Opinion: Why Nokia Should NOT Release a Tablet….Yet.

| February 4, 2013 | 87 Replies

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a Nokia tablet coming soon; with most mouths pointing to this month at MWC. Without beating around the bush, I DON’T think Nokia should release a tablet just yet. Not that I wouldn’t absolutely love one (heck I’m dying for one!) but looking at it from a marketshare/profit point of view I can’t see it being much of a hit.

Here’s a quick list of Pros that I’d see regarding a Nokia tablet being released within the next month/Quarter (regardless of OS):


  • It’ll probably have a killer design
  • You can mooch off the marketing that’s already going around for Lumias/WP (assuming it’s a Windows tablet) seeing how it would be the “perfect match”
  • You beat the market, before you lose even more potential customers to other tablets (the longer you wait, the harder it is to infiltrate)
  • It’ll probably have some awesome innovative feature that no other tablets have; decent camera, super sensitive screen, Wireless charging (minus the touchpad), cover that doubles as an extra battery
  • “ecosystem”
  • Give us fans something to drool about

Theoretically let’s assume that Nokia are going to release a Windows RT tablet (I’ll get to some other tablet option in a second), what cons would that have?

Windows RT really sucks right now, it doesn’t have a fan-base; and even Microsoft who have what is possibly one of the coolest tablets in the world are having difficulty selling it (reports are less than a Million Surface RT tablets sold). Let’s not forget that Windows RT is REALLY clunky right now, although I haven’t used a RT tab to be honest, most reviews and personal experiences say that’s nowhere near as smooth as an iPad; with loads of lag even its core feature, Office.

You also have the issue that Windows RT is really missing the “novelty feature” that a lot of users purchase tablets for, sure some people actually buy them for work/school and would love the full-blown office experience on it; but most adopters are people looking to entertain themselves with Angry Birds, arcade games; or casual couch browsing; something that iPads live for.

And finally what I consider the biggest obstacle in the success of Windows RT is the fact that cheap priced, lightweight notebooks already exist, why would I pay for a dumbed down version of my laptop; that offers me nothing more? I’d rather pick up an iPad or an Android tab that would “diversify” my entertainment and use options.

Assuming that they actually have a Windows Pro for us (which gives you the same exact laptop/PC experience on your tablet and has a desktop (runs non metro apps):


I would have no qualms with a Windows Pro from terms of an OS; sure it would still be aimed at people who are a bit more on the “actual working and not just messing around” side; since business make good money too. But the fact is people aren’t too keen on Windows 8 right now (although I really love it, it has some nifty features; and would be great on a touch screen). It too misses on the novelty fun features of what a tablet should have (think: use on toilet).

Plus let’s not forget the high high prices of Windows 8 Pro tablets if I’m reading this properly then a single license with office costs up to $139); besides the more expensive hardware and processors needed. Meaning a proper tablet could you run up to the price of some ultrabooks, which have all the portability and power; plus a real keyboard- making Windows 8 Pro tablets a bit of a bust at the time for a company that plans on having a MEANINGFUL presence in the tablet world.

I wasn’t planning on adding this third option; but seeing Jay’s earlier post about the possibility of an Android tablet I though I’d add it anyways- For the sake of argument assume that they give us an Android tablet:

An Android tablet would probably be the most successful option at the time (in terms of a stand alone tablet; and not the whole “ecosystem” debate), seeing how the latest tablets have gotten rid of most Android lag features; and can even support multiple users now. Also Android tablets have finally started to break away at the iPad’s previous dominance in the tablet field. As of Q4 2012 iPads only held 43% of the tablet world, compared to 51% the previous year (and something near 80% two years before).

The only major obstacle I can find in terms of an Android tablet would be the fact that Nokia have ZERO experience in the Android world, they don’t have an engineering team, or Android exclusive apps (which have given them a huge edge in the WP world); and worst of all they’d succumb to Google’s rein after blatantly turning them down so many times (and dissing Android at every turn). Plus Samsung has the Android tablet world under its arm; and doesn’t seem to plan on letting go anytime soon, plus let’s not forget they’d end up competing against the Nexus 7 which miraculously doesn’t suck while being priced at a dirt cheap $199; or the Kindle Fire’s which are fan favorites for people looking to get a good deal.

