Nokia Lumia 920 at EE UK (820 too)

| October 30, 2012 | 28 Replies

I’ve been hunting around for Nokia Lumia 920 availability in the UK and the only solid lead at the moment seems to be with the new 4G Network (Orange and T-Mobile), “Everything Everywhere” or EE.

Their plans are somewhat pricey (and there’s not much leeway either to get a cheap plan. Supposedly it’s because it’s 4G). Their focus is mainly ‘Super fast’ internet (can we even get coverage?) and I’m happy to find out that they’re happy with tethering (something T-Mobile sucks at).

I was on the phone for a while to an EE sales person who said they’ll be getting stock of the 920 in a ‘couple of weeks’ :/.

The 820…no stock of that either. On a sadder note, EE will only get the black apparently. I’m hoping the sales person is wrong. The black is nice and all (rather slick actually) but I’m quite set on the yellow. My bad, white is clearly available on their site. The sales person was wrong. Hopefully we can still get more colours later along the line.

Phones4U is another UK retailer with the 920 but no details from their end yet so it could still just be through EE.

Vodafone was noted before.


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  1. @jakaraka says:

    EE are also taking orders for the White Lumia 920:

  2. misterstu says:

    Oh dear – stock in a couple of weeks? They were saying Friday yesterday!
    Jay – is it black only for the 920?

    Personally, I think the only deal worth looking at is the 12 month deal which is about the only one that may be of use to somebody.
    £51 per month. + £49.99 for the phone. Unlimited calls, texts & 1GB data.
    Ok, so not great data but it is only 12 months you are tied in for.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Good shout, 12 months is not that bad actually. I forgot they still do 12 months. Given what I already pay for just contract (no phone) it works out quite well for me.

      • Greg says:

        I’ve talked with T-mobile, the phone is available on 3g on the full Monty contract for £36 a month, unlimited data, texts and calls with £20 up front cost. Perhaps an option for people who don’t have good 4g signal yet.

  3. drexter says:

    all windows phone 8 phones are all available on all microsoft stores in the US.. yes, i guess it includes lumia 822 and 810..they also say colors are all available for online. source is on last part of keynote where there is balmer

  4. kan says:

    EE Prices are ridiculous. I would stay away from them.

    Lumia 920 sim free is going for about £470. But Google Nexus 7 pricing is £270 for 16gb version and £239 for the 8gb version.

    I think the competition is just too fierce.

    • observer says:

      i think i’m going for the 8 gig version, £240 is too good a price for the Nexus 4. i have an 808 and i’m satisfied with it, so its stupid to consider it, but its a great way to see if i can get used to using android

  5. misterstu says:

    820 info from tesco mobile shop. Deals on Orange £20.50, O2 £27 and Vodaphone £29
    One deal is £20.50 on Orange: 100 mins/Unlimited texts, 500MB data
    Free Wireless Charging Plate
    24 month contract

  6. JW says:

    I spoke to a guy at Vodafone saying they would get the 920 in January, but had no idea on pricing.

  7. goosepig says:

    They had the ‘dummy’ phones in Phones4U this afternoon, both 820 and 920. Think it said free from £36 for the 920..

  8. goosepig says:

    … I didn’t ask if they had them in stock for real (was short on time).

  9. goosepig says:

    I have to add also that the finish on the 820 felt cheap and plasticky – I wasn’t impressed, but it was the dummy model so need to see the real thing!

  10. Mark says:

    And still no reviews.

    This is not good. Starting to lean towards a Nexus 4.

    They’ve just taken too long to get this sorted.

    • Timmo says:

      You could always go with Lumia 800 which are ridiculously cheap at the moment for high end smartphone! Check this deal with tescos (who run on O2 network):
      500mins/5000txts/500mb – that’s cheaper than my sim only plan but with a Lumia 800 thrown in free!!

      • Mark says:

        Got one already. It’s a great phone but I tend to upgrade each year (got the 800 last November).

        I can only think that the reviewers haven’t rates it as highly as the HTC 8X. I’m sure the weight is going to drag the score down.

        • Dave says:

          How about you decide if the weight feels good for yourself?

          Who cares if some reviewer got money to like it.. err .. likes it.

          • Mark says:

            I will. Personally I think 185g is way too heavy but it may balance out OK.

            It’s still going to get crucified though.

        • Timmo says:

          Fair enough – I realise it’s almost a year old now but at that price and with the 7.8 update coming soon hopefully, I’m almost tempted myself. By comparison, my wife is on a £15 sim only contract with Orange and only gets 300mins + no phone! EE better get their prices inline soon or people are going to be laughing their way to other operators. I just hope Nokia’s decision to give them the exclusive on the 920 doesn’t turn out to be a big mistake! I mean come on £41 per month plus £50 up front for the 920 sounds a little steep even for a flagship. As for the great selling point, we can barely get 2G where we live let alone 3G or 4GEE…

  11. Timmo says:

    On the plus side, the 820 looks like it will be a far better option for those who are price conscious as it’s being taken on by most of the major operators in the UK. :-)

  12. misterstu says:

    Update from
    ‘Update: EE has confirmed the Lumia 920 will also be available on Orange and T-Mobile (which, rather confusingly, are part of EE), which means you’ll probably be able to get hold of the Lumia 920 without paying the high prices that 4G demands. Vodafone, O2 and Three customers are still out of luck for now though.’

  13. Timmo says:

    That sounds more promising – I think I remember reading EE add an extra £5 per month for the 4G element. By that token we’d be looking at £36 per month for a Lumia 920 on Orange/T-Mobile obviously without 4G. That sounds about right for a brand new flagship.

  14. Peter says:

    I been ringing Phones 4u retail stores in Manchester and they confirm exclusivity rights to the full colour range, yellow, red, blue etc. EE will only stock black and white.

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