Video: My very own Electric Pikachu Yellow Unboxing! Yay! (and accessories starter pack)

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Hey guys! I don’t think I’ve anticipated getting a phone so much as the Nokia Lumia 920. Maaan I so chuffed 😀 I waited a bit for the yellow one and ooh it’s just hitting all the right happy spots and making me smile!

I had to hide my absolute joy from the sales rep when he brought the yellow one out so I could possibly squeeze in a better deal that we’d both be happy with. £36, free phone, 1tb data with tethering, free wireless charger. Sorted!  I’m with Orange, though my network says T-Mobile (technically it should now say, EE). Phones4U give an additional 1GB if you’re under 24 as well as a free wireless charger voucher from Nokia for every 920 bought.

I did an unboxing which was rather unorganized/ditzy. You can see sim slots flying off at one point (around 8:08). I didn’t plan on inserting the sim as I felt something like that would happen on camera. Oh well.

I just learnt how to actually use the sim tray key. Just push the pokey thing into the hole at the top of the 920 (like 900). I always thought it was some strange hook thing. Thanks Xsever

You can see the box contents below as well as the little sticker for my free wireless charger (I can’t redeem until tomorrow).

  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • Yellow in-earphones (I did not see these in previous unboxings)
  • White charger/cable
  • Manual
I also got a touch-screen starter pack from Phones4U (seen in video).



Here’s the video. It’s 20 minutes worth of me mumbling in excitement, getting distracted. I don’t think the 808 (or at least the screen) showed the yellow quite right. It’s more accurate in the photo.

Once signed in to the microsoft account, All my contacts were there. My twitter is also somehow already connected so I was able to tweet straight away. Picture below is rather dark as the lights behind me were exceptionally bright.

Still with the plastic on. Fresh, never been used before.




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  • Gerard

    The amount of bezel beneath the screen is really bugging me. Seems awful shallow of me but its really putting me off MIT would make more sense to have the bezel larger above the screen

    • JGrove303

      It all makes sense once you hold it in your hand. The balance is spot on and the “extra” bezel at the bottom makes for good placeholder for your thumb or what you will. adding bezel at the top for only asthetic symmetry would not make it longer than necessary AND disrupt the balance, making it top heavy. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a backflipping phone. Just look at the HTCrap 8X’s screen placement and it’s bezels. So much wasted space and it makes the 8x the size of the SGSIII/Ativ S, but with a 4.3″ display (that looks strange, as you can tell where the screen ends all round, then miles of blacker bezel around it before the ends of the device.

      • Gerard

        I have a Lumia 900 and find the bezel to be fine. It is thicker at the top than at the bottom. It feels ergonomic ally sound this way as the lower set screen allows my thumb to cover more of the front surface. If I turn the 900 upside down I find I can’t cover as much of the screen with my thumb. I’m sure the weight is evenly distributed in the 920. I just don’t think a non centered screen looks good from a design point of view. Hopefully it will be fine when I get one in hand.

        Not tempted at the moment at least.

  • Bobbysc

    Oo looks nice! I wonder why in the US we don’t get headphones….also they changed the charger to a black one…I prefer the one that came with the 900

    • JGrove303

      I believe it’s because AT&T heavily subsidize the price. Off contract, the Lumia 920 is $449, $100 on contract. And you know our greedy American Capitalist Corps. just love to ring up every accessory they can get you to buy. Though, the proper term is Extortion.

      Where can one even find regular non-Purity Pro headphones now?

  • xNokian

    Slowly removing the box cover is like a model taking her pants off!!! Most retailers don’t have this in my location yet:( Looking forward to ditch my 4S for it, though Here works pretty good on it.

  • Harangue

    Jay, you lucky bastard. Man, looking really, really nice there. One thing I cannot stress enough, comparison pics with all the phones you have laying around, well recent ones that is.

    Since size has been such a big debat this is a hot item both for me personally and some I have been chatting up the 920 with. So, give me the material to convert some peeps 🙂

  • javid

    @Jay – nice to see someone who was anticipating and happy to get the Lumia 920 (from the bloggers i mean)
    Looking forward to seeing your thoughts about the phone on here…

    • DN8

      Yep, me too. That is one beautiful phone. Nokia’s looking good. 🙂

  • dss

    Jay, please report if you have any issues with your 920.. I’ve been following the owner’s threads at wpcentral and it doesn’t sound very good.. but then again at boards like that you will always get more complaints then not.

    • Sure thing, I’m making notes on both the good and bad. 🙂

  • Andrew_b

    Not diggin’ the ugly toenail clipping at 11:02 for the next ten seconds or so…

    • lol I noticed that when filming – I think it’s plastic from packaging

  • D Harries

    What is the screen size when you minus off the button bar?

    The super sensitive feature is a setting you activate, and I thought the drawer pin was to press in and activate the eject mechanism. It’s not a prise open tool.

    Nice phone. Are screen sizes going to get any bigger like going on 5 inches? This makes the phone appear thinner by spreading the components over a larger area.

  • azeem

    Guess what… I got it today as well! Same colour, same network and same retailer! Absolutely loving it! 🙂

  • azeem

    But for some reason I can’t access the store! Has someone else got the same problem?

  • spencer1978

    Oh Jay, you couldn´t hide your excitement with the phone. Even though I am waiting for the cyan version, but I have to admit the yellow looks so delightful. And I want also wireless purity pro headphones, so I have to decide. I like blue colors, but with the purity pros I think yellow look stunning and warm. Hmm, so I am buying the yellow too!
    But I will buy a JBL wireless chargeable cyan speaker in the future.

    It was very funny, when you got so excited and you forgot how to open the micro sim slot, even though you had a 900. And the plastic bag in the background! Many times I wanted to get into your video and throw that damn plastic bag away, out of the way, LOL.

    By the way, in your tweet pic, you have grown so handsome, I would like to introduce my little sister to you, because we both love Nokia phones! Haha…

    • Thanks, it’s pretty awesome! Cyan is a great colour.

  • birju

    @Jay now time for the “torture test” LOL 😀

    • Lol, i should have got the insurance with it. Not that it would ever break of course since it is invincible n all 😛

  • AS147

    Hi, I wonder if you could do me a favour. I have been concerned about the readability of the yellow colour system theme. I really like the look of the yellow phone but would like to match the system theme colour scheme to it. However I am concerned that where yellow text is displayed i.e. in he diary appointment details etc. it will be difficult to read (especially in daylight). This is based on my experience with the magenta 800 using the matching system theme.

    Could you put up a video with the yellow colour scheme set please?

  • 🙂

  • ABC

    I almost cried when you opened the sim tray ;(

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  • liviu

    Hi Jay,

    A quick question: you prefer 808 or 920 overall ? I have the 808 and I’am tempted in 920 but I am not sure if it’s worth upgrading now or waiting for a true Lumia cameraphone in couple of months ?

    • Overall as a phone, the Nokia Lumia 920 in a heartbeat.

      • liviu

        ok, thanks.