All in all no matter how I cut it I can’t find a real angle for Nokia to push with tablets, and I know things won’t get any better by waiting around; but at the risk of losing the forward momentum they’ve finally started to pick up? I’d say it’s not worth it. Perhaps the best solution is to wait it out a bit and let Windows RT mature, rather than being the first (or second) to take the plunge (in a big way- not the half-assed techniques Samsung carries out with Windows products); maybe they should pull an HTC and wait for someone else to build up the market before striking?

But then again these are just the ramblings of a Nokia fan who knows very little about how the world actually runs.



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  • anders81

    You have several good points there, but I want a W8 or W8RT tablet from Nokia and will not compromise, and I am tired to wait!
    Ok, I admit that it is minimum 8 months wait still to come, but give me my NOKIA tablet FFS!!!

  • smadpr

    Very simple.
    1. Win RT is not quite ready yet (microsoft will have to bake Office for RT, remove all desktop like UI and reduce the foot print etc).
    2. Not enough apps and poor performance
    3. For Nokia, cash is God. So, they can’t afford to step into new product category without refining the existing ones.
    4. Nokia has not proven that they can make sexy looking devices, so tablet-front is alarming if not causing anxiety.

    • v.s.i

      What? If the N9 or Lumia 920 aren’t beautiful enough, then what is? a Samsung Galaxy S VI?

      • smadpr

        I would consider n9 beautiful. Even lumia 800 to some extent. Not others. These are at least 2 yrs ago now!

        Then we have iphone 4, 4s and 5, HTC 8x etc from competition.

        • David

          i don’t know why you included the iPhones or the HTC 8X. The iPhone has just recycled their design for the last 3 they produced. And the 8X looks like any other phone, with a different colour instead of your typical white/black. How’s that any different from what Ericsson did in its heyday?

  • v.s.i

    Another opinion: Why Nokia SHOULD release an Android tablet as soon as possible? Because the only moderately successful Android tablets are Samsung and the tablet market has grown immensely over the last year. People could use an alternative. There’s really no need for ‘killer’ apps as long as they pull off some respectable HW (Xperia Tablet Z-like), they could do those later.

    Better a smaller piece of a larger cake than a bigger piece of a smaller cake.


    • arts

      how many nicks do you have dude. lol

      • v.s.i

        Nah, that’s me. It just struck me as a good phrase to end my comment with. 🙂

        • arts



          • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


            That’s how you see how much your comments matter. If people are starting to copy you, you have probably succeeded.


    • smadpr

      Only Nexus tablets are the ones that are working. That too only 7″ ones. Nokia is not like Amazon, that can make money from content..

      They better keep quiet if they can’t make it really good.

    • migo

      Actually, Samsung hasn’t been that successful yet. It’s more Asus and Amazon.

  • ms.nokia

    w8rt for mini tablets, w8pro for full sized tablets.
    casual users will go for a mini, professional users will want a large screen.
    thats my expectations when nokia gets into the tablet market.

    add pureview and thats another plus to buy a noika tablet over others, i’m always surprised when i see people taking pictures with an ipad, but they do.

  • lets hope windows phone 9 will erase the lines between pc, laptops, tablets and phones. it’s time to bring up the one universal system.

    • noki

      that very well and good but for productivity apps mouse keyboard interaction is still king and will be for many many years… apps made for this type of interaction have no place on the touch world and vice versa, IMO there is clearly a division, there are desktop apps and touch apps.. they can share a lot of the internal logic but the UI/UX no.

      • Viipottaja

        yet millions of people seem to be happy using iPads for notetaking, email etc. with a keyboard cover but also tapping the screen… I believe the division you talk about is rapidly cracking and it would be risky to be left on the wrong side of the evolution.

        just a thought.

        • noki

          Occasional note taking, is very very different from say cad drawing, database data entry, spreadsheet editing, or software programming etc etc etc, there is a myriad of situations were a tablet will do just fine, believe the segments that will surfer the most is the laptop area for occasional use and media consumption/gaming for real hardcore data creation/manipulation real keyboard is king and traditional mouse is much more convenient for multiple hours of use.

          Think the traditional desktop like all things that make sense and do their jobs in a good way will keep on existing, like the tv or the radio, but it will have to reduce its space in use range… It used to be the one spot does all machine and now people are doing alot of different things in different devices with different formats.

