Gadget Show (UK) compares the top 3 High End Smartphones (the Loving Nokia Lumia 920, hating on the iPhone 5)

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The gadget show looks at the top 3 high end smartphones in the UK, which includes the Nokia Lumia 920 along with the iPhone 5 and HTC One X (Surprised no SGSIII). The design of the 920 is loved, but the weight is apparently an issue.

What kills me is that when going on to speak about the special camera in the Nokia Lumia 920, they say it’s because it has DUAL LED. I think I died a little inside there. The Gadget show. Gadget.

The picture quality really pleased them. HTC was ok and the iPhone stood out! But for all the wrong reasons. The iPhone stood out because, apparently, it had the most bland colours. The photographs don’t stand out, there’s no life in the pictures.


Looking at the innards, the gadget show loved the Nokia’s tile system. They think it, it does it. Jason liked the OneX but pretty much on paper due to the specs (quadcore). Polly liked its functionality. It’s big, easy, big icons, colourful, can’t go wrong.

Battery wise, the HTC lasted a lot longer. The iPhone 5 is supposedly really bad. The Nokia’s innovations are supposedly charging ahead, with wireless charging praised as a genius idea.

On call quality, they’re finding a design flaw with the call speaker. iPhone 5 is an absolute nightmare apparently.

iPhone 5 gets GGG for No innovation and poor battery life.

HTC wins GGGG due to its processor.

Nokia also snaps GGGG, nearly 5. User experience with wireless charging is ace, but lacking apps and a bit too heavy (if only they knew about the other cool stuff, like Super Sensitive Screen, PureMotion HD+ and PureView 2 OPTICAL IMAGE STABILISATION! Are these not written clearly enough on the boxes?

Thanks Grazy for the tip!


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  • Ali abdulla

    ” they say it’s
    because it has DUAL LED”

    wow they actually said that?
    I dont wanna imagine the reaction of the nokia camera team engineers… just .. Wow

    • Matt

      > I dont wanna imagine the reaction of the nokia camera team engineers


      • Grazy

        I was shocked by that! it has nothing to do with the flash! thats the point! When i saw this i was shouting at the TV! My wife didnt get it nor cared!

        I’m glad these blogs exist!

        • everlfr

          lol you need an oulet!

  • *****

    The HTC One X is a horrid camera

    Worse than even Motorola’s cameras

    How anyone can praise them is beyond me.

  • Tetlee

    The design flaw they mention with the Lumia 920 sounds the same as my one and only criticism of the Nokia N9(well, that and the battery).

    That sweet spot for the earpiece they talk about was exactly what I used to find and hate, you really did need to position it exactly or it could sound as though the line had been cut, quite irritating and I was relieved to find the 808 didn’t share this flaw.

    • Grazy

      I said the same thing! my N9 is in its cover and assumed it was the the fact the case doesnt line up with the slit any more but actually its in the design!

      But i can live with that! they are both good looking phones! 🙂

  • Ruben

    It seems they don’t want to speak of the best of Lumia 920… as if it would embarasse HTC and Iphone. And it does. That’s why they must not be allowed to say Nokia is that good.

    Geez and these are the guys that people who want information about Gadgets follow… the world has a real problem.

    • Anders81

      The world has a problem and it’s that there aren’t enough L920 out there 😉

  • Tris1066

    In the latest episode they review the 808 (a bit late), its currently available on demand5 app (probably uk only)

  • Deep Space Bar

    PLEASE JAY….STOP POKING MICROSFTs ASS and stop giving kudos to WP manufactures… are looking really pathetic with this constant…iphone sucks compared to WP…………it’s not….look at the number and please stop the childish act

    • Mark

      LOL at you calling anyone childish!

      This is a Nokia blog. The 920 is a Nokia product, being reviewed on one of the UK’s main tech TV series. It’s worth an article.

      It’s not really hard for anyone with half a brain to understand. 🙂

  • Paul Grenfell

    I have a HTCx,, and its poor..
    I should have gotten an SGS3..
    Side by side, they are cheese and chalk. SGS3 eats HTCx

    • Deep Space Bar

      load them up both with stock and see which one is better after

  • Pramod Sg

    Lumia 920 running Windows 8..? Typo…!

  • Weirdfisher

    920’s camera is not that good
    It is brighter in dark but generally photos are quite blurry(proved in many reviews)
    iphone 5’s camera is more balanced.

    Super Sensitive Screen, PureMotion HD+
    not everyone will notice that
    While the former is more significantly useful in colder countries, the latter is just marketing gimmick. You can only notice slight difference from other screens

    150000 apps is not a small number but the trouble is that devs tend to make apps for iOS first, then android, and lastly(or even no) windows phone version. Many coolest apps/games are still lacking in WP8(infinity blade, Real Racing, tab tool kit for guitar tabs viewing, and so on)

    In US there are monthly plan subsidies but in other places usually people buy unlocked phones. The 920 is priced even higher than GS3 LTE. How can you persuade people to buy the phone at such hefty price???Especially Nokia is not popular anymore.

    • Ere oli aliarvostettu

      Yes, the iPhone is extremely balanced product. There are only a few things that are not actually balanced that well.

      The N95 was probably the last smartphone from Nokia, that was actually quite balanced. Everything after that one has suffered from some not so good features.

      While I’m not a fan of WP8, it seems that WP8 is the first OS Nokia is using, that just may make it possible to create a balanced product.

  • Grazy

    I think this show just get sponsers and they review accordingly! i.e. the Gadget Show had a event in London before Xmas! it was sponsered by… Windows! so I’m guessing they can’t really say anything bad about windows phone can they?

    Hence why they loved the tiles!

    • Tris1066

      I actually thout it was a fairly balanced review, they mentioned the negatives (weight) and they also loved the raw power of the htc and the wealth of apps on the iphone, i couldnt see any obvious bias here.

  • Tetlee

    I can never understand how the wireless charging gets classed as innovation when Palm were using it with the Pre and Pixi for years.

    A missed opportunity by other phone manufacturers not to copy it since, but innovation now, no.

    • theflew

      The problem is no one cared when Palm did it. Palm was basically a Sprint phone. Unlike the Lumia which is worldwide. Also with Nokia getting coffee shops to add wireless charging stations it pushes the issue.

  • massy

    The only problem nokia have is they cant advertise there products proply,they have to tell the consumer thru simple adverts that this is the most advance mobile phone in the world (nokia lumia 920)the way apple has doing for years now Samsung has started doing it too.tell us nokia E.g – Clear black,1080p,wireless charging,low light pics,richer sounds recording,32gb,4.7inch screen,nokia maps,nokia music,nokia city, lens,nokia drive,nokia smart shoot. & it works with gloves on! The nokia lumia 920 is a amazing phone,but that’s the problem right ther.Nokia start advertising propyl.Then normal ppl will think twice before buying a iphone!!! Then they will say wait a minute my iphone doznt do that even tho I paid £600.What the Fuk!!!