Microsoft Unveils “Rooms”, “Data-Sense” and “Kids Corner” for WP8

| October 29, 2012 | 7 Replies

Microsoft unveils Data Sense for Windows Phone 8, to debut on Verizon devices

Data sense is one of the features we’ve seen leaked in the SDK before, it brings the user the ability to track his data usage, and compresses webpages to help save on data charges and keep you from rising above your data cap (think of a mix between Nokia counters and Nokia Xpress browser. Data-sense also automatically searches for nearby WiFi hotspots to connect to, everyone loves free WiFi. Data-sense will be exclusive to Verizon Windows Phones (which until now officially consists solely of the Lumia 822).

Windows Phone 8 Rooms give every group its private space


Rooms is a second part of WP8 revealed today, although those of you familiar with Nokia Pulse won’t find it as new; it’s a cross-platform private sharing board, where users can share photos, videos, calendar events and messages between one another.

Microsoft brings guest user account to Windows Phone 8 via Kids Corner

Kids corner is yet another feature we’ve seen leaked multiple times before, where users have the ability to limit their children (or prying spouses) access to certain parts of the phone; this feature is particularly useful if say you want to entertain your child but are afraid he’ll call your boss and “accidentally” swear at him.


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