          But i don’t believe the traditional desktop is going away and if some one wants to kill it they are going down faster than they can say tablet…. (this btw is the fundamental conversation going on on Microsoft right now) and I believe their answer to this problem is fundamentally wrong, and they should take a hint from mac or google for this, aka one system for desktop world another one for touch…

          • Viipottaja

            Sure. For those heavy duty uses people can and should probably stick with Windows 7. And probably will.

            Outside of corporate, most PC sales are for other uses though. MS needed to make a move to not be left behind.

            And as you know, Windows 8 can easily be used in desktop mode. Sure, there are some transitions between the two modes they need to work on.

            Having said that, I would for sure like being able to _also_ touch my excel sheet cells etc. when I do need to use it at work.

          • Keith too

            “this btw is the fundamental conversation going on on Microsoft right now)”

            Time will tell but I think Microsoft may be a little too out in front on this but I think it is defintely the way to go. While I believe desktops will be around for a long time, I think non-touch will fade rather quickly and Microsoft is already there. Apple and Google will almost certain go this way as well and Google may not be that far behind–not that they have much of desktop OS to worry about.

  • arcana112

    Have a Surface RT. Smooth like a baby s ass. No lag whatsoever. Absolutely the best hardware I have ever used. Don’t believe the haters. Try one yourself.

    • Bob

      I know –

      read his quote “Let’s not forget that Windows RT is REALLY clunky right now, although I haven’t used a RT tab”

      Hasn’t even used one!!!

      I’m using a Vivotab Smart Tablet with FULL Win8 on Intel – runs everything and is super smooth. This is the future.

  • jcar302

    I personally have an asus eee pad, hp touchpad, ipad and surface tablet.

    Right now i just don’t see a market for a nokia windows tablet, IMO nokia would be hard pressed to do better than the MS surface.

    I prefer to use the surface tablet first, followed by the hptouchpad, then ipad and finally the eee pad.

    All the tablets have shortcomings, but i find the surface has the least. I’m not a gamer or power user, but by far i find it the most useful especially with the keyboard (i have the one that feels like a real keyboard)
    How is nokia going to trump the surface? No fold out keyboard would suck, camera’s on tablets are useless, i don’t have any lag complaints so imo that’s a non issue.

    Unless nokia put out a dirt cheap tablet like B&N or amazon, i just don’t see the point.

    If someone did an iOS tablet priced similar to an ipad nobody would buy that either.

  • Keith too

    I’m really hoping that Nokia shows us a killer tablet at MWC. I’m hearing mixed reviews about RT so the jury is still out on them. However I would love to see Nokia produce a high-end Pro tablet that would take Surface on. It would be priced high so not for everyone, but as Apple has proved time and time again you can make tons of money building expensive, high-end compelling devices.

    Also you’re overly pessimistic, Windows 8 is doing fine. It overtook Linux and Android in Netmarketshare stats in October and will be overtaking the combined iOS marketshare either this month or next. Since October its marketshare on both Netmarketshare and statcounter has been rising sharply and trend is not slowing. Now is the best time for Nokia to release a pro tablet or at least announce an upcoming one with Haswell on board.

    I’m defintely buying a W8 tablet or hybrid sometime soon–right now I’m leaning towards the Surface Pro but I’m hoping Nokia will change my mind during MWC. I’m also considering a cheaper RT until the Pros come with Haswell chips later this year.

    • noki

      I forget to mention that adoption rate as been worse than “Vista” and that it failed to stop the deceleration of PC sales.

      • Keith too

        Macs are decelerating even worse Windows PCs, are you going to blame that on the UI too? Unless you live in a cave when you’re not posting here you should realize climate is in a state of great flux at this time. Vista didn’t really have anything to compete with–not much was happening in mobile and Macs were flatlined at 5% share. However Vista didn’t maintain the typical Windows OS growth curve for long and peaked way lower than typical.

        In stark contrast W8 is competing against a much wider and energized market than Vista ever had to and even at that it will still probably overtake Vista’s growth curve at some point. Of course W8’s radical change will slow corporate adoption but this will be offset somewhat by tablet sales. All in all, Windows 8 off to a good start considering what it is up against.

