Nokia Maps 3.0 Preview with Pedestrian turn by turn (voice) coming

| November 1, 2012 | 20 Replies

WPCentral are looking at some of the new changes to Nokia Maps 3.0 in WP8.

There’s also something called Venue Maps. See the multiple layers on that shopping centre.

Supposedly 3D.


Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!

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  • patata

    Can’t wait to get it for wp7 (of course it will come to wp7 since Nokia is going to support it for a while, right? )
    At least it will bring WP navigation a bit closer to Symbian standards, finally ;)

    • Viipottaja

      Cool, did not know the Symbian version has indoor venue mapping like this already!

      • patata

        Was talking about the basic functionality like pedestrian turn by turn navigation with voice (guess completely running in background and using acoustics only for navigation is still impossible)

        • Viipottaja

          Ah, ok. So coming a bit closer to Symbian standards in certain features AND exceeding it in others would be more accurate then, eh? ;)

          • patata

            OK, good Point ;)
            Would be great to have one device for all that features. At the moment I have to carry around at least 3 devices. My N8 for photos and Navigation, my N900 for browsing and listen to music and the L800 for… Hm.. Fluid Ui? :P Ok, using it for messaging and phone calls. Browsing on lumia is not much fun yet… Missing adblock and other features I’m used to with Opera Mobile (even the N900 has Opera Mobile 12.1) . Of course the N8 is too slow for browsing.

            • Viipottaja

              Why do you prefer the N900 for listening to music? Trying to get album art to show up on it drove me nuts (never managed). Another thing that never worked properly for me on N900 was email.

              • patata

                cause I prefer the soundquality. It’s still far superior compared to the L800. Yes, Album art and the look of the music player are great on WP, but its no fun for me to listen to music on it. It’s as bad as the galaxy player I have (and never used for the same reason).
                Albumarts are no problem for me with media ox and never had any issues with email after installing the latest cssu version ;)

                • patata


                • Viipottaja

                  Ok. I find sound quality with decent headphones on my L900 to be quite adequate and frankly did not notice it to be much different from the N900.. granted, have not listened to a lot of music on either yet, but now with Nokia Music on my L900 have started doing much more of it.

                  • patata

                    Another thing is… My N900′s battery lasts much longer (not saying L800 is worse, but a phone just used for music, without simcard and using WiFi from time to time only doesn’t drain the battery that fast ;))
                    The major difference is that the N900 sounds better with its default headset than my L800 with more expansive Akg or sennheiser headphones. Can’t say anything about L900. Maybe the L800 just sucks cause it’s a compal rather than a Nokia device ;)

              • Marc Aurel

                I have never understand what’s the big issue with Album art and Music Player visuals. 99.9% of the time the player will be either on the background while you’re doing something else with the phone or in the pocket. I can kind of understand that Album art may be important for quick identification of the album in question for very visual persons, but since the CD became prevalent album art has become a secondary issue for the overwhelming majority of artists and MP3′s haven’t changed that. Even the great album covers of LP vinyl era don’t look that great on a phone display.

                This is not to say that the Album art shouldn’t work, but it’s simply something I can’t see as very important, and I am an avid amateur photographer and go to art museums occasionally. Player visuals are even less important for me. I was quite happy with the basic but to-the-point functionality of the S60 v3.2 music player.

                • Viipottaja

                  not saying it was a big issue – just very annoying. and just another thing that works much better on WP. :)

            • Nathan

              I have a similar range devices to you as may main (not always) devices.
              Except my N900 has mostly been supplanted by my N9…
              I leave my N900 for all of the craziest mods/twks/hacks.
              I’ll eventuality do that much more on the N9, but I want to to be reliable for the time being.

              • patata

                I know its even more offtopic, but anyway… Do you have any idea how to fix the issue that causes mydocs and SD card not to mount automaticly after using and removing easy debian on the N900?
                I know someone who has that issue with his N900 and I know how it was caused, but haven’t found a real solution yet. Manually mounting both works, but isn’t really a solution :|

  • Sergei

    I don’t get it guys. No compass for pedestrian navigation in Nokia Maps for WP8??? If that’s the case I’ll be carrying my C7 for quite a while.

    • Patata

      that would be another huge letdown if true…

    • Dave

      The WP8 map control, which is used by nokia maps, supports map rotation.

      • Jeff

        supports != implemented

  • patata

    And here we go… Nokia Drive+ Beta, another wp8 exclusive featuring stuff that drive for Symbian already had and wp7 will never get.
    This means either Nokia really gives a shit about wp7 Lumia owners or WP7.x is indeed one of the most limited smartphone OS of our time…

  • Sergei

    Also guys, has anyone picked up lack of lane assistance in WP version compared to Symbian one in Nokia Drive? I find it damn useful especially when driving in big cities like London or Bristol. Sometimes I use my wifes Lumia 710 and lack of lane assistance really sucks! What about WP8 version?