How To: Opening the SIM-tray on your Nokia Lumia 920 (900 too)

| November 15, 2012 | 19 Replies

Forgive the uselessness of this post as something beyond obvious but I learnt something new today. How to open the SIM tray on the Nokia Lumia 920/900.


For some reason, I thought the metal key with a pin end was for hooking it out. A frustrating time where the top ends up slightly breaking and the key bent, never to be used again.

Thanks to our readers who commented kindly, all you need to do is to actually push it and it simply and effortlessly pops out! You can then pull it out completely without the need for fishing with fingernails or whatnot. This will prevent the SIM tray flying across the room as seen in my unboxing (using the key wrong as a lever).

I’m glad to know what I thought was a bad design from Nokia turns out to be quite clever once you have some common sense.





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  • rich

    This was one of my peeves with the iPhone. “Why make a sim tray that you can’t open without a tool?”
    So i’m disappointed Nokia has done it too. I like the way the 800 does it.

    • Glass

      How often do you need to open the tray to change the SIM? For most people the answer is twice; once when you first get the phone and again when stop using it.

      You don’t need the tool to open it, you just need something to put in the hole and push down. A bent paperclip works just as well.

      • Grazy

        the 800? you mean the N9. I’m guessing the N9s design was without a tool because it was meant to be hot swappable. I’m assuming windows phone does not support this?

        Its probably neater to have a key really

      • Reonhato

        Travel to parts of the world where pre-paid($1 sim cards) and dual-sims sell a lot and you’d be surprised.

      • rich

        No one should have to justify the way they use their phone.

        I do device reviews for Nokia, which means swapping my SIM.

        If i travel to another country, i’ll put a local SIM in it.

        There are numerous reasons why anyone needs to access their SIM more than twice.

        You don’t need “the” tool to open it, but you need “A” tool. I don’t have any paperclips, i WILL lose the key that comes with it (and if i don’t lose it, i probably won’t remember to take it with me on holiday). I run the risk of scratching the edges of the SIM tray with it too.

        The best implementation is on the 800/N9 – push down over the USB slot, and the SIM catch has to be slid across. Seamless and elegant. Not “Damn, do you have something solid and thin to get my tray open?”

        • AdiS


  • efekt

    The SIM tray on my cyan Lumia 900 did not open that easily. I pushed that pin-tool in a few times, and nothing happened.
    I was starting to get angry and more aggressive and by the time I managed to pop that tray out, I bent it a little bit.
    Luckily, its un-noticable when the tray is closed and in place… 😛

    • Hopefully not many times. But good to know how to get it right the first time as the sim tray on my 900 is a little damaged as you can guess using the hook/lever method.

      • Ujwal Soni

        It’s really Apple’s design and not Nokia’s..Nokia is moving to trays because Apple forced the nano sim format (which only works with trays) on to the industry by browbeating ETSI

        Nokia’s push-push design was definitely more comfortable

        • True.

          • Abdullah

            I disagree, Nokia is who wanted the nano sim design. but Apple wanted to use it’s”own” sim design. I don’t really remember where did I read that .. ? but I’m sure of it, google might help.

            • Dave

              The tray is all Apple. It’s completely retarded to defeat the whole point of having a smaller SIM by forcing a tray around it and making it bigger again! But of course all the Adsense funded hipster blogs loved it by default because it’s Apple, and Apple played some dirty tricks with ETSI memberships.

        • Reonhato

          That may be true, but that’s not all Apple is leaving behind for others to think it is the best way to go.

          Apple introduced *no camera button (I know the Lumia has one but most androids don’t) *non removable battery *no lanyard slot* etc… It works but I do miss some of those thing with my android phone.

      • Ujwal Soni

        Also, we see your point of view..pusing a pointed metal thingy INTO your brand new phone isnt exactly intuitive

  • Tej prakeru

    This post is like a relevation to me ! Thanks jay ! I just came out of my cave and found that there are phones like the lumia 920 around . YAY im so thrilled to know how to insert a simcard =D
    But my sim is bigger, like many other rock age phones. my cavemen will be thankful to you if you can put up another video to show us how to cut the sim card to a smaller size??

  • Rinslowe

    Cavemen especially will have no problems at all in cutting a standard or micro sim card to a smaller size!!

    It’s simply really, you just chew it neatly into shape, spit out the excess plastic and wala!

    Or if your hand eye coordination is caveman accurate, you could try etching a line with pumice, followed by line cutting with a dead animals femur.

  • AdiS

    From the User Guide: “Push the key into the hole until the holder is released” 🙂

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