        • noki

          “Macs are decelerating even worse Windows PCs” yes but because apple ifans have been belled dry of their money, its freaking expensive toe be an ifan. 😉

          But I also agree with your comments windows 8 is competing with alot more that they are used 2. but its also true thet it was designed to compete with that new market and specifically in that new market is a monumental faliour (I’m merging windows rt with windows 8 here, since for Joe consumer it should be mostly the same thing any way)

          Any way all I’m saying is that things are not looking very rosy to Microsoft, and I do not see them improving in the immediate future. In fact i see them getting far far worse, But they have trucks load of money to fail for many many many years 🙂 so its fine…for them.

          • Keith too

            Then how do you explain Windows 8 doing as well as it is and this before pro tablest hit the marketplace.

            • noki

              sec buts since wen is windows 8 doing well ??? by any metric it doing bad think we made that clear in the previous comments.

              I will admit its not all windows 8 fault since its under more competitions but sales and adoption are really low.

              And expecting pro tablets will make any difference is IMO wishful thinking, they are just to expensive for what they are, for that price i will buy a nice ultra-book, like the Samsung 9 series.

              • Keith too

                “by any metric it doing bad think”

                That is just a statement you’re pullng out of your ass. Tell what metric you have that is showing Windows 8 is doing bad.

                For reasons already stated we know it is not going to come flying out the blocks like former Windows OSes have but it is dong well and no Windows OS ever wil again. But W8 is doing quite a bit better than I thought it might already.

                I already explained how you can find the evidence on netmarketshare and statscounter that Windows 8 is very good growth and not showing any signs of slowing momentum.Not to mention the 60 million licenses Microsoft already sold.

                As I mentioned in my first post, you can see Windows 8 usage rising by the week on statcounter and I’m amazed that is trending to overtake the combined data eusage of all iOS devices within a month or so–I never expected that to happen so soon. I know this is bad news for a hater but that is the way it is.

                • noki

                  ofcourse you can see Windows 8 usage rising what did you expect?? to go down? from zero to negative?
                  its not like people if they go to a computer store still have an option to buy anything else or a PC…

                  what people are doing is well not buying pc’s

                  • Keith too

                    Have you ever heard of an OS called Windows 7? I would expect the vast majority to conintue with Windows 7 if they don’t like Windows 8. But Windows 8 is catching on.

  • sina88

    I would love to see a Nokia tablet, but only that one 😛 – http://www.allboutn9.info/2013/02/what-if-n9-was-tablet-computer.html

    I don’t think it would worth it to create a Windows RT/8 tablet, since the market for Windows tablets already seems saturated (or not enough demand).

  • noki

    Good rumbling I agree on practically all of your opinions… ++++1

  • swain

    I too feel Nokia must not enter into tablet business.
    By looking into the past and present devices, I can say a Nokia tablet will be a fat, overpriced, heavyweight that may loose from iPad and Samsung tabs very easily.
    So first learn to make a slim and sexy device then think about tablets.
    Just like the fear of loosing from Samsung kept them away from Android, the fear of loosing from Apple/Samsung may have kept them away from tablets till now.

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

      I’ve seen some people here complaining about Apple and Samsung making too thin phones.

      It’s true that people seem to want thin phones and not the thick ones.

      • swain

        “I’ve seen some people here complaining about Apple and Samsung making too thin phones.”

        ha..haaa…. 😀
        good joke…

        I am trying to find such people. So that I can get to know how martians look like… 🙂

  • jiipee

    Microsoft might put pressure on Nokia to deliver a tablet. Samsung is a lot stronger when it comes to B2B sales since they can also offer tablets and PCs. There are some rumours that MS will give them additional support:


  • Ld. Sidious

    Sailfish OS in a Nokia Tablet? 🙂

    • Viipottaja

      Not going to happen, including but not only because there is NO Sailfish tablet OS, afaik.

      • Ld. Sidious

        I know, I know… It’s just a fantasy, but a nice dream to have 🙂 Sailfish supposedly can run Android apps, so you got your “ecosystem” right there. Maybe integrate Here maps to it and we have a good start.

