9s

    i wonder why……ohhhhhh apple helping microsoft estsblish wp…since it has no face

    apple and microsoft have helped eachother for decades cause they are/where the biggest software giants and now it’s google

    -___- people needs to do your history and stop forgetting simple things like that

    why else would apple do that
    make a shitty new phone to boost windows phone to have more of a chance……you guys clearly don’t know how wicked us corporations are

  20. Jimmy Oak says:

    For me those M$ layout looks like bars in prison from inside. I prefer something more free, less depressive IMHO. Anyway some may like it, as I remember in US they have ACTA, so… ;)

  21. PRASHANT says:

    Now people will still start saying it apple’s innovation.

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