      • Grendell

        How about a Nokia Sailfish phablet? 920 size and shape but with a 5″ screen, Harmattan overlay, N8’s camera, and Nokia’s suite of apps + droid apps. Now THAT would be something!

  • Viipottaja

    When assessing Surface NT sales, people have to bear in mind (and frequently seem to forget) that it was until very recently only sold online and at some 50 or so MS retail stores.

    Anyway, I would much prefer Nokia to be in early e.g. with a limited release table and building up gradually than being too late (like they have so many times in the past).

  • Chris

    I don’t think that Nokia could pull off an Android tablet at this point, because Samsung has duch an immense lead in Android tablets.

    Nokia’s tablet could work if it had the same kind of hardware and design droolworthyness they managed to generate for the Lumia 920, and if people had more faith in the OS it ran. That said, an undefinable feeling in me trusts that Nokianwpuld know how to sell a “dumbed down” product like WinRT.

    • Viipottaja

      The only way Android Nokia tablet would make any sense whatsoever, IMHO, would be if they released a dual booting one. Even that, not gonna happen. 🙂

      • Bloob

        Or if they released a phone to go with it.

    • noki

      If not mistaken the number selling non apple tablet is the kindle fire, aka not a Samsung, heck not even proper android and then googles Nexus 7.

  • osg

    the most unexpected would be a symbian tablet with some air-like ui, dual core, giga ram…

    And custom version for elder symbian fans : With psion emulator preinstalled (opl, agenda, data, wow!)…

    Impossible, unfortunately. Ok, forget it, go on with windows and Android discussion. 🙂

  • Brian

    So that’s why they canned the dividend.

  • Sam

    In other news, BB Z10 sales off to a flying start in UK

    Acer moving away from Win 8 PC in favor of chromebook


    • migo

      Acer isn’t moving away from Windows 8, they’re just avoiding Windows RT at the moment (which is the right call).

  • Vikranth

    Samsung is successful as they dont have a right competitor… If Nokia steps into Android, it will throw Samsung hands down in the next 2 years. Samsung might show them as innovative but they never make quality products… Nowadays you can find Samsung competiting with Micromax… They dont have innovative designs.. You find no difference between Galaxy S3, Express, Grand, Mini and upcoming versions… If Nokia gives out an Android with its Quality and Apps, am sure they are sure to take the throne back… I hope Microsoft is holding Nokia back.. Everyone knows Nokia has given life to a new OS and become successful… then if it takes a successful OS, how is that going to be a failure… Think Nokia..Think Elop… If Android is out of their way.. Its time for them to consider another OS especially Ubuntu and not depend on Windows Phone.. This is the right time for Change….

    • swain

      “Everyone knows Nokia has given life to a new OS and become successful…”
      Indeed Nokia gave life to otherwise dead WP OS. But everything has a price and Nokia paid it by the sharp decrease in sales figure and still continuing pathetic numbers.

      “If Nokia steps into Android, it will throw Samsung hands down in the next 2 years.”
      Somehow I doubt it. Nokia can never compete with Samsung or any other OEM out there when it comes to pricing of device.
      If you are bored of Galaxy devices, I would suggest to check Xperia Z or upcoming HTC M7 🙂

      • migo

        The sharp decrease in sales would have happened regardless. I would have never been willing to risk buying a Nokia Android. Given how they messed up Symbian I would hate to see what they do with Android.

  • incognito

    As of Q4 2012 iPads only held 43% of the tablet world, compared to 51% the previous year (and something near 80% two years before).

    Quick, notify Apple that they must immediately abandon the iPad venture (instead of foolishly releasing even different formats of it) – they’ve been loosing market share left and right, far faster than Nokia has ever in its history (well, if we except the period that naysayers are calling Elopocalypse) of converged/smartphone devices and Apple would be quite suicidal if they don’t follow the brilliant strategy that saved Nokia from the verge of extinction. Sure thing, their iPad unit sales are growing, so are the revenues and profits from the iPad line, but we all know that doesn’t matter – all that matters is the market share, especially in the USofA. Without immediate change in strategy they cannot even hope to rise from the current 43% to their rightful 2% of market share, and as we said, market share is all that matters.

    Thus, Apple should immediately switch from iOS to the stellar success that is Windows RT, that’s the only way they can remain in the tablet business, stop further market share decline and reverse their course from the guaranteed road to oblivion. As Nokia has shown, any other way of approaching it would certainly spell doom, and only this way can ensure Apple to continue to flourish. Of course, to walk this road they need a brilliant strategist to oversee the execution. Since Elop is currently occupied on his holly mission to returning Nokia to its former glory, a task and a sacrifice that the whole of the mankind should be thankful for, they should take on board some guy of equal competence. I’d suggest Léo Apotheker, he seems to be one of those rare individuals that could compete with Elop’s brilliance and could achieve at least close results to the aforementioned genius.

    I look forward at seeing Apple returning to its former glory and eventually crushing the competitors that dethroned it during the moronic leadership of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. In short 5 years period time, assuming some evil slavedrivers don’t put their money together and buy them out piece by piece, Apple should be able to overtake the Goliaths like Yulong and LG, and they might even endanger HTC’s position. Any other way would never give them a chance to do that.

    As for the article in question – I wholeheartedly agree, Nokia needs to release a tablet as much as a fish needs a bicycle. Which is precisely why they will do it! Maybe even not one, but a couple of them. Mr. Elop travels in mysterious ways and us puny mortals cannot even hope to understand the farsighted decisions he’s making. From our point of view it might look like a foolish venture (especially if based on Windows RT) but who are we to judge? Mr. Elop has a long trail of glowing results which prove his shear brilliance, so we should trust him to make the best possible decision.

    • Sam


    • yoyo

      Duhh! Why do you think Tim Cook is so quite lately, he is cooking up an burning platform memo!

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


      Apple will fail if they can’t stop this development.

      The difference between Nokia and Apple is in revenues and profits.

      As I have said, market share is the best metric for measuring success in the markets. I have also said that it should be counted from revenues. Unit sales may give some idea about it but market share of revenues is the best for measuring performance.

      Apple seems to be making more profits compared to Nokia so they are hardly in such a mess as Nokia was. Nokia’s profits were collapsing since 2007. How about Apple?


    • rim


      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


        Epic misunderstanding.

        This is sad.

    • Keith too

      A rambling manifesto from a bitter troll. I cannot quite make it through this drivel.

    • swain

      good article. reading was a fun again… 🙂

  • A-S-D

    Nokia should make a tablet for 1 reason – enterprise markets.

    The tablet is not needed immediately since the enterprise sector moves so slowly but the combination of Nokia phones and tablets is one that could easily sold to companies. I, however, don’t think there is huge consumer demand for this and any sales should be focused in Europe.

  • David

    I’d like to see a Nokia tablet that could latch on a keyboard. Imagine a Lumia themed “notebook” in bright red, yellow, cyan etc…

    If Apple could sell their computers just because they slapped colour on them 10 years ago, why couldn’t Nokia try a similar strategy? It’s already proven that there are many out there who wants something besides white/black/grey.


    • guerrahp

      They already made a Nokia Notebook…

  • Janne

    Personally, I think Windows RT is Microsoft’s hedge bet on ARM and far, far from any meaningful current relevance. It is just a niche that will probably see more relevance over time, but not right now.

    I think Nokia might be smart to release a Windows 8 tablet, though. Clearly the touch screen Windows 8 market is gaining interest beyond initial speculations, with Lenovo now doing especially well having embraced it so fully. Windows 8, unlike RT, actually makes quite a bit of sense already today. Nokia’s pilot tablet could be in this sphere, clearly marked as a higher priced enterprise product and not an attempt at tablet mass market.

    That said, my gut unfortunately fears Nokia will either go Windows RT or nothing at all at the moment. Windows 8 tablet from Nokia at MWC would be, to me, a very unexpected but positive surprise.

    • Keith too

      Wisest post on this topic by a long shot.

      • Janne

        Thanks. 🙂

  • Oswaldo

    If only possible the tablet should be out next week, and it should run MeeGo. Since this is not posslible (I assume) they should put out a device running Android and WP8 as well. It should´t be too much of a problem for a nerd to make it possible whether I want to run android for surfing and fun or WP for real pc-use. As I have understood the use of Android compared to WP would also extend the battery life.
    But the best solution would be MeeGo+WP8. Swiping with a tablet would surely be fun! Love my N9! (even though it might be a lot better if run with these modern processors).

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